The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 4

The Jury Story

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1970 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Felix and Oscar tell the Pigeon sisters how they met during jury duty in a variation of Twelve Angry Men.

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  • the first version of "how we first met" is perhaps the funniest one in the series. this episodes ranks in the top ten odd couple shows without a doubt

    this one is very funny. it even has a wink of the eye to the audience, because the guy the Jury is trying, Leo Garvey, was accused of assaulting his roomate, something Oscar could have done to Felix

    (and with good reason at times).

    anyway, there are plenty of things funny with this episode, one of the first to amusing supporting players. the members of the jury are very funny and give some great laughs. if you pay close attention, there's a woman that doesn't remember the names of everyone correctly, there's a guy that keeps getting worried because with all the delays he hasn't had time to do the shopping (something that was rarer for a man to do in the early 70's) and than there's a guy that picks a fight with Felix (Barney Martin). it's amusing to watch Oscar, as the foreman, trying to keep peace between the jurors, but at the same time being terribly annoyed by Felix's attitudes.

    although the episode is quite good as a whole, the funniest scene is without a doubt the bedroom one.

    I won't reveal all the gags, but only for the fact that Felix makes Oscar go to bed at 10 PM, because his doctor advised him to due to his condition (he's a hypochondriac), and that he puts his socks on hangers you can Imagine what the rest of the scene's is like.

    this episode had very little of the Pigeon Sisters (thank GOD!) and was not only good as a one on one comedy (bedroom Scene), but also as an ensemble (jury room). very funny, the cast was at it's best and had a good grasp on the characters by this point

    if you ever come across this episode WATCH it, you won't waste your timemoreless
  • Felix & Oscar tell the Pigeon Sisters how they first met while serving jury duty.

    One of the funniest episodes of the first season and a great take off on the film "12 Angry Men" which co-stared a young Jack Klugman. When you see them enter the jury room Jack goes to a window and opens it just like he did in the film. Felix is great as the one jurer who thinks the defendant is innocent. Later when the Jury is sequested, Felix & Oscar share a bedroom with very funny results. Watch as one jurer tries to pick a fight with Felix. This Jurer was played by Barney Martin who would achieve fame as Jerry Seinfeld's father on the hit sitcom. This is one of my favorie episodes.moreless

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