The Office

Season 3 Episode 15

Ben Franklin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • A wedding shower and a bachelor party

    This was a wonderful episode that was sort of a two part episode. Phyllis is getting married to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration and Michael decides to throw both of them parties before the wedding. Both parties were entertaining and fun. My only complaint and it's a small one was the choice of stripper. Yes Dwight choose the girl and yes it was on NBC but she could've been prettier. Don't get me wrong she was very pretty just not stripper pretty. It was funny how Michael quickly got away from the stripper when she danced up on him The even funnier moment happened when Michael called Jan to tell her what happened and he was happy that Jan was closer to firing him then dumping him. Other moments from the bachelor party include Michael using the same grill that he burned his foot on and him in hysterics when was in the sex shop. It was also funny when he texted Jim whether the stripper was hot.

    Phyllis had an entertaining bridal shower. It was funny that Jim had a choice in bringing Ben Franklin as the male stripper. It kind of remained me when Jim pulled a mini prank on Pam earlier in the season. That Ben Franklin was a sleazy guy made it funnier. It was really funny how much Angela was into Ben Franklin. It was a great scene between Pam and Karen. I liked that Karen didn't try to treat Pam badly or give her a weird look. I did enjoy that Karen and Pam kind of formed a team to make fun/hit on Ben Franklin. An awkward scene in the break room would later set up what would happen between them for the rest of the series. When Pam asked Ryan to set her up with one of his business school buddies was kind of a shoot at Jim.

    There were many good moments in this episode and did a good job of setting up the next one.
  • 315

    I'm a bit ambivalent about this episode, did anything really happen? Sure we got Karen/Jim/Pam development but nothing else really happened. We've got bachelor and bachelorette parties running in the Office. A really unrealistic plot and the rest of the episode was dedicated to Michael wondering if he should tell Jan that a stripper danced on him.

    Like I said, I'm ambivalent about this epsiode, they were a lot of good things about this episode, a lot of funny remarks from many people in the Office such as Meredith yelling at Angela for not wanting the stripper or Dwight actually considering that the Ben Franklin impersonator is actually Ben Franklin.

    Jim & Karen work out their problems, and Pam looks like she's moving on or just trying to make Jim jealous, whichever is good. Good episode, some flaws, the plot was very thin.
  • Pretty good episode!

    This episode was quite funny! I loved how Jim got Ben Franklin instead of a male stripper! Then Ben Franklin hits on Pam.... haha... Then Michael has the stripper give him a lap dace and then in the middle decides that he should bot be getting this lap dance. I also loved how they told the stripper to sit and answer the phone because they paid her for a certain amount of time. And when Mchael says that the stripper gave him better advice than Ben Franklin.... I just found that to be oo funny. "And she rymed!" Haha... This episode was very funny and everyone should watch it!
  • The office prepares for the big wedding and everything goes wrong of course. But this time strippers are included.

    This episode is absolutely hilarious...of course. The men of the office get to have a bachelor party, which turns into an awkward strip show that goes no where and the women get a crappy Ben Franklin as their entertainment. which of course Angela loves. This episode in my opinion, is absolutely incredible. Much like all the other episodes, it is non stop laughter. Although, this episode lacks the pranks that I am used to in this show such as Jim throwing Andy's cell phone in the ceiling (the most hilarious prank in the show) but the guys getting Ben Franklin as the entertainment was pretty funny.
  • One of the best episodes this season.

    This is exactly why I watch the office, this has become one of my favorito episodes, it is one of the funniest episodes of the series, in the funniest season of the office yet. I rarely laugh out load on a tv series, it is ussualy some smiles and some snickers, but this and every episode of this third season has made me and my wife laugh out load like no other tv series I remember. Ha ha ha, I still remember and laugh again. Let hope the writer keep doing the excellent work they have been doing so far.
  • To celebrate the upcoming nuptials between Phyllis and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, Michael arranges "separate but equal" parties for the men and women, complete with strippers. Karen confronts Pam about Pam's feelings for Jim. Spoilers in review.

    "If you're watching this, it means that I'm already dead." The episode starts with a hilarious video Michael is filming for his future son. Dwight is running camera of course. And wearing a bra too, as Pam was unwilling to allow Michael to demonstrate how to remove said undergarment. This sequence shows Michael and Dwight back to their old shtick.

    Once the episode proper starts, we learn that the wedding of Phyllis to Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration) is but six days away. Michael Scott is always one for a party, so he takes it upon himself to arrange a party for both the women and the men. The women will have a bridal shower and the men will be showering together at the GAI (Guys Afternoon In). Michael digs himself deeper and deeper as he tries to make it sound NOT gay Classic Michael Scott.

    The Jim/Karen connection is still alive and not quite well. After five nights of long talks, Jim and Karen have apparently worked out their issues. Or have they? Pam picks up on the tension that still exists between Jim and Karen. Nice ratcheting of the tension, keep the love triangle thing going.

    Before we have anytime to consider this, Todd Packer arrives to liven up the office. Packer informs that Michael that there must be a stripper for a bachelor party to be acceptable. Remembering his recent run-ins with Corporate concerning sexual harassment, Michael demurs. Packer then suggests a separate but equal solution: a stripper for the men and a stripper for the women.

    After Michael informs the office at large about this recent development, Jim and Pam share a semi-private moment in the break room. This sequence shows how the relationship has become strained between the two, as Pam struggles for conversation. She chooses to suggest that Jim get more sleep rather than confront him about the larger issues concerning Karen. This shows us viewers that Pam still cares for Jim but doesn't want to get too involved in his personal life. It's a little uncomfortable and awkward. And Pam knows it.

    Michael and Ryan leave to gather party "supplies." This leaves Dwight in charge of getting the female stripper, and Jim, the male stripper. Interestingly, when Dwight hires the dancer, he requests a woman who sounds suspiciously like Angela. Jim hires a Ben Franklin impersonator from the Scholastic Speakers of Pennsylvania. After a sexy introduction by Michael, "Ben Franklin" begins his lecture. Karen and Pam start to rib the impersonator about some of the more embarrassing aspects of Franklin's life. It's interesting that two women are so at ease with on another. We've seen them work together before for a common cause in previous episodes. Pam and Karen trades some jokes in the break room. And then Karen has to go and make it all serious. She says that she is "fine" with the fact that Pam and Jim shared a kiss. Pam reveals her true feelings pretty clearly here. When asked by Karen if Pam still has feeling for Jim, Pam says, "Oh yeah" but then quickly "corrects" herself by saying no, she just misunderstood the question. The exchange gets more and more awkward, with Pam misspeaking several times. Back at the men's shower, the stripper arrives to entertain. No one seems to be interested. Roy, still hung up on Pam, tries to convince us that he thinks Pam's art is sexy. Although we know from previous episodes that he discouraged Pam from following a career in art. Bob Vance (from Vance Refrigeration) refuses a lap dance. So it's up to Michael to receive. The stripper looks very similar to Jan. The other men watch with grim determination as the dancer grinds Michael. Michael becomes more and more freaked out by the experience ("You smell like Tide detergent"). Showing a more sensitive and loyal side, he pushes the stripper off, scolding the onlookers and sending them back to work.

    So the question is, "Is Michael in love with Jan?" After receiving some sage advice (that rhymes!) from the stripper ("Secret secrets are no fun. Secret secrets hurt some one.") Michael comes clean to Jan. She of course is more concerned with the fact that Michael threw a bachelor party at work with strippers. The episode ends with Pam realizing she needs to move on from Jim. She even muses this aloud ("God I need a boyfriend") and tells Ryan she's ready to be sent up with one of his business school friends. This unsettles Jim, as we end the scene with a tight shot of his face. We can see him mauling this latest development over in his head. It seems to always be an issue with timing between Jim and Pam. I think he just assumed that Pam would always be single and there. But now we see the two moving further apart.

    Overall this was an excellent episode. With so many great one liners, it definitely benefits from a second viewing. The only plot line that gets any attention is the Pam-Jim-Karen (PaJaren, if you will) love triangle. While this is the big issue in the office, we never learn where Andy went. Now if you were fortunate enough to watch the extended cut of last week's episode, The Return, you know that Andy went to anger management. But other viewers are left in the dark. By only dealing with one plot line, more casual viewers may get confused as to why other elements are being ignored. Andy will most certainly make a re-entrance in a future episode.
  • No Andy in this episode. Very noticible.

    I wonder if Andy's gone?
    This was a great episode. It was great to see Michael get weirded out by the stripper. I love how Dwight put her to work. That was classic. Todd Packer is such a slimebag. I think everyone has a guy like him in their workplace.

    Ben Franklin was great.

    But...we need more Creed!
  • Brilliant. Great one-liners.

    I thought this episode was absolutely hilarious. It could have been a little better if Andy would have been in it. Unlike some others, i think he has been a great addition to the mix and i find him hilarious. I think the writers are going to try to make Dwight more of a focal point for now. He kind of took a back seat to Andy for a little while. But I think we are in for some major battles between the two suck-ups. It will be interesting to see where the Jim - Pam - Karen love triangle ends up going. It should be interesting!

    The one-liners in this episode were classic.

    "i want some man meat"

    "i specifically ordered Strippers, not dancers"
  • Phyllis is getting married and Michael takes it upon himself to provide a GAI old time... An extraordinary episode of the Office that did everything right and had me howling in my seat. Spoilers within.

    This was a terrific episode and was really worth watching. I've skipped out on posting the last few episodes but this one was so good I just had to write something about it.

    The episode revolves around Phyllis' upcoming nuptials to Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration. Since Michael wants a fantastic party for himself one day, he decides to make sure that everyone in the office has a good time. The women throw a wedding shower for Phyllis while Michael organizes a Guys Night Out, which turns out to be a Guys Afternoon In (GAI). Which is more like a Guys Shower, or a bunch of Guys showering together, oh just forget it...(a hilarious sequence).

    In order to make things entertaining, Todd Packer suggests equal but separate strippers for the men and the women. The men get a real stripper whose costume and appearance have an eerie resemblance to Jan, while the women get a sexy Ben Franklin. Turns out that Ben Franklin is an educational and motivation speaker. Oops.

    Unfortunately, Michael, who receives the lap dance, can't handle the guilt and shame that he feels and cancels the party. Dwight sits the stripper down at Oscar's desk because "we hired you for 3 hours of work." Meanwhile, there is some serious tension going on with Jameran (Jim-Pam-Karen..?, oh, I don't know, whatever). Since Jim's revelation that he still has feelings for Pam last episode, Karen and him have had some late nights talking about their relationship. Karen decides to talk to Pam about what's going on with Jim and how she's cool with what happened between them in the past. In a revealing (and very well acted moment), Pam indicates that she still has feelings for Jim but covers it up when pressed by Karen. Later, Pam tries to bolster her self-esteem (or make Jim jealous?) by telling Ryan to set her up with one of his business school friends. Jim is stunned enough to stop eating.

    Without doing a complete transcript it's impossible to include all the fantastic jokes and one lines. This was a terrific episode that I really enjoyed and really brought back a lot of the classic office gags. Good writing that was awkward and embarassing at parts, but touching and oh so funny for the rest. Is it weird that I look forward each week to hear Michael's new ring tones?

    What a fantastic show. Major kudos to the Office staff their award winning work.
  • This episode is a prime example of why I love The Office!

    This episode is a prime example of why I love The Office! The opening montage set like Michael Keaton's "My Life" was hilarious and so wrong! The callbacks to previous episodes (Foreman grill - I got all the foot off) and strippers (delivery lady from season 2) reward fans of the show! This episode also had some Jam in it. Pam looked so exposed in trying to flirt with Jim. This kind of emotion or awkwardness is great and definitely easy to connect to when looking back on life in general. I loved that Andy wasn't in this episode as I absolutely can't stand his "Big Tuna" shout outs! This episode felt like the old Office, I'm glad it's back!
  • this was a pretty funny episode. (possible spoiler)

    I thought this episode was great, it kind of made you see who the more fun people were, and who the kind of dull people were. I just didn't get how none of them had been to a stripper I thought all guys had been to one at least once. The character of Jim seems like the party kind of guy that would have been to one, that seemed out of character a little. The whole Ben Franklin thing was really funny. The talk with Pam and that one chick that Jim is dating, I think will lead to Pam trying to date Jim. I'm actually starting to get into this show, it's almost always funny.
  • Michael has an epiphory

    Maybe this year for Christmas the Office staff should give him a dictonary because he really needs one.
    Poor Karen, she was looking a little rough after her sleepless nights with Jim doing the telephone dance.
    I'm kinda surpised the stripper/dancer didn't just leave after the actual half-stripping took place. But she stayed around to make the day brighter. She gave Pam the ultimate compliment, telling her she could be a stripper. Hey, maybe if Dunder-Mifflin Scranton branch does ever get closed down!
    Michael's giggly reaction inside the porn store was like talking a child into one. I'm not at all surprised that Creed decided to go caveman on those huge steaks after the plasticware wouldn't work, although I doubt Stanley went the same route.
    Phyllis, maybe you should not invite some of those Dunder-Miffliners to your wedding. I'm sensing a catastrophe.