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  • The best TV show ever made by far

    Incredible realism. Incredible and subtle use of the documentary genre. A barrage of original, subtle, diverse jokes. No laugh track (which many people notice, but it's more than that - it's that the show doesn't hit high hat cymbals to cue you to laugh too, it creates genuinely funny and awkward moments). The actors are outstanding too - such an incredible repertoire each of them has of emotional capacity (even, and in fact ESPECIALLY, Garreth, whose US counterpart Dwight can't come close to the pathos and sadness Garreth can evince - or really even realism, Dwight is just always high-strung and not a real human character).

    I've seen lots of movies. More than anyone I know. I'm a pretty smart guy (at least on paper). Movies are my favorite thing in the world. If I put this series as a whole into my list of top movies of all time, and ignored the differences of the media, it would make the top 5.

    My life is better because I've seen The Office (BBC). Just don't watch season 1 and 2 and forget about the Christmas special, like I did for a year. But I do think if you give yourself at least a week after watching 1 and 2 before watching the special, you can better "simulate" the time lapse that is meant to exist before the fictional creation of the documentary.

    Do yourself a favor.
  • The most rewarding and exhilarating comedy show I have ever lay eyes on.

    The Office, despite a short lived show, ranks up there with the likes of Red Dwarf and Blackadder as one of the greatest British comedies on television. For what lacks in longevity, it makes up for pure mockumentary brilliance. The complex structure and the unique way it's filmed don't get in the way of it's high accessibility factor; no matter how much TV you watch, you're sure to find The Office appealing.

    Everything in the program is on top form: it's quirky script, it's incredibly sympathetic yet lovable characters, the documentary filmed style, it's simple yet accustomed setting. Once you enter the office, you feel like you're a part of it.

    David Brent is the main character, played by Ricky Gervais. Despite his vulgar remarks to situations, his "uncoolness", his egoistical approach to socialise: he has a high likabilty factor. At certain parts we laugh at him for his terrible jokes and his "trying too hard" methods, cringing at every little thing he says and screaming at the tele "Awww! Brent! Why would you say that!", and others we actually feel for him, when people don't take a liking to his awkward situations and don't respond the way he would think they do. And this is what Office is all about: pure awkwardness. I won't go into too much detail describing the support characters, but there's every sort of relationship jampacked into the office: love/hate relationships, love triangles, competition over friends, friendly bullying... and all these we can relate to.

    There are so many funny scenes throughout the show, and when you think the current episode's hilarity peaks, the next episode comes on and completely blows it's funny factor away.

    Both series equal in quality, and I honestly can't see one dip in the whole show. Apart from the dull, tedious new emloyees in series 2, it's pretty much consistent. If anything, the show reaches it's peak with it's two part Christmas finale, which is probably the most incredible piece of TV I have ever seen in my life. I was that sad when I knew the show had come to an end that a shed a tear or two... but they were more tears of happenis if anything because of the incredible viewing that was The Office.

    Just watch it, I urge you. And if you consider, I am hugely jealous of the journey you are going to take watching the show. If I only I could erase it from my mind to experience it once again!
  • Best brit comedy of all time. best version of any comedy. Very likeable characters

    this is the coolest show of all time, this kicks the american versions ass. with all its sex jokes and very likeable characters. for example, david brent, the most annoying, obnoxious, thinks hes cool and funny and cute, boss of all time, gareth keenan,my personal favourite, the geekiest most gullable employee of all time etc. basically this show revolves around the rocky relationship between dawn,the secretary, and that cool guy(i forgot his name). especially if you work in an office, ull find this show hilarious but even if u dont,it still rocks
  • Absolutely fantastic.

    Absolutely fantastic indeed.

    A comedy show which makes us laugh so hard at a particular character one almost always feels embarrassed for him... that's how awkward his persona is.

    Both seasons and of course the special/grand finale are masterfully constructed and couldn't be any better as far as I'm concerned.

    A special mention to the special/finale which completely tied up everything that the previous 12 episodes offered while staying true to the characters and giving the show the happy ending it needed.

    Another case of this is... yup, Extras! Which is another work by the masterminds responsible for The Office. Not a coincidence. Go watch it.
  • Life in an office can be dull (especially in Slough). Docu style comedy following the day to day running of a paper merchant with an idiot as a boss.

    One of the best British comedys, up there with Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers. Can watch again and again. Ricky Gervais is excellent as cringe worthy David Brent and along with his sidekick Gareth they make a perfect comedy team. As anyone who has worked in a corporate office knows there are people like these 2 about. The will they wont they saga between Tim & Dawn is very realistic and also the relationship between David and Neil is brilliant screen writing. All in all a classic show, that can be watched over and over again. No wonder the idea was sold to 60 countries. Haven'et seen the US version yet, but I cant see how it will be as funny and subtle as the British version.
  • I'm not a fan of the show.

    I've watched parts of 'The Office' on a few occasions, but I'm never very impressed. I like the concept of the show - based around the goings on in an office - but the humour doesn't appeal to me, which I find strange as the show was written for an audience with a British sense of humour, which I guess I should have being a Brit, but this one just doesn't appeal. I'm not really a fan of Ricky Gervais so this could be skewing my perception slightly, but the show just seems slow to get going and unenthusiastic at times. Not the show for me!
  • One of the best sitcom on television!

    The office is just one of the funniest sitcom on television.

    Ricky Gervais is a pure genius. His character David Brent is absolutely unfunny while thinking his the funniest man on Earth. The faces he's making, the bad jokes he's telling, the songs he is singing...everything about him is amazingly hilarious!(David Brent song "Free love on the Freelove Freeway" is ridiculous and yet so addictive!). Gareth (Mackenzie Crook) is so ridiculous, but in the best way possible.
    And Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis as Tim and Dawn are funny and so cute that you just want Dawn to leave her horrible fiancé for Tim.
  • Just thinking about this show makes me break out into uncontrollable hysterics!

    I can re-watch an episode of The Office a million times and still die of laughter. It truly is on of the greatest things to brace any television screen. Rickey Gervais is an absolute comical genius!
    Each episode is as entertaining as the next. It has all the great kinds of comedy: laughing until its hurts, laughing because it's just so embarrassing and laughing because all you can do is laugh.
    Some people find The American one funny, but compared to the UK one...the American one is a joke (and not the funny kind!).
    I love all the moments. The pairings in this show are gold; Gareth and David: blissfully unaware of how lame they are, Tim and Dawn: Spending most of their time making fun of Gareth, Tim and Gareth: They annoy each other so much which leads to some of the greatest arguments on TV, and Dawn and David: David thinks they are friends whereas I don't actually think Dawn can stand him...Hilarious!
    If you've never watched The UK have not lived!
  • Laughter is the best medicine.

    If you ever get a chance pick this up. It is much better then the American remake. The cast is amazing together and gets you loving and hatting a character at the same time,but much more loving. If you enjoy the American version you will be blown away with the sheer joy you get from watching this. The mockumentary form is just genius and adds a great deal to the attitude of The Office,one of the best British comedies ever. I would also check out Coupling if you like this. That is another of my favorite British comedies. Make sure to check this out if you want to LOL or ROTFL.
  • Soccer vs Football, Metric vs. Imperial, British vs American version? Stop! No need to decide to between the two. Great in it's own way.

    Somehow American vs British version of the show has become an all out culture war. But there's really no need to swear loyalty to one and rip apart the other. The British version was first and does many things very well in it's own unique way. David Brent as boss is incomparable. It's as though Ricky Gervas was born for the role. And the short run has a distinct advantage. It allows the characters, especially Dawn and Tim, to have a complete emotional arc rather then try to stretch a storyline for as long as possible. This version, while hysterical, also has the advantage of presenting some real heart tugging saddness and drama. This makes the final payoff that much more rewarding.
  • UK all the way...

    The type of humour in the original UK version is ten times funnier than the US one.

    The main boss (David Brent for UK) is supposed to be an embarrassing un-attractive boss, to add to the whole cringe factor.
    The cringyness is one of the main things which makes it funny.

    The acting is a lot more natural in the UK version also.
    You actually believe your watching an office, not actors.
    The American acting is good, but it's too 'Hollywood' - not enough like a documentary.

    The musical comedy is also excellent in the UK version.
    Ricky Gervais' expressions when he's playing the guitar are great.
  • The office is headed by regional manager David Brent and his assistant Gareth Keenan who is also a lieutenant in the Territorial Army. Much of the series' comedic success stems from Brent, who frequently makes attempts to win favour with his employees.

    A fantastic laugh-out-loud British comedy. David Brents 'jokes' from pretending to do a Punkd episode where he tells this girl shes been fired as a joke when she ends up crying to making racist remarks around the workplace make you cringe. Since Americans do not understand British comedy (which I must say is extremely funny) they had to do there own version in which they aboslutely butchered it. Basic jokes with no depth and a poor copy from the Americans. The Office (British ofcoarse) is a halarious comedy. What would be an ordinary workplace has turned into a classic comedy that I will still watch in years to come thanks to David Brent!
  • Innovative, funny and a Brit classic

    If you've ever worked in an office, hopefully it would have been nothing like that of David Brent's. The original Office UK was popular since it took everything, everyday and made light of the type of relationships we make at work, the managers who largely we cannot understand and how we saunter through the day as best we can.

    It was a simple concept but its simplicity meant that so many people were able to find parallels with their own lives, and so it became a classic.

    Brent is at times infuriating, other times a comedy genius. The relationship between Gareth (the UK's Dwight) and Tim (the UK's Jim) is brilliant, and I say shades (narrowly) that of its US counterpart.

    The jokes are funny, the scenarios great. I loved almost every episode and was glad that it ended pretty happily for all involved. I think the US spawn is a different entity, and has its own different positives, but this is the original classic show. It did it first, and it did it well!
  • I am of course talking about the brilliant UK version, and DEFINITELY not the embarrassingly terrible and pointless US remake (not purposely embarrassing like the UK version, but just God-Awful).

    This show is the king of embarrassing humour. Some scenes are so embarrassing, that I just couldn't bare to watch, I just couldn't look at this man embarrassing himself. It is of course purposely embarrassing. What we have here is one of the most clever shows ever. Also, very realistic, and absolutely outstanding acting. But there is something about it, which makes me exclude it from my favourite shows. It just has a strong offensive and slight boring feel to it.
    Nevertheless, this is another classic British comedy.
  • Cool!

    The Office" is quite simply worth watching. I am tired of hearing people criticising it. It's not that it's not worthy of criticism, but the fact that those who label it as "overrated" and "falling short of expectations" have only ever seen one episode, or the Christmas Special, or 'The Dance'. It defies logic to make a judgment on a 14 episode programme on 2 feature-length episodes that merely act as a means of updating and rounding-off the series. I have yet to hear anyone make a solid argument as to why The Office fails in any way.

    If you have not yet seen it, get Series 1 and 2 and settle down on a rainy afternoon ready to emerse and commit yourself. Forget the hype, put the dance scene that you've seen a million times out of your mind, and just watch each episode in order. Then make your own judgment. If you liked it, you will want to see the Christmas Specials; if you didn't, you won't.

    Using a cast of unknown, yet perfectly chosen actors, The Office is a sharp, funny, painful, emotional and fabulous take on office life.
  • One of the best shows to grace our television sets, such a shame the Americans had to ruin it.

    This show is hilarious, it really is, I own the DVDs and I love to stick them in and watch them every now and then. Anyone who has ever worked in an office will understand why this show is so funny, it's an original mix of subtle british humour a "fly on the wall" type format. The Dawn/Tim relationship is so cute, poor Tim, we can all relate..

    David Brent is the quintessential boss, anyone who has ever had a boss like him will find this show hilarious, in my opinion. He's the old, embarassing boss that has major delusions of grandure but at the same time, think's he can relate to the people below him.

    A lot of the characters in this show lead quite depressing lives which is, unfortunately, not too far from the truth. David Brent's life is implicitly depressing, even if he does try to make the best of it, he think's he's far more important than he is and when he finally does leave the company, it doesnt fall apart like he always thought it would..

    This show is brilliant. If you're looking for a recomenation, i HIGHLY recommend this if you like british comedy. If you're american, I'm sorry, you'll probably dislike this show because you're too stupid to understand it.. :-)
  • The Office by Ricky Gervais is one of the best written and best produced sitcoms known to man.

    I Think the way that Gervais wrote it was great and the way he perceived the characters, but also i thought it was special how he wanted no laughter-track. Having read his biography i know that he wanted no laughter track because "you don't need to hear a laugh to know when something is funny". He also wanted his show broadcast on BBC2 instead of mainstream BBC1, this is because he wanted people to watch his show for what it is, instead of people just going "oh there's nothing on lets just watch channel 1." The casting was brilliant also. There is some proper British talent in this show. Such as Gervais himself, Lucy Davies, Joel Beckett, Mackenzie (paul) crook, Martin Freeman and of course Stephen Merchant, Ricky's writing partner.
  • Brilliant British comedy

    The Office is an excellent television show and is absolutely hilarious. The 'cringe' factor that it has become famous for is brilliant, making it different, but by no means worse, than any other comedy on television. Ricky Gervais wrote and starred in the show shining in both parts. The script is brilliant and gets more than you could of thought possible for a programme that is set in a boring office at a paper merchants! All the characters, Gareth and David especially, are brilliant and they all contribute to the shows sucess. The actors do brilliantly in their parts and it is hard to dislike any of them; even David who is very big-headed! The only problem with the show is that it is only two short seasons long. I would personally have liked to see the show run for another couple of years because it had not, in my opinion, got any worse by the end of the second series; in actual fact it had become better and funnier. However the show may have wanted to go out on top.

    I will conclude by saying that The Office is a brilliant British comedy that I will never get tired of watching. It is just very sad that it ended so soon, though perhaps it was for the best.
  • The best version

    With only 14 episodes, this show finished on a high, finished where it belonged, at the top. Those 14 eps were pure comedy, funny from start to end, classic cring inducing stuff to all out laughter something that the american version has in parts but due to long multiple seasons is getting padded out into a few jokes an episode, something the original is superior to in every way.

    From the brilliant training episode to the classic comic relief dance that became a trend in the UK, the Office will go down in comedy history as a hugely popular show that was actually good.
  • Highlighting the day to day office life at a paper company in England. The main character in the show is David Brent played by Ricky Gervais.

    I had heard about the Office and finally about 2 years ago decided to rent it. It is what a comedy should be. It\'s subtle, and as sarcastic as British comedy can get. There is never a pause to wait for laughter or cheesy dialogue like Friends. Good the first time and often funnier the 5th and 6th. It\'s a show that is not to be missed. While the american version is funny on its own merits it doesn\'t compare to what Britain has offered.
  • The American version cannot compare.... and I am an American writing this.

    Ricky Gervais as David Brent plays a boss at a screw-ball office that has very interesting characters. This show is a mockumentary type of writing (like Spinal Tap) and it follows several office workers through their lives in the office. There is some humor in it not appropriate for small kids, but that is classic British television. There is no FCC to prevent from all out hysteria. I mean look at Monty Python\'s Flying Circus. There was nudity in it and language and in The Office, there is sex toys and cruel jokes (both classic episodes from season 2. If you want a good laugh, pick up a DVD of this show and you will not be disappointed.
  • the office. how can the americans tarnish this fablous english classic?

    i love the office i cant go a day without seeing one of its fantasic akward comedy. david brent the main man in the office a.k.a ricky gervais is a man who thrives on tense situations and his genius ha solt millions of copies im english so getting hold of this gold is easy i just walk into any decent dvd shop and find rows of this show i have both seasons 1&2 and i must say i love it gareth the lap dog at davids side he thiks hes cool calm collected alas everyone knows (apart from him) that hes not cool at all but an ugly guy who dosent know his place and tim the nice man (but not to gareth) is forever in lust for dawn the secratary who is always undermined by just about everyone, is also in lust for tim. . . they just dont know it yet but dawn boyfriend is very protective of her and loves humilliating tim. as i dont want to spoil anything you must pick up the seasons and watch them unmissable
  • Proves that the British can be funny with the best of them.

    There have been many British sitcoms (or "Britcoms" which have hit hard in the west and The Office is no exception.

    This show is a perfect little package that was planned from beginning to end with no room for slop. A short show indeed, with only 12 episodes plus a Christmas special—a total viewing time of just over 5 hours from pilot to finale—this show is a not stop riot of hilarity best viewed as a single-sitting marathon that will leave you in jocular tears.

    The Office was so good that it spawned an American remake that actually does not disappoint.
  • Ugly cast but good.

    This show is really funny (altough the cast is hediously ugly but good). They bettered the show with the newer office (one of my favorite shows). I think the older version of the office is worse then the newer version of the office. I love the boss in the Office (2001).
  • I'm from the USA, and this is my 2nd favorite show of all time. (Seinfeld is #1) I can't get enough of the DVDs, if you've only seen the USA version of the show (I can not STAND THAT VERSION), you need to check out the UK edition NOW.

    In early 2004 my friend asked me if I had seen any of the BBC comedy, "The Office." I had only heard of it, but had never seen an episode. To make a long story short, he popped in the Season One DVD and I was crying with laughter for 6 episodes straight. The characters are perfectly played, the camera-work and the "documentary" style of the show gives it this unique blend of seriousness and hilarity.
    Season Two was just as good as season one, too bad the show had to come to an end, but they did it right. You go out on top! It won the awards, it made its mark, and now it’s onto syndication and DVD sales! Good for Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant… they deserve it.
  • The Office (2001) is really A-MA-ZING! If everything on television these days are as good as The Office (2001), I don't think I'll ever remove myself from the television set.

    The Office (2001) is really A-MA-ZING! If everything on television these days are as good as The Office (2001), I don't think I'll ever remove myself from the television set. Whoever came up with the idea behind The Office (2001) is a genius!I am very interested to see this movie again and again.
  • The funniest comedy I have ever watched.

    The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.The funniest comedy I have ever watched.
  • I'm a newcomer to this brilliant program

    Other than Fawlty Towers, this is the only British show I've ever seen and it is extremely entertaining from many aspects.

    My favourite character is probably Tim with great jokes regarding his office pranks on Gareth and his obvious crush on the engaged receptionist Dawn.

    However, the main character is clearly the office boss, David Brent, who is a fantastic member, his funniest characteristic being the fact that he believes all his jokes are funny when they are either lame, don't make sense or are completely random, and the silence that follows these lines always crack me up.

    The format is a little confusing but I worked out that it was a fake documentary which explains the to-the-screen speeches by different characters and is a very creative way to do this unforgettable comedy.
  • Best British Show since the Python guys were still working.

    OK, I just finished watching the DVD after trying to catch the show for years. I have to say I was not disappointed. Some of the finest writing ever along with a wince-worthy performance from Ricky Gervais. If you've been working in an office for 2 years or 50, you can relate to this. Like classic Monty Python from the '70's, it will never looked dated and will remain a classic, even 50 years from now. Plus, I won't be able to get "Handbags & Gladbags" out of my head for weeks. The smartest and funniest show on TV, period.
  • The show that re-vitalised British comedy.

    The Office came at a time when British comedy was stuck in a rut. And once it was aired, people wondered how they ever lived without it. Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais built their mock-reality show around the car crash character of David Brent. This inept middle manager was all management speak and 'inspirational' stories - the cover for a sad, insecure man with no love life, no friends and a job he feels slowly slipping away.

    The Office is written almost as a series of pilots, you can watch any episode on its own and still understand the character dynamics fully. The playful flirting between Tim and Dawn is counteracted by the painful one-up-man-ship of Brent and Gareth. Ralph Ineson's 'Finchy' is one of the most groan-worthy characters ever committed to film. The motley crew of the Wernham-Hogg office are the perfect foils for Brent's constant ineptitude.

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