The Odd Couple

Season 3 Episode 4

The Pen is Mightier Than the Pencil

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1972 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Felix takes a writing course, showering a weary Oscar with pathetic poetry, but Oscar suspects a fraud when the teacher compliments and encourages him.

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  • Felix is tired of writers who do such a lousy job with his pictures he decides to take a class so he can write himself. when he becomes obsessed with writing because his teacher encouraged him, Oscar thinks the teacher is out to defraud him.moreless

    A truly hilarious episode, with Felix once again becoming obsessed with something, and Oscar trying to straighten him out. There are such great moments in this episode. Felix trying to get Oscar to teach him how to write. (Whenever Oscar has to teach Felix something, you know its going to be good. And as usual, Felix ends up driving Oscar crazy("Im going to shove my type writer ribbon under your eyeballs and type, 'I hate you' all over your body!") Felix writing poems about everything he sees("Ode to a Skyscraper" is a riot). And there are some terrific supporting characters in this episode: the wonderful Phil Leeds, whos writing an expose on the garment industry, Elliot Reid as the writing teacher, Reid once played Felix Unger in a Chicago production of the play, the late, great Wally Cox, reciting erotic prose in that inimitable milquetoast voice of his, Cox, of course, was Mr. Peepers, which is the show that made Tony Randall famous. Oscar thinks Reid is trying to defraud Felix by getting his hopes up about a sale. There is a sale, not to a big company, but a woman for her dearly departed Wire haired Terrier. When Felix finds out, he is depressed, but as Oscar says,"Whos going to know, 3 little dogs with yamulkes?" This is such funny episode all around. Its a high point of Season 3.moreless
Wally Cox

Wally Cox

Mr. Fegivney

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Phil Leeds

Phil Leeds

Mr. Kalteman

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Tracy Reed

Tracy Reed

Mrs. Flood

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Elinor Donahue

Elinor Donahue

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    • Mr. Ferguson: You will never need to print that column, Mr. Madison. But if you do, when you spell "thief," will you just remember that it is I before E except after C?
      Oscar: And I want you to remember it's "bail" before "jail" so you better not "fail."

    • Felix: "Ode to a Skyscraper"
      Born from the rubble that lies there
      Nurtured through snow and through rain
      By men whose only companions
      Are derrick and shovel and crane
      Center for great institutions
      Place where conglomerates grow
      Yet home for the little cigar shop
      With the candies all in a row
      Seven seven seven they will call you
      Towards heaven, heaven, heaven you will soar
      Only God can make a tree, I will grant you
      But only man can make a 40th floor

    • Felix: "To a Chum"
      There are times when you may feel lonely
      There are times when you may feel glum
      But those times will not last if you only
      Have a buddy, a comrade, a chum

    • Oscar: Who's going to visit the grave of "Spot" Moskowitz? Three little dogs with yarmulkes?

    • Felix: I don't accept the judgement of a man who puts ketchup on his salad.
      Oscar: I like ketchup. It's like tomato wine.

    • Miriam: Here he comes.
      Oscar: You can see him from here?
      Miriam: Yeah, I can tell. There's a man down there picking lint off the policeman's jacket.

    • Miriam: Can you think of anything else that would cheer him up?
      Oscar: Yes, I can. But we don't have time to shampoo the rug.

    • Mr. Kalteman: I want you to write a theme about the most interesting person you know.
      Felix: Can that be autobiographical ?

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