The Odd Couple

Season 1 Episode 14

They Use Horseradish, Don't They?

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1971 on ABC
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Obstacles to Felix winning a cooking contest: His trick back and Oscar's accidental revelation of his recipe to a treacherous competitor.

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  • Felix enters into a cooking competition, while Oscar dates one of the other contestants. meanwhile, when Felix's unable to move his arms, it's up to Oscar to find a way for him to do the cooking during the finals.moreless

    this one has great moments in it. the final scenes alone are enough to make this a great piece of comedy. this one has one of the greatest comedy rules: there's nothing funnier than watching an unable "fool" trying to do a thing, while being helped by an able "fool". this of course always results in chaos. and this is exactly what the cooking scene is made of. very Laurel and Hardy in my opinion.

    also great was Felix speech about cooking towards the end.

    it was typical of Oscar to tie the meat with his shoe lace. also Felix's comment about the way he did it was funny!

    I noticed something funny. one of the members of the jury asked Felix if he had some way of winning the contest, because if he did it would be a breakthrough for men in the kitchen, or something to that effect. and yet here we are 35 years later and that premise still hasn't changed much, only a bit.

    I thought that Felix giving up his prize at the end to the runner up was a bit corny and too "family ties, we all end up happy by the end of the 22 minutes" kind of way, but I excuse it because it lead to that great speech by Felix and, in accordance with character, he showed his love for refined things, disregarding the prizes and concentrating just on the act itself. very Felix like attitude.moreless

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    • Barbara: I came to apologize. Please let me explain.
      Oscar: What's to explain? You did the worst thing a woman could do. You tried to take advantage of the fact that I was trying to take advantage of you!

    • Oscar: Well, you won awards for your photography.
      Felix: Once, I won a first place for that picture of slum living conditions in New York City.
      Oscar: You never told me you won that!
      Felix: I was ashamed. I won it with a picture of your room.

    • Felix: It doesn't matter whether you win or lose. It's how you ladle the gravy.

    • Felix: This afternoon, at the semifinals, I'm going to dazzle them with my fancy tuna casserole.
      Oscar: What do I do, applaud or wave a napkin?

    • Felix: Oscar, taste this.
      Oscar: For the last three days, it's been "Oscar, taste this, Oscar, taste that..."
      Felix: Oscar, taste this.
      Oscar: No! I weighed my tongue this morning. It weighed 22 pounds.

    • Oscar: Felix, keep it down, willya? I'm trying to write something that could mean a lot of money to me.
      Felix: Writing your column for the paper?
      Oscar: No, I'm writing to Blanche, asking her to lower her alimony.

    • Felix (After seeing the way Oscar tied the roast) I said tide, not held it prisioner. I've seen mummies tied looser.

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