The Odd Couple

Season 2 Episode 10

Win One for Felix

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1971 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Felix tries to bond with his young son by coaching his football team, but his lack of expertise quickly has the boys grumbling.

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      • Leonard: You're a great father. Football's not your bag, that's all. But football ain't the only thing. You taught me lots of things.
        Felix: Yeah? Like what?
        Leonard: Well, you taught me all about photography. And you taught me to love music. You taught me a thousand ways to use raisins.

      • Chubby: What happened to the "hidden helmet" play?
        Felix: "Hidden helmet" is child's play.
        Chubby: We're childs!

      • Oscar: Everytime a kid handles a ball, you got a great chance of fumbling. Two kids handle the ball, you got two great chances of fumbling.
        Felix: No, no, no. I don't believe that.
        Oscar: The best game we ever played was when the kids had bubble gum on their fingers.

      • Oscar: Felix, you gotta get by me with muscle!
        Felix: Well, why use muscle when brains are so much more effective?
        Oscar: Felix, brains without brute force in football leave a lot of cleat marks on the back of your head!
        Felix: Aren't all the professionals college graduates?
        Oscar: Yeah, with degrees in "punishment."

      • Oscar: You can't wear that when you're coaching the kids.
        Felix: What should I wear?
        Oscar: Put on a sweatsuit.
        Felix: I don't have a sweatsuit.
        Oscar: I'll let you wear my sweatsuit.
        Felix: I'd die first!

      • Felix: Tell me, where is the law that says that the only way fathers and sons can get together is by playing football? What did father [sic] and sons do before football was invented?
        Oscar: Chariot races.

      • Felix: (cleaning compulsively) I want to do things with my son. I want to be in a position of authority. I want to look good to him.
        Oscar: How about groundskeeper? You'll look great.

      • Oscar: Are you mad because we went into my room and talked?
        Felix: No, not at all.
        Oscar: Are you being honest?
        Felix: No, I'm not.

      • Gloria: Where's Leonard?
        Felix: My son is in my roommate's room. I hope he's had all his shots.

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