The Office

Season 3 Episode 12

Back from Vacation

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2007 on NBC
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A refreshed and rejuvenated Michael returns from his Jamaican vacation with an interesting photograph which circulates around the office. Meanwhile an awkward moment arises when Pam is caught in the middle of an argument between Jim and Karen.

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  • Michael comes back

    Another great episode with many great laughs and even a sweet moment that wouldn't expect. More on that later. Michael comes back from vacation and he is hilarious. Did you see what was in his hair? Normally Michael gets distracted easily and/or it's hard for him to get back to work. This time it's even more so. In some ways, I don't blame him for wanting to stay longer (who doesn't?) but it's funny how wants work to be like Jamaica. Michael's gift to some of the employees were pretty amusing. His gift to Angela was the best. One of my favorite parts is when Michael accidentally reveals that Jan went with him to Jamaica. It spirals out of control and gets funnier when Michael accidentally e-mails the photo to Darryl meant for Packer, His reaction of trying to be calm while obviously panicking was great. It was really funny how Daryl said he was busy while eating. Another funny part was how fast everyone (including Toby's wife) got the picture. I know this probably sounds bad the pic itself was pretty hot. Remember I am a guy. On a small note I did like that the inventory night had spam.

    Karen meanwhile is trying to find a new place and Jim gets little scared when he thought it was too close even though it was two blocks away. Not having much experience with relationships (none) I am not sure who to side with. This may be way off base but when you in realtionship with someone, something like should not cause this big of a riff. I enjoyed Pam's advice to Jim. She was trying to help but didn't want to but also didn't act like to Jim. When Karen thanks Pam for the advice, and then Pam cries, Dwight goes to comfort her. It was one of nicest things that Dwight has done for everyone at this point. Since Dwight doesn't do nice things like this often, it made it even more special.

    The ending was very memorable. When you thought that Jan would fire Michael or least yell at him, she does something you would not expect and reason at least partly why their realtionship became what it was. I liked Michael saying you complete me to Jan before she left. There were so many great reasons why this episode was amazing. The fact you don't find out who went Michael went with at first was good because it got you guessing. If you watch this on DVD, check out the deleted scenes.moreless
  • 312

    A turning point for The Office characters, this episode was very eventful and we got a crazy amount of development as well. You can't help but feel bad for Pam, she gives Jim advice to resolve a fight that he has with Karen, only to realize that she is completely alone, so she starts crying outside of the Dunder Miflin offices, and Dwight finds her and consoles her. We haven't seen much development from these two since "The Injury" but Dwight managed to comfort her in the most hilarious way.

    Then we've got something that we probably could do without of, but I love Jan so I'm glad this happened, the person Michael took to Jamaica was Jan and they finally went all the way, and they're together. I think this is the episode where Jan came off as crazy, and we see more of this in the next season. Defining eventful episode of The Office, don't miss this wonderful installment.moreless
  • "I am now chopping off Phyllis’ head with a chainsaw!"

    In this episode, Michael gets back from his Jamaican vacation and a racy picture of him and a 'mysterious woman' who he invited on the trip gets out. It is revealed that the 'mysterious woman' in question is Jan. Also, he makes the party planning committee throw yet ANOTHER party, this time it's luau-themed. He accidentally sends the picture out to the office, instead of just Todd Packer and everyone finds out that it's Jan. Michael is embarassed and anxious about what Jan will think, but she never even finds out about it.

    Meanwhile, Karen is upset with Jim because he is opposed to her moving to an apartment two blocks away from his.

    This episode had many great moments, such as what Jim says on the tape recorder at the beginning, "You're PMSing pretty bad, aren't you?" and Michael and Jan's 'moment' at the end.moreless
  • Michael is back from "Sandals."

    In this episode, Michael returns from the Sandals resort in Jamaica and we learn that the mystery person he took there on an "all-inclusive" vacation was none other than Jan.

    Michael seemingly caught the break of a lifetime when Jan agreed to accompany him on his trip, but then he goes an mistakenly emails a provacative picture of him and Jan in Jamaica. We also learn that Michael and Jan did sleep together as Michael so delicately let slip. The warehouse crew was certainly proud of Michael for "scoring some of that corporate booty."

    This was a top notch episode as it contained every element that makes "The Office" episodes great--uncomfortable situations, awkward situations, Michael's ridiculous actions and hilarious reactions from the staff.moreless
  • Great Episode as always

    This episode was great. Michael is just coming back from his vacation in Jamacaii and then we learn that he went there with Jan. So now Jan and Michael are a thing because Jan really likes Michael now. I thought it was great how Michael came back with one bead in his hair and he was shaking it around the whole episode. This picture of Jan in a bikini gets put on the internet and sent to everyone, that part is great. My favorite part is the end when Kevin takes home the blown up picture to put on his wall because he said that he needs some art.moreless
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Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

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  • QUOTES (11)

    • Michael: (to Stanley) You are not as much fun as your Jamaican bra-das, mon.

    • Pam: No, I didn't mind helping Jim with his problem. That's what friends do. I help Phyllis all the time. Just yesterday I untangled a piece of tape from her hair.

    • Pam: (extended crying)
      Dwight: So, you're PMS-ing pretty bad, huh?

    • Michael: Okay, wait a second. I sent it to you at uh-oh.

    • Jan: I still find myself wanting to... be with you
      Michael: And I... to you, in addition... feel... the same feelings that you are... as well.
      Jan: Oh, God.

    • Michael: The Jamaicans don't have a word for "impossible".
      Jim: Yep, it's English. It's "impossible".

    • Michael: Jan told me to play it cool and not tell anybody because it could get us both in trouble. So, officially I did not see her. But I did see Jan there…in our room…at night…and in the morning, and that's all I'm going to say. We had sex. I had sex with her. I had sex with Jan.

    • Michael: Um, well, did you get the second e-mail that I sent, explaining that the first e-mail was a mistake and that you should delete it.
      Darryl: Yup.
      Michael: And you sent that out to everyone?
      Darryl: Mike, I'm very busy down here. (bites on a piece of chicken)

    • Michael: I have a special assignment for you.
      Dwight: Who's the target?
      Michael: A sensitive email has been released to the office. It contains a file, a picture. The file name is "Jamaica Jan Sun Princess".
      Dwight: What's it of?
      Michael: Not important.
      Dwight: Unless you are willing to tell me everything, I can not accept this assignment.
      Michael: Okay, forget it.
      Dwight: Okay, I accept it.

    • Toby: Hey, I need to talk to you.
      Michael: Not now, not ever.
      Toby: About you and Jan
      Michael: Ah, none of your business.

    • Michael: Hello, hi, attention everyone, um, apparently there is an e-mail circulating around that contains a very PG-13 rated picture of me and a woman
      Kevin: Jan.
      Michael: No Kevin, a woman, maybe Jan, maybe--
      Jim: Urkel Grue.
      Michael: My point is that if you get it, I would ask that you just delete it, sight unseen. Let's be professional, all right?

  • NOTES (1)

    • The French episode title is "Retour de vacances", the Spanish title is "La vuelta de las vacaciones", and the Italian title is "Rientro dalle vacanze", all exact translations.