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The Odd Couple

Season 4 Episode 20

The Insomniacs

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1974 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Suffering from sleeplessness, Felix keeps Oscar awake with his fussing.

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  • Felix has insomnia and is driving Oscar crazy!

    Season 2 saw Oscar suffering from a sleepwalking disorder, now late in Season 4 its Felixs turn to suffer a sleep disorder, in this case, insomnia. Its an episode where Felix is driving Oscar crazy but not intentionally. What I find interesting is that insomnia is something that most everyone has experienced at least once in their lives so its very easy to empathize with Felix here. And of course, it easy to understand Oscars frustration, because its not like Felix is trying irritate Oscar. I like the scene where Murray and Myrna are trying to help, but sadly, the music right gods have forced the deletion of probaly the best scene in the episode, where Oscar, Murray and Myrna are singing Felix to sleep and its actually working, until Murray screams out, "One more time!" I cant even remember what song it was, but apparently they couldnt get the rights to it. But they kept the following scene, which is actually one of my favorite scenes of the entire series. Oscar has brought up a box of childhood goodies from Felixs mother in order to see if anything from his past will help get Felix to sleep. Theres his blankie, a teddy bear wrapped in cellophone(those things attract lint like crazy you know!)and his story books. So Oscar reads to him in an attempt to get him to sleep. Theres something poignant and sweet about that scene, the idea of Oscar reading to Felix as if he were his father. Of course, lest things get too sappy, in the next moment Oscar remarks that Mr. Friend(Teddy) is asleep and Mr. Enemy(Felix) is wide awake. It turns out Felixs watch is to blame. Interestly enough, instead of saying watch, Oscar says clock. Its a very funny episode, but one that has a great emotional resonance. One of the appeals of the series is that with all the tension and fighting, there is still a great deal of humanity between these 2 men and this episode is a prime example of that.moreless
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Frank Buxton

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    • Felix: I can't sleep on a waterbed. I need a firm mattress.
      Oscar: Alright, we'll freeze it.

    • Felix: You got me a used waterbed?
      Oscar: The bed is old. The water is new. They threw in all new water.

    • Oscar: How ya doin'?
      Felix: (zonked out) Nice, nice. I had a little nap today.
      Oscar: Really???
      Felix: Yeah. I fainted in my darkroom. Overdeveloped an entire bar mitzvah.

    • Murray: (in hat and trenchcoat) What do you think? Do I look like Columbo?
      Oscar: You look more like Dumbo.

    • Felix: Where are you going?
      Oscar: Back to bed.
      Felix: What should I do with the eggs?
      (Oscar shoots him a killer look)
      Felix: You got a coarse mind, you know that?

    • Oscar: You know how jealous you are. The last time you saw Gloria with another man, you went on a hunger strike. You would only eat foods that started with the letter "G." For three weeks, all we ate was grapefruit, gizzards and garbanzo beans.

    • Felix: (at 4 a.m.) Relax, eat, read the paper!
      Oscar: What do I have to read the paper, I write the paper! Besides, it won't be here for another three hours but when it does, it's going to have your obituary in it!

    • Felix: (about insomnia) Had this in the Army. Finally fell asleep on guard duty.

    • Oscar: (After having read a lot of bedtime stories to Felix) '...and Goldilocks never went back there again. The end.' And Mr Friend is asleep...and Mr Enemy is wide awake.
      Felix: You almost had me during Rumplestiltskin

    • Felix: Eat your pancakes.
      Oscar: I would if I had some silverware.
      Felix: I gave you silverware!
      Oscar: You gave me three knives, Felix. What am I going to do here?
      Felix: I got three forks.
      Oscar: I raise you two spoons. What do I win, a centerpiece or something?

    • Oscar : YOU WOKE ME UP AT 4AM!!??!! You have exactly thirty seconds to put Mr Sandman back in my eyes!

    • Oscar: ( After Felix hands Oscar an unopened package of bacon ) I like my bacon a little crisper then this.

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