The Office

Season 6 Episode 23

Body Language

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • How to read signs

    When Michael went out with everyone from work to a sports and game bar, Pam tried to set him up with a friend of hers. Michael hits it off with her until he realizes it's a date and he hooks up the bar owner. In this episode she comes by Dunder-Mifflin to buy some printers. Jim and Pam were supposed to help out with the sale until Pam realizes that there might be something between them and gets Jim to help out the sale and not have Michael go over the line with Donna. Not only Pam but everyone debates on whether or not she is intrested in Michael. If the intention was to guess on whther Donna is intrested, then well done by the producers. However this story was not as good it could've been. Stop if you heard this before. I thought Jim was kind of jerk in this episode.

    Meanwhile Dwight tries to get Kelly into the minority training program. Unlike when he tried to get Jim fired, this was more enjoyable. It also helped that it didn't drag on for a few episodes. This was your typical season 6 episode, not weak but not strong either
  • 623

    I expected this episode not to be up to par, and I was right, a mediocre showing of The Office tonight. Ridiculous scenes to somehow changing this show's premise from life in the workplace to Michael's love life. Donna was a really bad addition to the cast, definitely the worst "girlfriend" Michael has ever had.

    She didn't serve much of a purpose, all she did was try to get free paper by flirting with Michael, and then this episode ended with one of the most uninteresting cliffhangers in Office history, Donna & Michael kissing. Just very very predictable.

    There were some funny parts of this episode such as Dwight trying to get Kelly out of the Diversity program, or Jim & Pam being disagreeing if Donna likes Michael. That's sort of broad, but there were those little moments within those plots that made me chuckle once or twice, but other than that, just not up to par.

    Ridiculous, uninteresting, not funny in a lot of places, just not the best episode of The Office.
  • 623

    Pure stupidity, to put it simple. After a streak of some surprisingly decent episodes of The Office this year, we get this dud.

    They have completely ruined the Dwight Schrute character. Dwight does not believe the world will be speaking German in 20 years, okay? Someone at NBC should edit these scripts so it does not look like a five year old got the final say on what jokes stayed in and out.

    And Jim and Pam have become so annoying, particularly Pam. Try shutting up for 2 seconds Pam, maybe then you might not be hated by everyone so much.
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