The Office

Season 5 Episode 18

Blood Drive

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2009 on NBC

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  • Valentine's Day 2009

    It's Valentine's day in the office and everyone but a few people (Jim, Pam, and Phyllis) are not in relationship, single or just getting over one.

    I enjoyed how Michael told Jim and Pam to suck it but really wanted to be part of their relationship. Michael's response to that is having a singles party at the office. Phyllis invites Jim and Pam out to lunch with her husband. It was nice to see how they were having a good time together. What made this even memorable was Pam finding out that Phyllis and Bob were doing it in a handicap bathroom. It was also enjoyable how Phyllis and Bob were playing it like nothing happened.

    Before the party there is a blood mobile. When Michael donates blood he makes a connection with a unnamed women. How Michael connected with that women remained me of the time he first met Holly. This was nowhere near the connection with Holly. It was still nice. I have said it before but Michael's time with Holly helped him make him a better person. I think Michael connects with women when he doesn't try. It's like with Holly and the time he met Carole at the ice skating rink. The party becomes more about finding that women. When everyone hears this they decide to stay. It was really sweet of them to do this. It shows that despite all of Michael's shortcomings, they do care about him. It was one of the highlights of the episode. The fact that she never came didn't disappoint. Other funny moments how Dwight was with the blonde women and how Kevin made a connection as well.

    A very good episode from bottom to top.
  • Pretty good episode, had me laughing through most of it, though some of it was awkward and hard to watch.

    Valentine's Day episode. I didn't particularly like the opening scene, made me feel bad for Pam who will perpetually be the office receptionist after her failed attempt to broaden her horizons at art school. However the scene worked well to show how easily distracted Michael can be, and Jim comes to Pam's rescue which is sweet.

    The Jim/Pam relationship continues on sweetly. I know it would be more interesting if they had relationship troubles, but it's still good to see the writers not relying on destroying their relationship just for story ideas.

    Everything about the episode actually felt like a day at the office, from the Valentine's day celebration to the blood drive.

    I missed some of the other characters, but Dwight was back in form and hilarious. Michael's new love interest was endearing, hope something happens with that, though that means she'll have some quirk or otherwise Michael might find true happiness and the show would be over.
  • Michael forms a lonely heart mixer on Valentine's day. Jim and Pam have a double date with Bob and Phyllis. The office donates blood for a blood drive.

    This ep was no where near as funny as the show can be but still I found myself really enjoying this episode. It showed the obvious heart that this show has and proved that it doesn't just deliver laughs, it is much more than that.

    This week Michael is feeling depressed by Valentines Day and the way Pam and Jim are "flaunting" it. To get back at Jim he sets up a Lonely Hearts party for people in the office that are single so couples are not allowed. Soon this party changes into a mixer for singles in the area where Kevin and Dwight grow attatched to women who arrive in the office.

    Michael has an alterior motive though as he plans to meet up with a woman he met while donating blood. When the rest of the office become aware they all get behind him and hope that the woman comes. This is where the episode's heart really shines as the office band together to support Michael whether things go to plan or not.

    Meanwhile, Pam and Jim are invited to have lunch with Phyllis and Bob. Phyllis says because Michael is scared of Bob they could get work off entirely. The couples click and things seem to be going well before Phyllis and Bob disappear and Jim and Pam fear that they have dined and dashed. The truth is that the two have decided to have sex in the bathrooms leaving Jim and Pam very uncomfortable for the rest of the lunch. It was nice to see a bit more of the Bob character, there are times when I have felt a little strange about Bob but this ep shows that he is just a regular guy which is always nice when the writers give us a well grounded in reality type of character.

    Like I said at the start, this ep was a little weak on the laughs but it showed a lot of heart that I was very impressed with. The way I see it is that this ep was not what I was expecting but the quality was still great. Next week balance it out and bring in a few more laughs and I will be as pleased as punch.
  • Depressing episode

    I usually like it when Michael plays the sane guy and relieves the episode of the cliched awkward humor. It usually occurs that the episode has some great lines that are genuinely funny. This episode, starts on a depressing note, where Michael expresses his frustration on Jim, Pam, and Phyllis, owing to the fact that he's single on Val-Day. Michael, after organizing a meeting for all single people, decides to end the depression by organizing a party for singles to meet each other. There were the usual unfunny typical 5th-season like scenes in the restaurant, where Jim and Pam go out for lunch with Phyllis and Bob Vance. I literally puked, when Phyllis and Vance start to make out in the restroom. Very evidently, the writers thought the -'want some meat' lines would be funny - but it was nothing short of disgusting.

    The rest of Micheal's party scene was depressing, and you end up feeling really sorry for him. I get the feeling that the girl in the blood bank trailer would be Micheal's new love interest. Let's see where it goes.
  • Relationsjip Problems and and office blood drive

    This was the best episode in a long time. The begining was okay and then it got much better. The Office is back to its normal goodness. There were funnier bits than in other episodes. The reason I did not like Moroccan Christmas was because it was very dark. This episode makes up for it. Dwight's asia comment was hilarious. Creed stealing blood was also a very subtle, not over the top, like Michael's actions before The Duel. This season is getting much better than it was in the middle. This show, in my opinion, is the best one ever.
  • 516

    Not the best episode of The Office, what else is new? It definitely was better than the last awful episode though. I just felt like the plot went nowhere, and the fact that it was so focused on Michael's love life was just annoying.

    Nothing really happened and the episode was very uneventful, in the end this episode got some redemption with some hilarious one liners, but the definite unexpected highlight was Pam & Jim going out with Bob & Phyllis, it was a very interesting situation.

    Everyone else looking for love at the mixer was just as uneventful as Michael waiting for his mystery woman. Better than the last episode, still needs some work.
  • not the funniest episode ever but nonetheless still a great one

    Tonight's episode my not have been the funniest episode i have ever seen but I was still very pleased with the end result. For the first time ever while watching television i felt bad for a character. This character is michael scott and i really felt sad for him after this episode. really the only complaints that i have on this episode is that creed was barely in it and that andy wasnt in it although i thought him going on an air balloon ride for his honeymoon was funny. The lunch that pam and jim had with Phyllis and bob was pretty entertaining and the bathroom thing was very funny but very predictable. In my opinion this was a very good episode and the office during the second half of the fifth season has been great this season.
  • Brutal, but not as brutal as some recent episodes.

    There were some moments of brilliance here, but unfortunately they were buried underneath piles and piles of garbage. Jim was back to his sarcastic self. Although not very funny, I'll still take this over the, "Hey guys, that's against the rules!" Jim we have seen as of late.

    I know this episode was scheduled for February 19th (which is still after Valentine's Day) but it is so hard to watch a holiday episode a month after the holiday.

    But that wasn't the sole reason for my dislike. Dwight's back to his annoying Season 4 self, Creed didn't even get a line and Andy wasn't even in the episode.
  • Very few funny moments.

    This episode felt like a bit of a filler episode to me. Not even the cold opening made me laugh. There were a few funny/humorous moments, but even the Phyllis/Bob moment (which was sort of funny) was very predictable.

    Dwight's comment (you know which one I'm referring to) was funny, but no Toby, little Stanley, and no Andy and very little from Creed made this episode feel very dull.

    Hopefully, and maybe it will be better on a second viewing, but I'm truly hoping that they can bounce back with the next episode and deliver something much better than what they did in tonight's episode.