The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 5

The Breakup

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1970 on ABC

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  • I chose \"alternate reality\" because during this episode the duo lives separate stories, but as usual comes together in the end.

    once more a very simple plot that in the end is very easy to summarize. Oscar asks Felix to leave the apartment, because he keeps annoying him and making noise while he has a hangover. as a result Felix moves in with Murray, than Vinnie and then the pigeon Sisters, while Oscar Messes up the apartment and pretty much everything in it, untill he apologizes to Felix and they move back together again.
    what I didn\'t like about this episode was the lack of continuity. each little scene after they separated seemed to have a beginning, middle and end, almost like a skectch show. first Was Felix with Murray and Wife, than Oscar with Roy, the Next was Felix with Vinnie, then Oscar with Speed, then Felix with the Pigeon Sisters, and finally Felix back in the apartment. although as individual scenes there are some great moments in this one, like Felix shooting Murray\'s puzzle cat between the eyes, or his discussion with Vinnie about the scent he uses to polish the furniture at his home, it lacked the interplay between the 2 main characters. it was almost like the network was making them use all the supporting cast as much as they could probably to justify the money they were getting, and as a result each one got one little scene with one of the main characters in this one.
    still it has some amusing moments and if you come across this you can be sure you are gonna laugh at some point.