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BBC Two (ended 2003)


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  • The most rewarding and exhilarating comedy show I have ever lay eyes on.

    The Office, despite a short lived show, ranks up there with the likes of Red Dwarf and Blackadder as one of the greatest British comedies on television. For what lacks in longevity, it makes up for pure mockumentary brilliance. The complex structure and the unique way it's filmed don't get in the way of it's high accessibility factor; no matter how much TV you watch, you're sure to find The Office appealing.

    Everything in the program is on top form: it's quirky script, it's incredibly sympathetic yet lovable characters, the documentary filmed style, it's simple yet accustomed setting. Once you enter the office, you feel like you're a part of it.

    David Brent is the main character, played by Ricky Gervais. Despite his vulgar remarks to situations, his "uncoolness", his egoistical approach to socialise: he has a high likabilty factor. At certain parts we laugh at him for his terrible jokes and his "trying too hard" methods, cringing at every little thing he says and screaming at the tele "Awww! Brent! Why would you say that!", and others we actually feel for him, when people don't take a liking to his awkward situations and don't respond the way he would think they do. And this is what Office is all about: pure awkwardness. I won't go into too much detail describing the support characters, but there's every sort of relationship jampacked into the office: love/hate relationships, love triangles, competition over friends, friendly bullying... and all these we can relate to.

    There are so many funny scenes throughout the show, and when you think the current episode's hilarity peaks, the next episode comes on and completely blows it's funny factor away.

    Both series equal in quality, and I honestly can't see one dip in the whole show. Apart from the dull, tedious new emloyees in series 2, it's pretty much consistent. If anything, the show reaches it's peak with it's two part Christmas finale, which is probably the most incredible piece of TV I have ever seen in my life. I was that sad when I knew the show had come to an end that a shed a tear or two... but they were more tears of happenis if anything because of the incredible viewing that was The Office.

    Just watch it, I urge you. And if you consider, I am hugely jealous of the journey you are going to take watching the show. If I only I could erase it from my mind to experience it once again!