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... The U.K. version of The Office is getting a follow-up movie. Well, the original Michael Scott, a.k.a. Ricky Gervais's David Brent, is getting a follow-up movie. Life on the Road will reconnect with Brent 15 years after he was fired from the paper company Wernham Hogg, as he's pursuing a music career while working as a traveling salesman. No premiere date has been set; same goes for plans to air the film Stateside. [RadioTimes


... CBS wants its summer disappointment Extant to hurry up and end its mission. After shifting the sci-fi series from 9pm to 10pm due to sluggish ratings, the network will air Extant's Season 1 (and series?) finale one week earlier than previously scheduled, which will keep it out of premiere week in late September. To make that happen, CBS will unload a double dose of Extant on August 20 from 9pm to 11pm, and the finale will air on September 17 instead of September 24. [CBS via press release]

... Hey, glad you could make it. Listen, why don't you sit down? Yeah, right there is good. I've gathered all your friends because we have to tell you something. LMN has revived the docu-series Intervention for a 14th season. The network has ordered 15 episodes of the long-running series, which aired for 13 seasons on A&E before it was canceled last year. And also, stop huffing glue. [LMN via press release]

... TV Land has renewed The Soul Man for a fourth season. The comedy stars Cedric the Entertainer as an R&B superstar turned minister, and Niecy Nash as his wife. It's somehow a spin-off of Hot in Cleveland. [TV Land via press release]

... Syfy is adapting the Hugo-nominated book Old Man's War, with Wolfgang Petersen (The Neverending Story) on board to oversee production. The project, which has been retitled The Ghost Brigade, follows a 75-year-old man who enlists in a sorta space army that helps humans expand into the universe. But don't worry about the guy breaking a hip or filling his Depends during combat; technology allows old folks' experience and intellect to be transplanted into younger bodies to fight. [Syfy via press release]

... You can still get your uniboob problem fixed at E!'s expense. The network has renewed its plastic-surgery-disaster reality series Botched for a second season. Should you be unfamiliar with Botched, the show is about people who've had terrible plastic surgery and are trying to fix it. [E! via press release]


... Natalie Zea, a.k.a. my girlfriend, will star in ABC's upcoming country-club drama Members Only, which follows the rich who frolic at the club and the working-class who toil there. She'll play one of the rich kids whose family founded the establishment. [Deadline]

... Finally, some Sons of Anarchy casting news we can be proud of! Mathew St. Patrick, who played Keith on HBO's depressing and beautiful Six Feet Under, is joining the FX biker drama for its final season as the head of a security team who probably acts real tough and does mean things. St. Patrick will first arrive in Episode 7, and he'll stick around for a handful of episodes; he joins Lea Michele, Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson on SOA's Season 7 guest-star roster. [TV Line]

... Spike TV has found its King Tut, and he's one Twisted dude! How is THAT for a hook in this blurb? Not that good, eh? Fine. Twisted's Avan Jogia will play the Egyptian king in the network's Tut miniseries. He'll star alongside Ben Kingsley, who will play Tut's chief advisor. 

... Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville will guest-star on ABC's upcoming musical fantasy drama Galavant. He'll play a character named Peter the Pillager, a Pirate King who meets up with main character John Q. Galavant (I made that last bit up). [TV Line]

... David Spade will guest-star on the upcoming season of The Goldbergs as a dude who makes fake IDs for teenagers. This is perfect casting, so there's nothing else to say. [EW]


... Hey! OMG Price's Teen Wolf photo recap is up and it's AMAZING. 

... Hey! OMG Tim's Under the Dome photo-ish recap is up and it's okay. 

... The big question of who will replace Craig Ferguson in CBS's late-night has been answered, possibly! It will be [CLICK TO FIND OUT]

... The latest True Detective casting rumor is pretty great. Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss is "circling" (as the industry says) the lead female role. 

... The whole Big Bang Theory cast is officially ready to get back to work. Finally!

... Hej! NBC has renewed Welcome to Sweden for Season 2.

... Nickelodeon is turning the Jack Black movie School of Rock into a TV show.

... Arrow has found its Manhunter.

... Kaitlin makes a strong case for checking out ABC Family's Chasing Life.

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