The Office (UK)

Season 1 Episode 3

The Quiz

Aired Unknown Jul 23, 2001 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Tim is 30 today and receives some special gifts. Dawn wants to organise after-work drinks for him but it's also the annual quiz night. Brent & Finchy see it as a point of honour that they win. The only real competition comes from Tim & Ricky...

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  • It was a pivotal turn in Tim's life, his 30th birthday. Everything bugged him, from his mother's gifts to his boredom at work. Still, the day wasn't over and a worse things would happen to him...moreless

    To be honest, I liked David Brent at first. He was naive and selfish, but he thought that people liked him. I just thought it was innocence...I was wrong.

    This episode showed us that Brent was just a man who can't take the thought of losing. He was like that before in the previous episodes, but he was never that much harsh on anyone else. "The Quiz" showed us Brent's true "dark side". He was cursing and shouting Springsteen songs just to show that he and Chris Finch were better than Ricky and Tim.

    Tim was the victim of him and Finch, he was humiliated in front of everyone else, and when Dawn tried to show her sympathy, she was forced to leave. It was a very sad scene (and episode) for Tim, and mainly because "Tim" is the most logical-thinking character, it was easy to understand him and feel sorry.

    Overall, it was a great episode with many laughs (like the scene with the Dostoevsky talks, or Tim having fun with Gareth), but also had an emotional side which was inserted inside the episode perfectly...moreless
  • Terrific Third Episode

    Tim turns thirty in this amusing episode which also involves the office having a quiz night which nobody but David actually enjoys and has some great scenes in it such as David cheating.

    As for Tim, he is probably the best character in this episode for many reasons such as his birthday presents and pretending Gareth was gay, to which Gareth was oblivious.

    David talking to Tim about how they were both in their thirties, Tim pointing out David was thirty-nine was a very good denial scene where David tries desperately to prove his irrelevant point and really sums up the feel of the episode and the show itself.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Names of former and present teams in the Wernham-Hogg quizzes: The Dead Parrots (David and Finchy), The T*ts (Tim and Ricky); Malcolm and Dennis (Malcolm and Dennis); Carpet Munchers; Universally Challenged; Dr. Wankenstein; and Stephen Hawking's Football Boots.

    • When Ricky is trying to print something, the photocopier has an "offline error 324," but when David shows up, he says it has an "offline 243 error."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Tim: I live with my parents.
      David: Cherish them. Both of mine are dead. Well, my dad's not dead, but in a home, so good as.

    • Tim: So... you've dug your foxhole, and you've pitched your tent, right? They've discovered your camp, and you're lying there, and they've caught you with your trousers down, and they've all entered your hole without you knowing.
      Gareth: No, 'cause I'd be ready for them.
      Tim: You'd just be lying there waiting for it?
      Gareth: Yeah. Well, no. What's more likely is that I wouldn't be there if I knew they knew where I was. I'd be hiding, watching the hole, using it as a trap.
      Tim: So, you'd be using your hole as bait?
      Gareth: Yeah.

    • Tim: I was wondering if a military man like you, um - a soldier - could-could you give a man a lethal blow?
      Gareth: If I was forced to. I could. If it was absolutely necessary. If he was attacking me.
      Tim: If he was coming really hard.
      Gareth: Yeah, if my life was in danger, yeah.
      Dawn: And do you always imagine doing it face to face with a bloke or could you take a man from behind?
      Gareth: Either way is easy.
      Dawn: Either way. And so you could do a man from behind?
      Gareth: Yeah...

    • (Tim reads Dawn's birthday card)
      Tim: What's the difference between your wages and your penis? I can find lots of women who will blow your wages.

    • Joan: What you doing in so early? Shit the bed?
      Tim: (laughs) No! (serious) No, I haven't done that for weeks.

  • NOTES (1)


    • David: (holding a huge inflatable penis to his head) Experminate!
      David is imitating a Dalek from the British science fiction show "Doctor Who", whos main catchphrase is the single word, "exterminate!" The daleks have a single eye stalk extending from their head, which is what the penis was supposed to be.

    • Chris Finch: Why did you say 4 Non Blondes, then?
      4 Non Blondes was a nineties alternative rock band which had a hit single in 1993 with "What's Up". Its most notable member was Linda Perry, the lead vocalist.

    • David: (holding a huge inflatable penis) Hello, Austin Powers. I'm the naked Mini Me.
      Austin Powers is a British spy created and played by Mike Myers in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and in its sequel Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Mini Me is the miniature replica of Austin Power's nemesis, Doctor Evil.

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