The Odyssey (1992)

Season 2 Episode 8

But Where is Here?

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 1994 on CBC
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But Where is Here?
In the Upworld, Keith puts up a poster in Jay's room of actress, Sierra Jones, which awakens Jay once again. In the Downworld, when Jay and Flash become lost in a maze of mirrors, Flash must face his inner demons while Jay must choose between both worlds.moreless

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  • Maze of the Mind

    This episode is one of my favorates, it has both a very strange dreamlike sensability, frudian overtones, and of course this episode marks the establishment of the Jay and Medea love dynamic.

    We have always know Medea to be in pursuit of Jay, but never the real reason why and of course it becomes demonstrated as we see the chracters going though a gauntlet of mirrors to excape the Monitors. The strangest thing about the maze though is somehow it is a manifastation of Jay's own subconciousness, his deepest memories and feelings. Basically this whole episode is one of the steps in Jay's acceptance of truth and that is to see within one's own soul. The most interesting part of the whole episode is the interplay between both Medea and Jay. We see that Medea is not angry at Jay instead we see in her eyes attraction toward him and deep feelings and it's the same with him. Both as we see are very close to one another almost at kissing distance, but she helps Jay see the truth about his dad that his dad has abbandoned him, he only repressed the truth for so long. But most of all guides him to a choice on what he most desires by giving him the opportunity to go home despite what it means to Downworld.

    This episode is also Jay's first step into becoming a man as he acts on his desires. When he goes back to Upworld, we see a poster of Siera Jones who is the Upworld counterpart of Medea, it's very strange since he has never met her. Who knows may'be some how both Jay and Siera in Upworld are psychically linked. Anyway, we see he looks at the poster by doing that he has found his reason to go back to Downworld. And it's not to save it because his friends and everyone living in it is in trouble, but it's because of Medea, it's because of his deep feelings for her, his desire to be with her.

    It's always the deepest feeling that makes the world truely go round.moreless
Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera


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Robert Wisden

Robert Wisden

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Dwight Koss

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    • (After Jay goes back to his world)
      Alpha: How could you trust him?!
      Medea: It wasn't his fault! He wanted to come back!
      Alpha: He's never coming back!
      Medea: Then, you should be thanking me if it's what he wanted!
      Alpha: I never should've told you how to find him!
      Medea: You should have more faith! Remember, he came back for you!

    • Medea: Why do you think you're having such a hard time finding your father?
      Jay: I don't know.
      Medea: It's so obvious, Jay. All you have to do is open your eyes. Don't you ever wonder why there are no grown-ups? We've all been abandoned.

    • Medea: I'll say we lost you in the maze.
      Jay: Why are you doing this?
      Medea: Because you came back.

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