The Odd Couple

Season 3 Episode 5

The Odd Monks

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1972 on ABC
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The Odd Monks
Exhausted in the real world, Felix and Oscar go to a retreat at an upstate Mission to unwind.

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  • Oscar and Felix meet a monk after a hard days work.Felix decides to go to the monks retreat,and Oscar ends up there as well,where he winds up getting him and Felix in trouble.After a hard time baking bread,in the end the friendship is reaffirmed.moreless

    This episode was written by Gary Marshall,and is considered one of his favorites.Its also one of mine,because it addresses spiritual issues in a way few sit-coms have,before or since.And I like how despite all the problems the 2 men have,in the end,the spirit of their friendship comes through.Not to mention that this is very funny episode,Oscar with his great line,seeking contentment at Rhoda Zimmermans,Felix doing the recounting of his meditation on the hand,and both mens attempts to get the other to speak when they are supposed to baking bread in silence.But its the spiritual matters that drive this episode and give it more emotional resonance than usual.And if it seems to get too heavy,the denoument with Felix declaring that the \"big guy upstairs\" will see a better Felix and better Oscar ends it in a funny way.Its interesting that Marshall wrote this episode,because he worked on the Dick Van Dyke show around the time they did an episode in which Laura meets an old beau who is now a priest,and has some nice spiritual insights that few sit-coms of the time did.moreless
Robert Ball

Robert Ball

Brother Lou

Guest Star

Charles Lampkin

Charles Lampkin

Brother Lowell

Guest Star

Ed Peck

Ed Peck

Brother Horace

Guest Star

Richard Stahl

Richard Stahl

Brother Ralph

Recurring Role

Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall

Myrna Turner

Recurring Role

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    • Oscar: I'm gonna get even with you. I'm going to make you speak!
      Felix: Oh, is that your challenge, Brother Madison, monk of the messy?
      Oscar: Yes, Brother Unger, saint of the stool pigeons!

    • Brother Ralph: Naturally, you'll serve a penance, too, Brother Felix.
      Felix: Me? But why...
      Brother Ralph: I know you weren't indulging in the game, but here, we also frown on men turning in their fellow man. It's an unwritten commandment, "Thou shalt not fink."

    • (Oscar is setting up a dice game)
      Felix: This is blasphemy! Blasphemy!
      Oscar: What are you talking about? The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. We're just gonna find out how mucheth.

    • Oscar: I can't go to sleep without reading. No magazines in the "brother john?"

    • Felix: (about monks' robes) What do we wear underneath these?
      Brother Lou: It doesn't matter. Nobody peeks.

    • Brother Samuel: (very loudly) Yes, I come here once a year to get away from my factory!
      Felix: What do you make?
      Brother Samuel: Megaphones!

    • Felix: I still can't get over that you came in here and cooked our dinner.
      Brother Ralph: Well, the Lord travels in mysterious ways. Why not through hamburger?

    • Brother Ralph: I was head of the Decker advertising agency. I had 1100 men under me.
      Felix: You're Ralph Decker! I did an ad for you once, remember? The talking bra?

    • Oscar: Tell you what I'd like. Mustard, catsup, Tabasco sauce and some chili, okay?
      Brother Ralph: No onions?
      Oscar: No, I got an ulcer.

    • Myrna: You really oughta slow down, Mr. M. I'd hate for anything to happen to you. Nobody else would hire me.

    • Oscar: Oh, boy!
      Myrna: "Oh, boy"? Is that a "ulcer hurting" oh boy?
      Oscar: Feels like I swallowed the Middle East.

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