The Office

Season 7 Episode 3

Andy's Play

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on NBC
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Having invited the whole office, Andy hopes his local theater troupe's production of Sweeney Todd will be a chance to impress Erin. Meanwhile, Michael is miffed that his audition for the play went unrewarded, and Jim and Pam try to enjoy their night out without Cecilia.

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  • The Play of Andy and Michael

    A curious start to this episode. Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of this episode as well as others that followed. It wasn't this was a bad episode but something was missing in this time. Remember when I said that growing up is difficult, this episode is an example of that. When Michael finds out that he didn't get a part that Andy (who got one of the parts) he doesn't take it too well. How he reacted wasn't funny. It was almost as bad when he was date Mike. I realize that not every episode was going to have Michael change but something could've been done. I also think I would've like this episode if i saw Sweeny Todd. I also thought that the storyline with Jim and Pam wasn't the best. I think if I was a parent I would understand. Even before Erin agreed to take care of their daughter, it didn't seem like they even wanted to go. Also why would they agree to have Erin take of Cece if they didn't want to go to the play in the first place knowing that Andy was hoping this play would attract Erin more? Andy came off as a little desperate reaching a breaking point when his cell phone was going off in the play and then his bumbling of turning it off. It was nice of Erin to show up at the end to see her. I know that my review of this episode has some negative comments but at the time I wasn't a fan of this episode. It took seeing this episode in syndication to appreciate this more. Also I think of season 6 had an affect on me too. I like the ending when Andy was signing I try. It was much better then the other version. Something about Angela smile made me smile too.moreless
  • A throw away episode. Below par script for this exceptional show. Very dissapointing.

    Lately the scripts seem to give too much airtime to Ed Helms singing & goofball antics. I have been a huge fan of The Office from the start, but this season the writing is below par. They seem to be running out of ideas. The magic with Jim & Pam is gone & the writers don't know what to do with them.

    This episode was dissapointing and very lame. The Office was always known for it's cutting edge humor and sharp timing. I'd like to see more focus on characters like Creed. Past episodes have given us a glimce into his strange life and how he wound up at Dunder-Mifflin.

    I hope the future episodes get better.moreless
  • Andy is on top of his game.

    With Michael Scott leaving, I think it's safe to say I wouldn't mind seeing Ed Helms taking over as the new manager.. or perhaps even the new lead actor. While Jim and Pam have been at the forefront of the show since the very first season and have become just as much of a face of The Office as Michael Scott, they haven't felt very important in years, since they've gotten together. Andy, however, with this episode and previous episodes in the last couple of seasons, proves that he's the new face of The Office. While this wasn't my favorite episode, it was funny enough and had enough heart to make me enjoy all 22 minutes.

    Andy, who is still somewhat hurting over losing Erin to Gabe, Sabre's goofy new addition to Dunder Mifflin, tries to impress Erin by inviting the entire office to his new play, a rendition of "Sweeney Todd." At first, nobody wants to go, but eventually, they all give in and go see them. Jim and Pam, however, ruin Andy's plan after they use Erin as a babysitter. From here, we get some hilarious scenes from everybody in the office, ranging from Darryl to Creed's role (seemingly) as a critic for some newspaper. Andy was on top of his game though, proving himself to be a great singer, great actor and great at leading the show.

    As usual, I really didn't care much about Jim and Pam's sideplot. I've found them to be much duller now that they're married and with child. I did like Jim's line about Cecelia being like The Hurt Locker, but Pam hasn't made me laugh in awhile. Meanwhile, Dwight was okay, but his sideplot with Angela is ridiculous and pointless.

    That being said, the show was able to bring all of these plots full circle and make them feel meaningful by having Andy sing Macy Gray's "I Try" over a montage of clips showing Jim and Pam enjoying their night together, Angela driving off feeling good about herself and Michael trying to sing along to the song. It was a feel-good ending that didn't feel forced; instead, it felt natural, and that's what the show needs more of. I'm glad to see Michael not making a complete idiot of himself (after all, he didn't really do anything too over the top here.. he didn't even mean to drop the bottle or let go of the balloons). Let's hope this season keeps up a good level of quality.moreless
  • This episode had a simple premise: Andy is in a community theater production of Sweeney Todd and he wants his office mates to attend--especially Erin. His best laid plans go awry when Erin offers to baby sit for Jim and Pam.moreless

    This was a good episode that not only showcased the singing and comedy talents of Ed Helms as the lovelorn Andy Bernard, but it also offered really good bits for the others: Creed Bratton (Creed Bratton), phoning in a theater review (does he even work for a paper?). Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey as Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin, respectively, fulfilling the obligations of their contract to procreate five times, but who knows--if music be the food of love then play on. John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer as Jim Halpert and Pam Halpert, nee Beesly, trying to go out but unable to trust the baby to Erin. Craig Robinson as Darryl Philbin, actually a fan of musicals, reminding Michael Scott that you have to listen to the overture so you'll recognize the musical themes when they appear later. He knows the singer who plays Sweeney Todd, because he is a plumber. Good line about his pipes. Last but not least, Michael Scott had auditioned for the show but was not cast. He has a hard time concealing his jealousy. It is almost a disaster, as Andy is hoping for a text or call from Erin, and his phone rings while he is onstage. Actually, all in all, the show was pretty good. It was not just played for laughs, but was a good show within a show, and the music did get through to them. It ends with a very touching scene where Andy sings Macy Grey's hit song for the office set, and does a pretty good job. You know that he is thinking of Erin, dedicating his song to her, and even Angela and Dwight are put in a somewhat frisky mood. At least, Dwight is anxious to consumate their contract, but Angela plays hard to get. Another good line was from Dwight, that a lot of perfectly good murders where ruined by all the singing. Typical Dwight Schrute.moreless
  • 703

    Ed Helms is the breakout star of this show of the past few seasons, mainly thanks to the success of The Hangover, but this is really the first episode to be centered around his Andy Bernard character. It was different in that it was like Cheers leaving the bar, with the majority of the show taking place at the theatre, and there were some amusing parts, but this show is still not where it needs to be. Michael is just too over the top for my liking, and I do not know what happened to Dwight and Jim. Their antics used to have me in stitches, now I'm in stitches from banging my head against the wall due to how dumb their characters have become.

    Solid episode by recent standards though.moreless

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