The Office (UK)

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 2002 on BBC Two

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  • Brent, Brent, Brent... Life is hard for you...

    After the "introduction" episode, The Office returns with a great episode that is based on emotional things. That doesn't say it wasn't funny, though...

    To be truthful, I felt sorry for Brent in this episode. For only one time, he didn't make any jokes (did a couple, but it was less than usual), took the staff to the pub, but still, everybody still disliked him. Eventually, after realizing that it won't work, he got off the table and went to his office. Although that it looked a bit sad, he quickly regained his self-esteem by making Dawn show that he is her role-model and that he "is" actually funny.

    Tim and Rachel got along this episode, too. We also understood that Dawn was jealous, so that will bring a bit of excitement...

    Gareth was great this episode! After realizing that Tim and Rachel were going to date, he still talked to Rachel about "how he can be still available, just make sure that Tim wears a condom"...

    After all, great episode that blended sadness with humour...
  • Entertaining Eighth Episode

    This is probably my favourite episode of the Office though it's a toss-up with the Training episode.

    The reason I find this episode, creatively named "Episode 2", so funny is because of the staff appraisals David does which are hilarious, especially trying to get Dawn to put him down as an inspiration when she clearly thinks her mother, father (not parents, people in work), Tim (not a friend, a boss), Jennifer (not a female) and Keith's evaluation which shows he isn't too bright.

    Tim and Gareth trying to get a date with Rachel was very funny, especially Gareth's "romantic" attempts.

    Overall, this episode is extremely funny and is quite possibly the best episode.
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