The Office (UK)

Season 1 Episode 2

Work Experience

Aired Unknown Jul 16, 2001 on BBC Two
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A new girl arrives on work experience. The day is brightened up even more by a doctored picture of David Brent that's been e-mailed around the office. Cue Gareth Keenan Special Investigator...

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  • My favorite episode.

    I really do not know why this was my favorite episode of The Office. I do not get it. But I remember the first time I watched it I was thinking, what a funny show. When Jennifer Taylor-Clarke goes to the warehouse, I laughed histarically. This show has incredible characters like Gareth Kennan or Keith. When David talked about how he could go on any website her wanted to and he typed in fetish I couldn't help but laugh. It's really no wonder why they decided to remake this series in the United States. Work Experience was my favorite episode, and overall the British version of the office is an incredible series, and you can hardly tell it is a sitcom.moreless
  • A lot happened in this episode: Finch's prank, Gareth Keenan "Special Investigator", Donna's arrival and David's lies...

    The episode started with classic Brent behavior, trying to impress a lady that he has hired for the sake of his friends. Donna is a beautiful lady, and it was very funny watching Brent warning others about not trying to get to Donna. Brent is still dealing with Jennifer, who is trying to put pressure on David to make some redundancies. It was great that Brent lied and made up an imaginary person, Julie Anderton, just to keep Jennifer away.

    The victim of the episode was Jennifer. She wanted David to make some redundancies, but understood that her efforts were useless and the office and the factory is just a "boy's club". The best part (or the plot) of this episode is the prank that Finch pulled with inserting Brent's face into a pornographic image. Brent was angry at first, but just to keep things okay with Finch, he told everyone that it was funny (which lead Malcolm questioning his ethics) and later "firing" Finch for doing such a "sexist" thing.

    Gareth was the funniest (he is always the funniest, but this time, it was different) person: He turned himself into a detective and interrogated everyone about the image. He even turned the meeting room into his own "office" that had a "Gareth Keenan Investigates!" sign.

    Another great episode, and although it was just preparing the audience for the upcoming episodes with the new characters, it was still a good episode by itself.moreless
  • Superb Second Episode

    Gareth: In this room I have special -

    Tim: Needs?

    Gareth: No, in this room I am a special -

    Tim: Needs child?

    The relationship between Tim and Gareth is one of the reasons I watch the show and this episode uses it brilliantly such as the quote above. The plot is quite funny with David showing that he can dish out jokes that don't make sense and aren't funny but can't handle ones thrown at him or funnier than his, making Gareth investigate who did it.

    I also love the fact that David told everyone there would be no redundancies thinking it would be good for morale, though he was lying through his teeth.

    Overall, this is a very funny installment of The Office and does a great follow up on the downsizing issue.moreless

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    • Gareth: I don't want you to think of me as your superior. But just know that I am, OK?
      Donna: Well, you're not so...

    • Gareth: So did you make the picture?
      Dawn: Yes! Christ, you're good!
      Gareth: Really?
      Dawn: NO!

    • Jennifer: Have you made any redundancies?
      David: I gave a speech, only this morning, to my staff, assuring them there would not be cutbacks at this branch, and that there certainly wouldn't be redundancies.
      Jennifer: Well why on earth would you do that?
      David: Why? Ooh, a little word that I think's important in management called morale.
      Jennifer: Well surely it's gonna be worse for morale in the long run when there are going to be redundancies and you've told people there won't be.
      David: (Pauses) They won't remember!

    • Gareth: In this room I have special...
      Tim: ...needs?
      Gareth: No, in this room I am a special...
      Tim: ...needs child?
      Gareth: No, and that's not even funny.

    • Gareth: Do you know who done the picture?
      Keith: Yeah... no, I mean no.
      Gareth: Right. Your first answer was 'yeah', wasn't it?
      Keith: I meant no.
      Gareth: Well, why did you get...?
      Keith: Uhh... I don't know.
      Gareth: Am I making you nervous?
      Keith: No. I mean, yeah.
      Gareth: Hmmm. That's interesting.

    • David: Let's stop degrading women, please. Let's have a laugh with them, not at them. Let's have a laugh at work... with women... at us.

    • David: Have you heard um...? Have you heard er... Michael Jackson's new song he's doing? He's teamed up with West Ham football team, apparently. Doing, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles".

    • (About David's dirty picture circulating the office)
      David: Who else has seen this filth? You know what I'm talking about. Who else has seen this filth?
      (Everyone raises their hands)
      David: You haven't even got e-mail, Joan.
      Joan: Someone printed it out for me.
      David: Who printed this out for Joan?
      (Everyone raises their hands again)

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    • Tim: Columbo here figured it out, didn't he?
      Columbo is a shabby and apparently slow-witted fictional police detective played by Peter Falk since 1971.

    • Gareth: Isn't Schindler's List a brilliant film?
      Schindler's List was a 1993 movie directed by Steven Spielberg, based on the book Schindler's Ark by Thomas Keneally. It told the story of Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist who was essential in saving the lives of over one thousand Polish Jews during the Holocaust.