The Office (UK)

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jul 30, 2001 on BBC Two

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  • Only one thing: "Free Love On The Free Love Free Way"

    A perfect episode! Having so many plots that takes place in a training session, it made me laugh even after it was over. The whole episode is about a training session where Brent and Rowan are trying to teach "team-work". The episode starts with a fight between Dawn and Lee. Tim's hopes are high again and he is happy that he is a crying shoulder for Dawn. Brent hires Rowan, an outside consultant, but instead of letting him teach, he interferes all the time to show that he has also "learned" many things.

    Again, Gareth showed his humour by questioning the chicken's size and then doing some back vocals like: "She's dead..." after the verse of Brent's song: "Free Love On The Free Love Free Way". And I can't avoid the fact that it is a fantastic song!

    David showed his musical talent with his guitar and then letting Tim and Gareth do some supporting vocals at the end of the song. I found that it was absolutely hysterical when Rowan was looking at them singing all-together. One last thing, it was fun to see Tim resigning and then acting "cool" (just like in "Office Space") and then messing the whole thing up by asking Dawn out with charisma although Dawn and Lee were together again. It was a nice touch to the Hollywood clichés where the "hero" gets the girl by acting cool...

    The best part: David Brent's singing of "Handbags And Gladrags"
  • Free Love on the Free Love Freeway.

    This episode is one that once you start laughing, you're not gonna stop. This episode is possibly the favorite episode of most Office fans because of David Brent's famous song Free Love Freeway. Obviously this is the part that steals the show, but we must not forget Gareth's little moments, in one scene the group must reveal their ultimate fantasies, to which Gareth responds, Two lesbians, probably, Sisters, I'm watching. Or in the scene when they are trying to solve the fox, chicken, and bag of grain puzzle, and Gareth is over anylyzing it he even has "A few Questions" about it in the end. The end of the episode is what really gets me though, Tim decides he wants to leave and then decides the time is right to ask out Dawn, in front of every one, she having already reconciled with her boyfriend declines and we then are all sadened. That is until we hear David Brent sing again, This episode is certainly a classic that will keep us singing Free Love Freeway for years to come
  • Fantastic fourth episode

    Either this episode or the appraisal one in season two is my favourite episode and this one is extremely funny, especially scenes such as the ultimate fantasy, the riddle, the interaction between Tim and Gareth being hilarious, and David's singing, which comes in quite handy throughout the episode such as not cheering Dawn up after the fight with Lee, singing a song originally made for Princess Di's death and Gareth chiming in on the Freelove Freeway song.

    The ending with Tim resigning was very believable for his character and his resentment towards David's sense of humour and his attitude about business, the episode being even more funny when he stupidly asks Dawn out.
  • If you want someone to know what The Office is all about, show them this episode.

    This is probably the best episode of the series. It has everything that makes the Office great: David's unawareness and narcisism, the tension between Tim and Dawn, Gareth's perversion, and the overall atmosphere of the Office. The laughs never stop, and this episode introduced the greatest song ever written: Free Love Freeway! This is the essential Office episode, and will definitely draw in new fans.
  • Probably my favourite!

    There are many excellent episodes of The Office, but this one has me laughing so much I am in tears!

    Possibly the funniest quote of the series comes in the Training episode.

    David: We're just doing the ultimate fantasy, we're all doing it.
    Gareth: Two lesbians probably, sisters. I\'m just watching.
    Rowan: Oh, um, Tim? Do you have one?
    Tim: I'd never thought I'd have to say this, but can I hear more from Gareth, please?

    Just the awkward silence following what Gareth said made it perfect for me to crack up laughing! Then Tim's little comment at the end topped it off!

    A consultant named Rowan comes to Wernham Hogg for a training day and although hes supposed to be in charge David does his best to make everything about him.

    The "dealing with complaints role play" when David complains about a rape is another awkward yet hilarious moment.

    There were many humerous comments throughout the training day and you can just see Rowan slowly lose his patience.

    Like with many other episodes there is a sad end to the episode with Tim quitting his job and embarrassing himself a bit too.

    But no matter how embarrassing things get Brent can always take out his guitar and lift the mood! His "freelove freeway" song was actually sounded quite good. If you ignore the lyrics altogether you\'ll enjoy it.

    So many brilliant moments in this episode and its for any other episode to top it!
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