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  • A boy goes into a coma and enters a very different world where children have been abandoned by adults and created a new society...

    I loved this show. I never really knew what was going on as the tv provider used to show them in a very random fashion but it was terrific. The best parts for me were after Jay had woken up. The pressure to keep secrets from his mother pushes him back into the alternate universe and he becomes a bit more aware of the links between the two. I also really enjoyed that the characters on both sides of his consciousness were so different, leading to a guessing game about which aspects at any one time were going to dominate.

    One of the few childrens shows that if released on dvd, I'd seriously think about buying (robotech is pretty much the only other one)!!
  • Childhood memories!

    It must be the summer of the year 1994 when it was aired for the first time in Belgium. I was twelf years old and I was totally into kind of series like that.
    Recently I've discovered the serie again and watched it in three days (much more easier to follow then once a week an episode). I have to say that it still amused me as back in the summer of 1994.

    The show was really down to earth, low-budget and I think that maked the show great (for me). When you see some shows (for kids) now it's all high-tech, really big and overrated, maybe it's because I'm grown up or maybe I missed the late '80's and the early '90's that much... kinda sad if you think about it. But yeah times goes by...

    Anyway, if some kids (or grown-up-kids who were kids in the early '90's) read this and never watched it before: Just do it!
  • Some shows are meant to be entertaining.. others are just plain down right dumb. but The Odyssey had something that just made it seem cool and creepy at the same time.

    When I was younger, and school was out for the summer I would resort to three things. Television, Sleep, Freinds.

    Every morning I would watch T.V., just changing each channel..
    Then this show caught my eye. it's pleasing quality.

    Young jay who fell from a rope and fell into a deep coma. where his adventours took place in a underworld. where adults were not around, only kids ruled the place.

    So, it became my next favorite show. something i could enjoy for a few years. sadly i grew older and had more important things to do. I never had the chance to see the end.
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