The Odyssey (1992)

Season 2 Episode 4

Whispers Like Thunder

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1994 on CBC



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    • Alpha: Thanks for rescuing me, Flash.
      Flash: Yeah, well, you had the sandwiches.

    • Jay: If you were so close, how could you betray him like that? Help Macro get rid of him?
      Fractal: Because he stopped caring about the world, that's why. It wasn't me who betrayed Brad, it was Brad who betrayed all of us.
      Brad: I just started to grow up, Fractal.
      Fractal: Brad?
      Brad: It's time to go.
      Fractal: What? Where? Why?
      Brad: Sorry. It's time.
      Jay: Wait. What day is this?
      Fractal: What?
      Brad: That's right. Fractal.
      Jay: It's your birthday.
      Brad: Sixteen.
      Fractal: That's impossible. It's a scientific fact. No one turns sixteen.
      Brad: Not til now.

    • Flash: Where've you been?
      Jay: Home.
      Flash: And you came back? Weird. Weird and freaky. How?
      Jay: I don't know how. I just had to. Alpha's in trouble.
      Flash: She went to the Tower. How'd you know?
      Jay: Why is she there?
      Flash: Macro went on TV. He said he needed our help to save the world.
      Jay: (looking around) Man, what happened?
      Flash: Earthquakes, floods, storms, you name it.
      Jay: What can we do about it?

    • Fractal: Brad, is Jay the wrecker?
      Brad: We're all wreckers. We dream, we wreck what's real. We wake and we wreck our dreams. It's very complex.
      Fractal: Can we keep the grownups away?
      Jay: Who says we want to?
      Brad: Where there are kids there are grownups. It's a fact.

    • Fractal: Thesis: Jay, by his very presence, will wreck the world.
      Medea: I already said that.
      Fractal: Antithesis: Jay by his very presence, will not wreck the world. Neither the antithesis nor the thesis concur with the empirical realities of observation. Jay was in the world a long time without it getting wrecked. However, there does appear to be a link between him and the world falling apart. Synthesis: Jay wrecks the world when he leaves it.
      Medea: Oh. Of course. Everything started to fall apart when he left. And the grownups? Fractal: To restate the obvious, stories of the grownups only became rampant only after the world started to fall apart.
      Medea: (groans) I've been trying to get rid of him when all along I should've been trying to lock him up here forever.
      Fractal: If you can lock up someone who just disappeared.
      Medea: Well, then, we'll just have to convince him that it's in everybody's best interest for him to stay.
      Fractal: First, you have to get him to come back.

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