The Office (UK)

Episode 8

Christmas Special (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 27, 2003 on BBC Two
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Tim's world is rocked when Dawn turns up at the office to say hello. Despite a stern warning from Gareth and wise words from Keith in Accounts, Tim can't help but get his hopes up again. Meanwhile, David Brent has secured the services of a dating agency and, in between making celebrity appearances in nightclubs for £500 a go, he meets up for drinks with a rather disappointing selection of single women. The office Christmas party kicks off like any other but there are a few surprises in store...


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  • Perfection!

    The Office ended on the perfect note. I found myself going through a series of emotions while watching this, and thats what a good finale should do.

    When we last left Wernham Hogg Dawn went to Florida leaving a heartbroken Tim behind, David had been made redundant and Gareth was to take David's job.

    I was shattered after watching that. I thought there is no way they can end it like this. Sure enough they came back with Christmas specials to tie up the loose ends.

    The doco crew came back to Werhnam Hogg after 3 years to see not much had changed, David was on the road repping, Gareth is a hard boss, Tim has someone else who annoys the hell out of him and Dawn (who has given up her dreams of being an artist) and Lee are coming back from Florida for the Christmas Party.

    Brent has to find a date for the Christmas Party to show up Neil. After two disaster dates its 3rd time lucky when the woman not only gets along with him, but allows him to act naturally and less like an egotistical jerk.

    He also tells Finchy to f*ck off which I admit had chills when I heard him say it. Its a sign that he is a changing man and there is hope for him in the future.

    Tim is tossing up whether to ask Dawn again or just let her go. He lets her go but not without giving her a present which sent the message for her not to give up her dreams.

    In an emotion packed finale Dawn came back and into Tim's arms. (Again, I still get chills up my spine whenever I see that scene)

    As for Gareth, there is not much plot that centres around him. He seems pretty happy with the way things are going for himself

    The American version tries, but you can't compare it to this amazing series. This is TV at its best. I recommend it to everyone!moreless
  • It is not a conclusion, more like a "series of moments"...

    It is hard to write a review after pumped up with The Office episodes for eight hours and then watching "Free Love Freeway" for many times. But, here it goes.

    The Office has ended, for real this time. The writers knew that they had to bring back everyone because they had left them in terrible situations and something had to be done.

    Dawn is back, and although she is happy to see Tim, she just holds back a bit. Tim is again in a messy situation, but as he says, Dawn was a ray of sunlight in his life, and although there is Lee, he still feels good when Dawn arrives.

    David is blind-dating and mainly thinking that he deserves better than some people. His dates fail to start a relationship, mostly because of his cruelty for some, or just because he is David Brent.

    David just walks into the office anytime he wants, but after a while he is warned by Neil. A word for Neil here: I know that Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant hates Neil Godwin, but I like him. I think of him as a person who tries to get along with most of the people. Apart from his first appearance, I think that he is a decent person, and he lives by the rules when it comes to work. Otherwise, he is a friendly and joyful person.

    And at last, the party arrives. Dawn and Tim are talking, while Lee and his friends are speaking very harshly to a pregnant woman (Ann). This little part shows their personality, and it is a little foreshadowing of the end.

    As the night moves on, good things start to happen. Brent's date arrives, and they are a perfect match! As the directors say in the commentary, the reason for hitting off so good is that the woman is not judgmental and Brent is just being a better person and not criticizing anyone.

    And, the most emotional scene... Dawn leaves with Lee (Martin Freeman's looks when he hugs Dawn is just perfect) and then realizing the "Secret Santa". She comes back and kisses Tim, such a lovely scene...

    I thought that the finale was too optimistic, Dawn and Tim are together, Brent has a date (we don't know what will happen in the future) and he has his confidence back, but there are two reasons that oppose my opinions: First one is (Trudy? I am guessing) the woman who likes black guys. She sees the man that she is in love kissing someone else and the starts to cry. That is not that much optimistic. And the other reason is Tim's speech.

    Just like he said: There are no endings in life, there are just series of moments. And in this finale everybody had their moments. Maybe the next day would be awful, but at least they were happy as they could be for one day...

    The episode with a photo shoot, Tim kissing Gareth and showing that they are still friends (Gareth is happy, too)and then Brent's photo with his team members except Neil.

    The Office was a great series, I haven't watch the US one but I will in the future times, but the UK one was special...(as Brent said as the last word of this series) Cheers...moreless
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  • Now I know why they remade it in the US

    The two-part ending to this series was awesome. I have been a fan of the US version of The Office since its beginning back in 2005 and I started watching the UK version only recently when I got the whole series on DVD.

    It took a while for me to get into it and only in the series second season did I really start to appreciate the show. I guess I had to let go of my preconceptions of the US version.

    Anyway, the ending was perfect. Without spoiling it for everyone, you get what you want and more... If you are like me, a fan of the US version wondering if the UK version is worth watching.. trust me.. it is...moreless
  • Creative Conclusion

    The second part of the christmas special is very original and well plotted, with David still trying to get a girl to show up Neil, the secret santa as mentioned in the previous episode and of course, what has happened throughout the series, Tim and Dawn having fun at the expense of Gareth.

    Highlights of the episode include David's phone call with one of the possibilities ("You're not that awful boss, are you?") and David justifying hanging up by saying she asked too many questions like "who are you?" "what's your name") and Nelson, David's dog, being barred from the office aswell, much to the shock of David.

    Overall, the secret santa ending seemed almost real unlike the classic sitcom endings, and this conclusion was a perfect way to end this series.moreless

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    • David: If they loved me why are they throwing stuff? Throwing water, plastic bottles, underpants?! One bloke threw a pair of y-fronts, hit me in the face, and I knew it was nutella or marmite he'd smudged on the gusset. But it was still him going "that's what we think of you mate. You're shit."
      Peter: Where did he get the marmite from? He must of prepared that from home cos he knew you were on.
      David: Well that doesn't make me feel any better? Why say that?

    • Interviewer: How would you like to be remembered?
      David: Simply, as, the man who put a smile on the face of all who he met.

    • Neil: No dog with you today, David?
      Chris Finch: Didn't you see her? She just left.
      (Neil and Chris laugh at David)
      David: Chris, why don't you fuck off?

    • Tim: Life isn't about endings, is it? Is a series of moments. And um, it's like, you know, if you turn your camera off, it's not an ending, is it? I'm still here. My life's not over. Come back- come back here in ten years, see how I'm doing then. 'Cause I could be married with kids, you don't know. Life just goes on.

    • Tim: Gareth, are you still in the TAs?
      Gareth: Yeah.
      Tim: What rank are you?
      Gareth: Lieutenant.
      Tim: Are you? Because I was thinking, if you ever take an enemy soldier prisoner, right, would you have to search him?
      Gareth: Yeah, it's possible. Yeah.
      Tim: Right, so let's just say you've taken him prisoner, you're doing a full body search, you find something hard, you can feel it, you know what it is. Do you just say to him, "I know you've got a big weapon, give it to me now"? Or...?
      Gareth: I'm not gonna ask him, I would just get it out myself.
      Tim: Right. And what happens – you're going into battle situation – are up in front with your men, or are you coming up the rear?
      Gareth: Well, depends.
      Dawn: It's possible you'd come up the rear?
      Gareth: It's possible, yeah.
      Tim: That's all we wanted to know.

    • David: Do you know the reason why men are attached to cleavage? It's because it reminds us of a woman's buttocks. Because I suppose presumably when we were cavemen we used to do you from behind, so we like the--. And then we evolved and probably turned you over when language came in to either chat, or just to look at the breasts that reminded us of the buttock in the first place.
      Date #1: Can we not talk about breasts, full stop?

    • David: Funny enough, the reason why women wear necklaces is to draw attention to the breasts.
      Date #1: I don't.
      David: No, I mean, subconsciously.
      Date #1: No, I don't. I wear this because my mother gave it to me before she died.
      David: Yeah, well, I mean, she probably wanted to draw attention to hers, but I mean...
      Date #1: Sorry, can we not talk about my dead mother's breasts?

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    • Nominations:

      - Nominated for the British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy

      - Nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Made for Television Movie

      - Nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special

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    • David: Oh, I'm having a bit of trouble myself!
      David was impersonating Frank Spencer, a character played by Michael Crawford in the highly successful BBC sitcom, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Frank was well recognized for his trademark beret and raincoat. He had a wife - Betty, played by Michele Dotrice - and a baby daughter - Jessica. The humour of the show revolved around Frank getting into silly situations.

    • David: I did a beautiful version of no woman by the late great genius Bob Marley.
      Bob Marley (nee Robert Nesta Marley) (1945 - 1981) was a guitarist and songwriter from the ghettos of Jamaica and greatly responsible for spreading reggae music worldwide. One of his most memorable songs is "No Woman No Cry" featured on Natty Dread.

    • David: (singing) I'm comin' up so you better you better get this party started.
      David is singing Pink's (nee Alecia Moore) 2001 hit "Get The Party Started." This song is featured on her second album, Missundaztood.

    • David: Not after Horatio Nelson, after Nelson Mandela, the great leader.
      Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (1758 - 1805) was a British admiral and became Britain's greatest national heroes. In 1794 he lost the sight in his right eye after being shot in the face during a joint operation at Calvi, Corsica. His left eye was also injured and Nelson wore a patch over it to protect it.

      Rolihlahla "Nelson" Mandela is the former President of South Africa, and one of its greatest anti-apartheid activists.

    • David: Not as good as Beethoven, though.
      Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer largely regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time – and the greatest music composer between the Classical and Romantic eras. His most famous pieces are the Third, Fifth, and Ninth symphonies.

    • Susan: I love Grieg.
      Edvard Hagerup Grieg (1843 - 1907) was a Norwegian composer, who is well recognized by his Piano Concerto in A minor, the Holberg Suite (for string orchestra), and ten volumes of Lyric Pieces.