The Odd Couple

Season 4 Episode 3

The Odd Decathalon

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1973 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Felix makes another claim to high school fame. He says he was voted "most limber boy." In earlier episodes, he claimed he was voted most likely to succeed and would have won "cutest boy" if he had not already won a home economics award.

    • Felix does a flatfooted leap onto Oscar's desk to prove he's fit. He performed the same feat for the same purpose in the second season episode "The Fat Farm."

  • Quotes

    • Felix: Did you win any awards in high school?
      Oscar: Of course I did. I won an award for the best water fountain monitor. I won an award for the most amiable. And I won a plaque for neatness.
      Felix: How did you win those?
      Oscar: I won 'em in a craps game in the boys room.

    • Murray: Anyway, he beat you fair and square in tug o' war.
      Felix: "Tug o' war." We used his sheets. I let go on purpose!

    • Felix: What's this pool business? What kind of game is that, a contest to see who can stand the most cigar smoke?
      Oscar: No! You gotta have a good eye, good coordination...
      Felix: Pool is dumb. Dumb!
      Murray: "With a capital D, that rhymes with P, that stands for pool." I saw it in a movie once.

    • Oscar: Felix, I got you. You're so tired, you could hardly move!
      Felix: No, no, no. Just resting one of my eyes. The other one was on the ball.

    • Felix: You don't know what pooped is until you've been overtaken by an 80 year old woman.
      Murray: An 80 year old woman?
      Felix: Wearing corrective sneakers.

    • Oscar: I look like King Kong and I got the strength of Fay Wray.

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