The Office

Season 3 Episode 10

A Benihana Christmas (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2006 on NBC

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  • At whom are we laughing here?

    I'm not a particularly sensitive person, and I can definitely take any kind of joke, but I just didn't get the whole Asian joke. Can someone explain it to me?

    I love The Office because of how irreverent it is, but this episode lacked the "We're actually laughing at Michael" conclusion that we usually see when there's some racist/sexist/ignorant joke, so I'm left wondering, who are we actually laughing at?

    First off, I hate Ryan's character. It was funny when he was just the temp that Michael "went gay" for, but he's turned into a douche now, and a lot of what he says isn't even that funny. Speaking of Ryan, ...What kind of Japanese cooking has peanuts in it??

    But I digress, I think the joke would have gone more smoothly if maybe we see the real Cindy and her friend clearly plotting to set Michael and Andy up with different girls. Or if "Cindy" at the end caught on to Michael's faux pas. It was just weird how she was into him and then all of a sudden decides to dump him. The marking scene was funny and I thought, "Oh no he dinn't!" But the fact he had to retell it to Jim ruined it. That's like someone explaining the joke after it's done.

    I'm not saying this was a racist episode, but I'm just wondering why the jokes this time weren't executed as well as they are usually.
  • 310

    Both parts of this episode should really be together like most of the one hour specials on The Office because if anything was one of the best episodes of the series, it was part two, but that's just my two cents.

    Karen & Pam becoming friends was nice, ease off from the drama in this episode, and we've got a lot of hilarious moments from this episode such as Angela kicking Karen off the Party Planning Committee to Michael & Carol's very sad breakup.

    For some reason, I thought the girls stole the show here with the Planning Committee plot. For one reason or another, Michael being sad over his ex-girlfriend isn't really entertaining, the cold opening for this episode was absolutely hilarious and definitely one of the best.
  • Christmas at The Office!

    This one hour long Christmas special for The Office was a great one. It sucked for Michael in the beginning, when Carol dumped him and didn't want to go with him on a vacation to Jamaica, after he sended a weird picture of him and her children. The two parties conflict was also funny and great, between Angela, and Karen & Pam. Phyllis should have just left Angela's party from the beginning, she shouldn't be so scared of Angela. It was fun seeing Michael getting confused between the two asian females and not knowing who is who, and having to marker on one of them, but in the end Michael gets dumped again. Can't wait for next week!
  • "I accidentally ran over it. It's a Christmas miracle!"

    This episode was a classic. In this episode, Michael's girlfriend Carol breaks up with him and he spends the day moping, going to an "Asian Hooters" and showing off his new 'girlfriend.' Also, there are two rival parties.

    The funniest parts in this episode were when Michael listened to the 30 sec. sample of "Goodbye My Lover" but didn't buy it, Dwight explaining how to cut a chicken's head off, and the fake CIA mission.

    I'm not sure if I like it more than The Merger, but this one was still very good. The episodes just keep getting better!
  • What a fantastic episode! Merry Christmas.

    May I say that that was the best episode of the Office that I have ever seen. It was hilarious throughout the whole hour, which is often difficult for sitcoms to do.
    This episode has had some of the best lines and moments, EVER! First of all, let me say, yay to Jam! We now know that Karen is mearly a rebound and that he still has feelings for Pam (the woman that broke his heart).

    And for the rest of this, I'm just gonna quote some of the classic lines.

    "I ran it over. Yay, a Chrismas Miracle"
    "let me get the carving knife from my trunk"
    "hey everybody, we're going to asian hooters"
    there were alot more, i just can't think of them all right now.

    What an Excelent episode!
  • The second part of this one hour episode was better, but this part was still great.

    Ah, a Christmas special. I never would have guessed that "The Office" would have one of these (but, I guess they did have a Diwali-centric episode). Anyhow, the tone of the episode is set when poor Michael gets dumped by Carol because he sent out a Christmas card with his head photo-shopped on to the head of Carol's ex-husband on an old card. It seems that this odd behavior finally pushed Carol over the edge. I guess the random proposal wasn't enough!

    Then, we have Pam and Karen battling Angela for Christmas party bragging rights. I was quite surprised by Angela's reactions here. It shows that she may not be as wholesome as we thought.
  • Funny episode. Not my favorite though

    Funny episode. Not my favorite though. Don't get me wrong though this was a great episode but i felt like there are other ones that are funnier. THis episode was just really long for an office episode. I am not used to the episodes being one hour long. I though there were some scenes that didn't need to be in the episode. My favorite part of the episode was when Michael marked the Benihana girl because he couldn't tell the two of them apart from each other because he was so drunk. I also liked the part when Dwight has to sit away from the other people and is all mad about it.
  • Another great Office Christmas episode from the office.

    I never thought they would be able to top last year's christmas episode. Personally i think benihana christmans was so much better! Michael has to mark his "girlfriend's" arm so he can recognize her. Jim sort of realizes Karen could have been his rebound girl, after giving Michael the rebound speech. We learn alot about the characters in thie special 1 hr episode. If you noticed, Dwight is wearing the same beanie he wore in the 'Lazy Scranton' video. Jim finally accepting Pam's present is an obvious sign that they are moving together (yah!). An overall great episode, here's to more great christmas episodes!
  • All I could say after watching this was \"wow\". Not quite as amazing as Casino Night, but it\'s right up there...

    All I could say after watching this was \"wow\". Not quite as amazing as Casino Night, but it\'s right up there.

    There was a significant amount of character development; from Pam and Karen becoming friends, to Jim returning to pranking Dwight. The full-hour gave us exactly what we wanted, and we were definately not disappointed. The most significant character development in my mind was Michael- going from girlfriend, to single, to rebound, and finally back to single all in the course of a day.

    Having a throwback to Casino Night and Creed\'s love of stealing things \"And a happy holidays to you\" after stealing a prize from the toy drive left me laughing for quite a while. And somehow Ryan and Kelly are still together? One can only speculate as to why...

    All in all, another great episode. They proved that they are able to have hour-long episodes of the show, and they should keep them coming.
  • Oh, yes... A Christmas episode of The Office...

    Christmas at the office… Isn’t every one looking forward to it? I know when it first came on, I was.

    Right from the start of the episode, Carol breaks up with Michael because he sent her an “inappropriate” Christmas card. The card consisted of Michael, Carol and her two children (in which Michael PhotoShopped his head, replacing her ex-husband’s).

    Michael tries bribing Carol by offering her to go to Jamaica with him. Carol, unhappily declines Michael’s offer. Seconds later, we see Carol storming out of the office.

    Michael, as always, reacts in a very immature way, claiming that he has “called off” all of the Christmas parties. Every one in the office looks angry.

    Minutes later, Pam and Angela announce that they will be having their own “parties” at the office during the night. Pam and Angela rival over who will be attending the parties.

    Andy comes up with the idea that Michael and him should go out to Benihana. Michael is unsure about it at first, but he accepts (letting Dwight and Jim come along, as well).

    Michael and Andy end up meeting two Chinese waiters (who seem like hookers) and Michael ends up dating one for the night, and Andy the other (they invite the two to the office parties).

    In one funny part of the episode, Michael differentiates the two waiters by secretly drawing a black line on one of the Chinese women (to differentiate the two).

    On other note, we see Dwight and Angela gaining a relationship, possibly becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. I have expected that to happen for a long time, now.

    During the end of the episode, we see the two Chinese women, angrily leaving the office party, saying that the party “blowed”. Michael becomes upset again.

    Strangely, at the very end of the episode, we see Michael talking to some one on the phone about going to Jamaica. The person seems to accept Michael’s offer on going with him because he exclaims “Oh, wow! Great!” Instantly, Michael’s face lights up. The viewers are left unsure on whom Michael could’ve invited to Jamaica.

    Overall, this episode was incredibly funny, and possibly the funniest episode in the series yet. My rating for the episode is self-explanatory.
  • Pam and Karen host their rebellious Christmas part with margaritas and karaoke, while Angela hosts the offices official boring, nutcracker suite filed party. The two partys clash heads. Michael is dumped and the boys head out to a favorite eatery to help.

    I think this episode was pretty good. I liked how Pam and Karen became somewhat friends, Angela is pretty funny in this episode and i think she did real well. Michael getting dumped than bringing a rebound was hilarious. I still think she shouldn't have stolen the bike from the toy drive and leaving Michael hanging. Twas very rude! I think the karaoke was hilarios, especially Jim's pretty funny. Michael marking the girl's arm was funny because he didn't know which one was his girlfriend. I loved this episode and this is the reason I always watch this tv show every single week. This show is great and i can't wait till it comes back from vacation!
  • Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch is throwing two competing parties: Angela's Nutcracker soiree versus Pam and Karen's Margarita-Karaoke bash. Meanwhile, Michael recovers from his "breakup" with Carol by going to a Japanese restaurant.

    This episode was good, but not great. Perhaps I'm biased because it didn't have any Jim and Pam moments of greatness like Casino Night, but it wasn't even that funny either.

    One of the good moments included another touching Jim/Michael scene, along the same lines of Booze Cruise and The Convention. Steve Carrell really puts John Krasinski's acting chops to shame. Another great scene comes at the end of the episode, a definite laugh out loud moment.

    I wouldn't recommend this for new viewers to get hooked on this show, my dad was with me watching it for the first time and he didn't get most of the jokes because they were either running gags or inside catchphrases. But for those who are already avid viewers and fans, it's definitely a must-see.
  • Civil War of Holiday Cheer!

    This is my first review of "the Office." and I will review more, except that I'm having trouble with "Ugly Betty." I can't grab my remote and switch back and forth. Well see. In the meantime we got a one hour Christmas specail which pit office worker against another office worker over a Chrsitmas party. As a result, it split into two office parties. Meanwhile, Michael is looking for a new girlfriend. The one-hour version of "the Office" will be split into two parts next season, it it goes into repeat. Christmas comes but once a year and the Office series observes it very well.
  • Best entertainment of the season

    As usual, an excellent show. I usually do a lot of criticizing in reviews, so it's only fair I acknowledge the good ones. The usual top caliber comedy. Love the way Steve Carrell would break up emotionally as he mentioned Carol had broken up with him and consequently cancelled Christmas. It was great that he picks up a couple of Chinese girls he can't tell apart and marks one when he finally found out which one is with him. I also like the guy who brown noses Michael and insecure Dwight being pushed aside and ignored. So true to life! That's what makes this series so great. It's so relatable.

    This has now become the ONLY show that is must-see for me during this season.
  • Hilarious. Seriously, one of the better episodes of my favorite television series ever.

    What an episode. NBC should really contribute time for an hour long office every week. All of the characters got their fair share of time, even Darryl, who we hardly ever see. The newfound Karen Pam friendship added a new flavor to the show, and although i am a hard-core "JAM" fan, i couldnt help love pam and karen sharing a few laughs (hey, we all knew it was coming.)
    We finally got a little idea of where Jim's heart is. His rebound speech, "you'll end up thinking about the girl you really like…the one that broke your heart", finally gave me some faith in the ijm-pam relationship.
    100% killer episode.
  • The Scranton branch of Dundler Mifflin celebrates Christmas. There are two parties going on in the office, the Nutcracker themed and the Karaoke-Margarita themed, while Michael, Jim, Dwight and Andy spend the afternoon at Benihana.

    This episode finally alludes to Jim's real feelings for Pam. Although in the the begining, Jim does not accept Pam's Christmas present of a prank on Dwight, toward the end of the episode, Jim attempts to comfort Michael by explaining to him that he's now had a rebound (referring to being with the Asian girl to get over Carol), so he can move on. When explaining to Michael what a rebound is, is seems as if he is alluding to his current relationship as a rebound from Pam. He describes a rebound as a relationship you form to get your mind off of the person you really care for, the person who broke your heart. This for Jim has to be Pam and shows that he is not over her and that hopefully we will see more about this in the future. I think we also learn that Carol may have been the real rebound for Michael to get over Jan, who it appears he will be going to Sandals with. Jim also accepts Pam's gift at the end and gets on board with fooling Dwight into thinking he was on a secret mission for the CIA.
  • Another awesome episode of The Office.

    The Office is my favorite show on tv and this episode did not let me down. After an hour long episode of My Name is Earl last week that took up The office's spot, I was looking for a lot from this episode and it delivered. It was one of the bets episodes of the season. I wish every episode were an hour long. In this episode, I was so happy that Jim's feelings for Pam were confirmed. He still loves her. You could tell when he was talking to Michael about the waitress being a rebound, that he was really talking about himself and his grilfriend Karen. Dwight continues to be hilarious. Ryan seemed to be a little out of character with his excitement during the party. Awesome episode, can't wait for another one.
  • This is the best The Office Holiday special ever!

    The Office is great. But the holiday special is the best. I like that part when Michel was trying to find a new girlfrend for the Christmas party and a trip to the beach with Sandles hotel. Also, Jane is having a Christmas karaoke party but the lady want to planning a party for the Nutcracker. The karaoke part is so funny and they are having fun after she sings "Little Drummer Boy" at the end. My result of The Office Holiday special was awsome! I hope you like the holiday episode and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Hilarious

    This has def. been one of the best Christmas episodes I have seen on any show for a while.
    I liked the Pam/Karen alliance to take Angela down and the resulting looks from Jim as he observed, because we all know what was going on in his head, "Are they talking about me?"
    Poor Phyllis, why did she cave in to Angela so easily. Furthermore why did she stay at that sad little party for so long. She should have pulled a Kevin. Grab as many pastries as you want then run away toward the margaritas. I know that's always been my plan for all my office parties.
    Poor Michael. First he was dumped, then he was great, then he was dumped again. Good thing Jim was there to help him out. Loved his sly little marker trick. He was stealthy.
    Angela and Dwight. It's like the joining of two evil spirits in the body of holy rollers. They are going to get married, have babies of mutants. Like Rosemary's baby. Only more frightening.
  • Great episode. :) That was one of the fastest hours of my life. :)

    :) It's Christmas and it's an hour and we get to see more then just a few main players get screen time. Creed and Kevin ripping it up at karaoke was great. Toby upset that his precious bath robe was taken away from him. It's funny but to this day I still use a mug that I received from my job and a jacket. Sometimes those little corny gifts from work end up connecting with you. :) Jim had a weird moment watching Pam and Karen become friends and bond over the Christmas party. Angela showed how dirty she can get by taking the cord away from the karaoke machine. I love Dwight's honest moment of "betrayal" when he won the raffle and celebrated his walkie-talkie. Later he shared his present with Angela as they spoke to each other on the walkie-talkie. Michael thinks he has a new girlfriend. He can't even tell the two girls apart that show up at the party with him and Andy. Michael ends up marking one with a marker to identify her (instant classic moment). Jim is starting to have mixed feelings about Pam and Karen and it comes out when he's talking to Michael about having a rebound relationship. Stanley's moment was also really hilarious. He was the first person that had to choose between Angela's party and Pam/Karen's party. He just stood up and looked back and forth. I was on the floor laughing by the time they cut to commercial. It was a great episode all the way around including Meredith walking around with a Vodka bottle. :) Great Moments, good times. Michael will be ok, when they come back we should find out who he went to Jamaica with.
  • A fantastic holiday gift for viewers.

    First things, literally, first: Best. Cold. Open. Ever.

    Now, "The Office" has had some pretty darn good cold opens--who can forget Michael cooking his foot on a George Foreman grill? But this one has them all beat--Dwight bringing a roadkill goose into the office and proudly dumping it on Pam's desk, then not understanding why Toby won't let him cook it in the kitchen. That boy just ain't right.

    The opening also set the tone for the rest of the episode--with twice the airtime, we got longer scenes, slower and just as funny as usual, but also providing more time for the camera to linger on the characters, their actions and interactions. Instead of becoming just another laugh-at-Dwight incident, the goose scene allowed us to see the rest of the office from Dwight's perspective, the camera behind him showing how they looked at him with resigned disbelief as he argued with Toby; we saw how alienated he can be from his co-workers, who don't quite understand his enthusiasm. Sure, he could have just taken the goose home and cooked it for himself and his cousin Mose, but he wanted to share it with everyone else at Dunder-Mifflin. Similarly, watching Michael get dumped for pasting himself into a vacation picture of Carol's family was pretty funny, but a little sad--especially since we know how lonely Michael is for a family, and that he does in fact love kids (especially since he's just a big kid himself). The thing about Michael is that he wears his heart on his sleeve; sure, the professional thing to do would be to try keeping his personal and professional life separate, but instead, he tries to lighten his burden by announcing his pain to the office. It's neither mature nor professional, but who hasn't wanted to say "I'm having a bad day, so the rest of you better respect that enough not to have fun yourselves." Pam dealt with her dissapointment in a much more mature way than Michael did; saddened by Jim's refusal to continue harassing Dwight with her (and probably a little insulted by the way he almost seemed to flaunt his new position in doing so), she decided to reach out and befriend Karen, even though she's jealous of her. Of course the way the two of them teamed up to draw everyone away from Angela's party wasn't terribly nice, but it served as a method of making Karen feel more at home in Scranton. It seems possible that Pam was befriending Karen to show Jim that she's still just fine without him, but more likely that's a secondary reason. It worked, though.

    Frat-boy Andy's attempts to cheer Michael up by bringing him to Benihana were funny, but not particularly effective--because his objective wasn't so much to cheer Michael up as to brown-nose. Jim, on the other hand, who (just like the viewer) reluctantly cares about Michael, was able to make him feel better with a simple, brief heart-to-heart. Yes, he ended up talking about himself and his continued feelings for Pam at the end there, but Michael was already cheered up by that point and too oblivious to notice, anyway. The episode ultimately was both funny and touching, giving all the Dunder-Mifflin employees a little time to shine, and showing us the strength of some of the relationships (Dwight/Angela, Michael/Jim) and the caring of others (Pam giving Toby the bathrobe, Phyllis reluctantly standing by Angela at the Nutcracker party, Pam and Karen reaching out to Angela at the end). A fantastic holiday gift to viewers everywhere.
  • Angela tries to control the Christmas party activities. Andy, Dwight and the guys try to console Michael over his breakup with Carol

    This episode was good, not great. I enjoyed it very much. I did enjoy Pam reaching out to Karen. When Pam says "I have no reason to be cold to Karen", you could see that she does feel she has a reason, but she knows it is her own fault that Jim is now dating Karen, so she really doesn't have a reason to not speak with Karen. I like how the 2 teamed up against Angela's nutcracker Christmas theme. Karaoke and margaritas sound like a much better party than the nutcracker.

    I thought it was classic that Michael had to put a mark on his "girlfriend's" arm. It was nice that Jim had a heart to heart with Michael. Michael may be a goof of a boss, and Jim enjoys laughing at Michael, but he has always been able to speak with Michael about personal matters as if they were friends. Very nice. And in that speech, it is possible that Jim had a slight epiphany about rebound relationships? Not that I think that he and Karen will be over any time soon... especially after he saw Roy and Pam hugging over a present in the conference room. Even though Roy and Pam are no longer together, I am sure it still stings a little for Jim to see them friendly like that.

    And, who did Michael invite to Jamaica? Could it be Jan? Guess we will find out after the holidays!! Wonder if Ms. Levingston will be making an office visit with a tan and smelling of coconut oil?????

    Oh well. Have a great holiday break office. See you in '07.