The Office (UK)

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Aug 20, 2001 on BBC Two

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  • The last episode of the season where David is offered the job of being the UK manager only if he agrees to incorporate his branch into Swindon. He agrees willingly and gains everybody's reaction...

    The perfect way to end the season for "The Office". It had all the major characters taking a large part in the episode. Brent was promoted, Tim was leaving and his mind was still messed up about Dawn and Gareth was sad because of Brent's departure...

    The episode started with a fun reference to the first episode of the series. I don't know if it is the same guy, but David Brent was firing a forklift operator this time. Also the worker who was fired talked about the midget who was mentioned in the earlier episodes.

    Anyway, as the episode continued, a surprising that we didn't expect twist arrived, David was being promoted and he had to incorporate his branch to Swindon's. As we all expected after we saw the twist, he accepted the job. While all the staff were angry at him, he was smiling regardless of their reactions. The best part was the end, though. It was the part where everything came to a conclusion. Gareth was trying to pick up a girl by showing his "army moves", but unfortunately, he knocked her down. After the party started David came and said that he refused the job (he said that in a more rude way though). It was the "caring David Brent" that we knew that existed in him. The truth came after: He had a high blood pressure... "That" was the real David Brent...

    Tim was leaving, but later he stayed with the branch after he was promoted. There was a "small" argument between him and Lee, later we found out that it was a "joke", but Dawn seemed irritated. Tim mentioned his empty job space to Dawn, and that was the part where Dawn (supposedly) came to her senses a bit. The part where they show a bit of the office after the credits was the climax: Tim, beside a table, still working and bored...
  • Spectacular Sixth Episode

    This is a great finale for season one as it concludes the downsizing problem once and for all, but not before having a few laughs first.

    David is the funniest he's ever been with scenes such as being obsessed with how many people voted for him (five to two) and telling everyone they were either fired or relocated and then gloating about his promotion a few seconds later.

    The end is terrific, David saying he turned down the promotion so that his employees could keep their jobs before being confronted later by someone saying the reason he didn't get a job was a medical problem, David assuring him that he cheated the medical test to get out of the job.

    Overall, this episode is incredibly funny and one all Office fans should watch.
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