The Odd Couple

Season 2 Episode 17

You Saved My Life

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1972 on ABC



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    • Felix: I'll tell you frankly. I've never considered the possibility of Felix Unger dying.
      Oscar: I have.

    • Oscar: Help! Help! Help!
      Murray: Oh, trouble! I'm getting out of here!

    • Felix: (emptying wastebasket) Gee, you need a new basket, don't ya? I'll buy you a nice wicker one. Better yet, I'll take a course and weave you one.

    • Oscar: (faking) I'm choking on a bone!
      Felix: No, no. That's impossible.
      Oscar: What's impossible? I'm choking to death!
      Felix: No. Boneless chicken.
      Oscar: No bones? How did it walk?

    • Felix: I never knew you to eat chicken that didn't come in a bucket.
      Oscar: Oh, I like that man's face. I trust it.

    • Felix: You staying for dinner?
      Murray: Well, I'd love to, but I can't. What are we having?
      Felix: Weiner schnitzel, for our "vunderful" man.
      Murray: Gee, I wish I could speak another language.

    • (Oscar describes Felix checking on him while he sleeps)
      Murray: Aw, gee, that's swell.
      Oscar: It ain't swell! If I wanted to live with my grandmother, I'd move to Poughkeepsie!

    • Felix: The following is a commercial announcement for Oscar Madison.
      O is for the oldest friend I know
      S is for the way he saved my life
      C stands for courage and
      A is for alertness that he shows
      R means risk and he took a big one
      M-A-D is what he gets at me
      but I feel like an S-O-N to him
      That's Oscar Madison, he's big daddy
      to us aaallllll!!!

    • Oscar: You're the best secretary I ever had. Disorganized, sloppy, lazy. Now he's ruined you. But don't feel too bad. He's ruined me, too.
      Myrna: But he said you saved his life.
      Oscar: Yeah, and for that, he's trying to kill me.

    • Oscar: I need a cigar!
      Myrna: (offers carrots) Try one of these instead.
      Oscar: Does Fidel Castro smoke a carrot???

    • Oscar: Did I ever tell you you are beautiful?
      Myrna: No. Nobody has.

    • Felix: I've prepared a special breakfast for you -- Eggs Benedict.
      Oscar: I don't have time for Eggs Benedict!
      Felix: Then just have an Egg Ben.

    • Felix: I remembered my best friend in the first grade. His name was Orville Krueger. He had a strange-shaped head. His mother used to let out one side of his hat.

    • Felix: Do you know there's ketchup on the windowsill?
      Oscar: No, but if you hum a few bars, maybe I'll remember it.

    • Felix: (inspecting windows) Look at that smudge! They're terrible! It's just as bad as before!
      Oscar: So? We're on the 11th floor. Who's going to see, the Flying Nun?

  • Notes

    • First appearance of Penny Marshall as new regular character Myrna Turner.

    • The set was changed for this episode. The normal set wall with two regular sized windows was replaced by a wall with one large window to allow enough room for Jack Klugman and Tony Randall to hang from and act around. The two window wall was then restored for every episode afterwards.

    • Pat Morita would later play recurring character Arnold on Garry Marshall's "Happy Days" sitcom. When he left that series, his character was replaced by Al, played by Al Molinaro, a regular from this series.

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