The Office

Season 8 Episode 21

Angry Andy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2012 on NBC

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  • More Ryan and Dwight, Less Pam Please

    I've been defending this show left and right lately but I have to say that Pam is not funny at all anymore and quite frankly Jim isn't AS funny as he used to be without Michael. The whole baby thing with Jim and Pam is tired and Pam is just annoying now. Plus - no offense to anyone - but she's fat now. She's so weird and reminds me NOTHING of the old Pam.

    This show has had some really funny moments this season but they really should do something about Jim and Pam ASAP.

    Otherwise it was actually a great episode!!
  • Angry Andy is back to the house

    Finally angry Andy is back to the house. Since last few episodes he seems boring and dull but finally his aggression came out. Hope this will add more spiciness in few next episodes of The Office.

  • Not watching this show anymore

    Have always been a fan of the show. Never thought it was in decline even when Michael left. The introduction of the Nellie character is absolutely ridiculous and the storyline is insultingly stupid. The Office has ridiculous moments but there is always some rationality or control. Michael can do stupid stuff by Corporate, Jan, Mike Wallace, etc. always kept him in check. The premise is the show is supposed to be a reality show. They now have some woman just taking jobs, characters so dumb that they just go along with it, a CEO who manages to hang out at the branch and condones the manager takeover. It's dumb it's insulting. The show was great up until they went to Florida. The past three episodes were completely crap to watch. I found myself yelling at the TV and saying they need to get rid of this character. Won't watch anymore.
  • Looking forward to Thurdays again.

    It has been a while since I laugh this much watching an episode of the office especially since season 8 started and this episode didn't disappoint.