The Odyssey (1992)

CBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Time Bomb
      Time Bomb
      Episode 13
      In the Upworld, Jay prepares to tell his mother the truth about her husband. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, angry over the takeover of the Tower, Finger plants a bomb that will destroy the Downworld forever.
    • The Plague
      The Plague
      Episode 12
      In the Upworld, Jay meets with his father, and tries to persuade him to come home. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, as the election campaign begins, Finger develops a plague which freezes the kids into being unable to vote.
    • No Holds Barred
      No Holds Barred
      Episode 11
      In the Upworld, Jay finally comes face-to-face with his father, Brad and learns the truth. Meanwhile in the Downworld, Jay prepares to take control of the tower, but Finger despersately tries to stop him.
    • Tangled Web
      Tangled Web
      Episode 10
      In the Upworld, Jay continues to see Sierra, despite warnings from Keith and Donna. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Finger plans to stop the revolution by turning Jay's army against each other.
    • Tug Of War
      Tug Of War
      Episode 9
      In the Upworld, when Jay feels isolated at home he makes plans to run away and Steve promises Jay that he will search for Brad, despite Jay's claim that he doesn't want to be found. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Fractal's new invention erases all Alpha's work and kills one of her assistants.moreless
    • Styx and Stones
      Styx and Stones
      Episode 8
      In the Upworld, Jay desperately wants to impress Sierra on their date, but much to his chagrin he has very little money. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Medea is forced to make predictions but every one is directed at Finger, and Jay & Flash plan to help Medea escape.
    • The Cauldron
      The Cauldron
      Episode 7
      In the Upworld, Jay asks Sierra on a date, much to the annoyance of her boyfriend, Mick. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Alpha, Jay and Flash make Tower Passes for other kids, Finger charges Medea with being a witch when she refuses to take an oath of loyalty.
    • King for a Day
      King for a Day
      Episode 6
      In the Upworld, Jay, Keith and Donna become caught up in a group of teenagers who are harassing a shopkeeper. Meanwhile, in the Downworld: Jay, carrying a strange globe, is proclaimed the "Pathfinder", by a group of kids in search of their homeland.
    • Cry Justice
      Cry Justice
      Episode 5
      In the Upworld, when Val starts dating a new man, Steve, Jay decides he doesn't like the man. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Macro orders that all copies of "The Fax", a newsletter Alpha produces be stopped and the Bladers circulating them be eliminated.
    • Night Life
      Night Life
      Episode 4
      In the Upworld, Jay goes to his first party and tries to get Sierra's attention, while Donna tries to make new friends. Meanwhile in the Downworld, Jay fears Alpha may be caught up in a club of blood-sucking vampires.
    • Learning Curve
      Learning Curve
      Episode 3
      In the Upworld, Jay isn't doing well in school and considers dropping out. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Fractal invents a helmet that allows kids to through the wall to the adult side, causing Jay & Flash to compete for the chance to test it.
    • Dart to the Heart
      In the Upworld, Jay meets Nikki, with whom he shares his experiences in the coma, but is shocked to discover they see the same therapist. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Finger hires an assasin to kill Jay.
    • No Way Out
      No Way Out
      Episode 1
      In the Upworld, Jay has finally come out of his coma, and is attempting to re-adjust to living a normal life, but his mom insists on counseling. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Finger is the new leader and he puts Jay and Flash in a fight for survival.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1