The Office (UK)

Season 2 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 2002 on BBC Two
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A colleague's birthday provides a welcome distraction for the employees of Wernham Hogg and leads to a series of practical jokes at the expense of David and Gareth. Meanwhile, David's growing frustrations with new boss Neil constantly looking over his shoulder are somewhat alleviated by the arrival of two representatives from a public speaking company who seem keen to recruit him.moreless

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  • A birthday party, problems with Neil and, of course, David's presentation...

    It was just a normal The Office episode, nothing pivotal happened, except a few minor things.

    I take my word back about Neil. I thought that he was a jerk, but in this episode we can see that he is a nice person who wants to get along with everyone, and he even gives Brent a chance to save his job. He is truthful (which is painful to Brent), but that is a good thing when you have to warn a man to be better. Ricky Gervais had said that it would be easier to work under David Brent, because you can get along with him, but in this episode, Neil showed that he is a better boss to work under (not a double-meaning). He even made a birthday cake!

    David was also great in this episode. Although he received a warning from Neil, he was happy; because a public speaking company offered a nice job to him as a public speaker. He was a bit angry after he saw that Neil was also offered the job, but it didn't stop him from showing off...

    In conclusion, it was a nice little episode with nothing special (apart from the last scene after the credits)...moreless
  • Nice Ninth Episode

    This isn't the funniest episode but it is entertaining nonetheless, aswell as being realistic since its not only main cast members who have birthdays and this was pulled off very well.

    There isn't much of a central plot for the episode but, since the show is in documentary format, there shouldn't be anyway.

    David is very funny in the episode, especially when he's trying to convince people that he looks 30 even though nobody else does and they agree with his age (39/40) and Tim sneaking in the, um, inappropriate gift, into David's office is a hilarious addition.

    Overall, the episode has some great lines from all the characters and is a great installment for this mocumentary.moreless

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    • David: What's the difference between a fox and a dog? About eight pints of lager!

    • David: How old would you say I was, if you didn't know me?
      Employee: Forty?
      David: No, how old do you think I look?
      Employee: Umm... thirty-nine?
      David: Most people think I look about thirty. So--
      Employee: Definitely not.
      David: Oh, are you calling them liars? (to Oliver) What do you think?
      Oliver: Well, between thirty and forty?
      David: Yes. More honest.

    • David: Bunsen burner, nice little earner.

    • Jude: If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
      David: Martin Luther King and the Dalai Lama... and Rory Bremner. Just to... 'Cause they get a bit heavy, couldn't they? Two of them. And he'd lighten things up.

    • Jude: What would your motto be?
      David: Well, I've noticed that some bosses are intimidated by training their staff up too well. They don't-- I don't mind it. I actually like my staff to be better than me. That way, you know, keep me on my toes. So my motto would be: Be careful 'cause there's always someone ready to step into your shoes and do your job better... than... you... do it.

    • Neil: Beware of false prophets!
      David: That's my point, innit? It's not all about profits, so...
      Neil: I meant prophets...
      David: "I meant, I meant, I meant. If only, if only." If only me auntie had bollocks, she'd be me uncle.

  • NOTES (2)


    • David: You can't beat a bit of bully!
      This is a nod at Bullseye, an ITV gameshow hosted by Jim Bowen that aired between 1981 and 1993. The contestants had to play darts and answer quiz questions.

    • David: John Harvey-Jones type figures.
      John Harvey-Jones joined ICI in 1959 and in 1982 became chairman of the company. In 1987 he retired as ICI's chairman and passed his knowledge on to other business people through his television show Troubleshooter.

    • Jude: What's your biggest disappointment?
      David: Alton Towers.
      Alton Towers is a theme park near Stoke-on-Trent. It is built on the grounds where the Earl of Shrewsbury lived, and contains the worlds first vertical drop ride 'Oblivion' among other famous attractions.

    • Rachel: Top Trumps. Pop stars.
      Top Trumps is a version of the card game War? Each card lists six attributes (for example, the Pop Stars cards list age, height, humility, and number of movie appearances), and the player looks at his top card and chooses one attribute to compare. Each player reads the same statistic on their top card; the one with the highest number wins all of the cards.

    • Neil: I like the Corrs, they've done some good tunes.
      The Corrs are a folk rock band from Ireland, composed by of three sisters and one brother: Andrea Corr (lead vocals), Sharon Corr (violin), Caroline Corr (drums), and Jim Corr (guitar, keyboards, piano).

    • David: Fleetwood Mac. I prefer their version.
      Fleetwood Mac (nee Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac) was started in 1968 by Peter Green (guitarist), Mick Fleetwood (drummer), and John McVie (bassist). Their first big hit came in 1975 with the album Fleetwood Mac.

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