The Office

Season 6 Episode 23

Body Language

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on NBC



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    • Dwight: (speaking to Stanley and Oscar) How would one of you feel, if I told you I could put you on a fast track to an executive position at this company?
      Erin: Holy cow. I'd be so happy.
      Dwight: I wasn't talking to you, pale face.
      Erin: I know. I mean, I'd be happy for them.

    • Gabe: They are going to be pretty pleased in Tallahassee that I snagged an Indian for the program. She'll be the first. The program's mostly black; it's almost too black. That didn't sound right.

    • Creed: You ever notice you can only ooze two things? Sexuality and pus.

    • Dwight: I don't understand why Michael is wasting his time with Spanish. I have it on very good authority that within 20 years, everyone will be speaking German. Or a Chinese-German hybrid.

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