The Office

Season 2 Episode 11

Booze Cruise

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on NBC
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Michael takes the entire Dunder Mufflin staff on a motivational cruise aboard a party boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, but his planned presentation is bogged down by numerous distractions, including a dance contest, limbo, snorkel shots, and the pushy Captain Jack. Jim and Katy's relationship hits the rocks as Roy and Pam finally set a wedding date.moreless

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  • A Proposal

    First of all this was a awesome episode. This was a great opening. It was a great prank played by Jim with some help by Pam. Michael sends out a memo to the entire staff telling them about a surprise. The scene where Jim and Pam were in the conference room wondering what the surprise is, was a very cute one. The cruise was a very entertaining one. Michael dancing was so bad it was funny. Dwight being made think that he was driving the boat was very hilarious. I also enjoyed the scene with Jim, Pam, Roy, and Katy. It shows that these people belong together. I will let decide who belong with who. If you have the DVD, check out the deleted scenes. I think one part shows something that would be part another episode. When Michael told everyone that the boat is "sinking" it was a memorable one. The moment between Jim and Pam after the party got too wild was wonderfully acted. One of the bigger scenes in the episode was when Roy set the date for the wedding with Pam. The look on Jim's face remained me of Ross in the prom episode in Season 2 from Friends. I loved the scene after Michael was arrested and told Jim to never give up.

    This was one of the better episodes of the season or at least the first half.moreless
  • 211

    A very eventful episode of The Office tonight, and in some places, quite funny. We've got a lot of Jim & Pam development, that's probably why most people like this episode, and we've got the regular Office shenanigans except now on a boat. Jim & Katie are still dating, as they go on the boat. Katie & Roy end up hitting it off meanwhile Roy & Pam aren't doing so well, and the same goes for Katie & Jim. For some reason, I expected Roy to cheat or something like that. But things went in the exact opposite direction. Roy sets a date for the wedding right when Jim is on the verge of telling Pam how he feels. He's at the point of giving up until he tells Michael, and Michael tells him not to give up. Finally someone knows that Jim is after Pam. And Roy & Pam setting a date, wow, perfect timing. Katie & Jim break up, Michael freaks out the whole boat when he says it's sinking.

    Overall just a funny eventful episode, that got me excited to watch the next one.moreless
  • it was ok

    The Dunder-Mifflin crew goes on a "motivational" cruise on the Lake Wallenpaupack Princess captained by "Captain Jack". The boat's captain puts Dwight in charge of a fake wheel, which Dwight thinks is real. Jim and Pam share an awkward moment alone on the deck away from their significant others. No one is motivated by Michael's speech, but, after hearing a war story from the captain, a drunken Roy is inspired to announce a date for his wedding with Pam. Jim is crushed; he breaks up with Katy, realizing that he doesn't want to be with her. He confesses to Michael his feelings for Pam, which surprises Michael, who claims he has a knack for spotting things like that. As Jim is seemingly ready to give up on Pam, Michael encourages him to pursue her. Jim's facial expression indicates that Michael's endeavors to motivate in some way might have actually succeeded.moreless
  • Titanic was a movie?

    We learn some great things in this episode--

    1-Dwight and Angela (who will play Mrs. Howell in Michael's version of Gilligan Island) continues their relationship from the BBQ episode.

    2-A Drunk Roy sets the wedding date. I'm sure that he will not remember the date or that Pam will have problems with the date once she gets off the natural high of Roy finally taking the next step.

    3-Jim trying to move towards Pam by breaking up with his girlfriend and then heading to talk to Pam about their relationship (right before item #2 happens).

    4-Drunk Meredith and Captain Jack.

    Michael is typical Michael in trying to overtake the Booze Cruise and steal Captain Jack's thunder. I loved the speech about the ship going down (which was his metaphor about the Office). But Michael showed a great side to himself when he allowed Jim to tell him his true feelings for Pam. Michael offered advice and wasn't at all about himself.

    Meredith naked count #2--this time with a life preserver

  • Michael takes the entire Dunder Mufflin staff on a motivational cruise aboard a party boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, but his planned presentation is bogged down by numerous distractions, including a dance contest, limbo, snorkel shots...moreless

    Michael takes the entire Dunder Mufflin staff on a motivational cruise aboard a party boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, but his planned presentation is bogged down by numerous distractions, including a dance contest, limbo, snorkel shots, and the pushy Captain Jack. Jim and Katy's relationship hits the rocks as Roy and Pam finally set a wedding date.

    Another one of those pivotal episodes with characters and the relationships that they have with one another. Jim really breaks down in this episode and confides in Michael on the side of the boat. The acting stood out to me the most in this episode. The writing was solid, but Jim's character was acted to perfection. Pam and Roy are destined to end - I think that that has been made obvious since the first episode of season one. Either way - a very good episode on the acting side of things.moreless
Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle

Captain Jack

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Brenda Withers

Brenda Withers

Brenda Matlowe

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Amy Adams


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Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner

Kevin Malone

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Oscar Nunez

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Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Captain Jack said he was the captain of a cyclone class PC 179 during Desert Storm. In fact the first Cyclone wasn't even laid down until June 90 and commissioned in 93 well after Desert Storm.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Michael: Now, on this ship that is the office, what is a sales department? Anyone?
      Darryl: How about the sales department is the sails?
      Michael: Yes, Darryl, the sales department makes sales. Good.

    • Captain Jack: But I'm not only your ship's captain, I'm also your party captain!
      Michael: Yeah, I'm your party captain, too!
      Captain Jack: Michael, please...
      Michael: And we are gonna rock it!
      Captain Jack: If you would just...
      Michael: You are gonna put on your dancin' shoes later on! If the boat's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'!

    • Jim: To tell you the truth, I used to have a big thing for Pam. So...
      Michael: Really. You're kidding me. You and Pam? Wow. I would have never put you two together. You really hid it well. God. I usually have a radar for stuff like that. (pauses) You know, I made out with Jan...
      Jim: Yeah I know.
      Michael: Yeah. Yup. (pauses) Well Pam is cute.
      Jim: Yeah. She's really funny. She's warm and she's just... nevermind.
      Michael Well if you like her so much, you should... Don't give up.
      Jim: She's engaged.
      Michael: Pssh. BFD. Engaged ain't married.
      Jim: Huh.
      Michael: Never ever ever ever give up.

    • Jim: What happened to you?
      Michael: (showing his tied-up hands) Captain Jack has a problem with authority.
      Jim: Oh, right, 'cause you announced that his ship was sinking.
      Michael: He just totally lost it. If you ask me he caused the panic.

    • Michael: Dancing... is... a primitive art-form... used in ancient times to express oneself with... the body! And communicate!

    • Captain Jack: Suppose your office building is on fire. Jim, who would you save?
      Jim: Uh, phoo...the customer...(trailing off) because the customer is king.
      Michael: Not what I was looking for, but a good thought.
      Captain Jack: He's just sucking up.
      Roy: (clearly drunk) When you were in the Navy, did you ever almost die?
      Captain Jack: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And I wasn't thinking about some customer. I was thinking about my first wife. The day I got back on shore, I married her.
      Jim: (to the camera as he walks away) You know what? I would save the receptionist. Just wanted to clear that up.

    • Dwight: Don't worry, Michael. I'm taking us to shore.
      Michael: It's a fake wheel, dummy.

    • Pam: Last week, Michael sent out this mysterious memo.
      Jim: It's time for our first quarter comradery event, so pack a swimsuit, a toothbrush, rubber soled shoes, and a ski mask.
      Pam: A ski mask, and a swimsuit!
      Jim:: So that he can have us rob a bank, and then, escape through the sewers.
      Pam: And brush our teeth!

    • Katy: [Looking in at Pam and Roy dancing after Roy announces their wedding date] Do you think that will ever be us?
      Jim: No.
      Katy: What is your problem? Why did you even bring me here?
      Jim: I don't know. [Pauses] We should break up.

    • Michael: What is the deal with the guy jumping overboard? If he had just waited, and listened to what I had to say, he would be motivated right now, and not all wet.

    • Michael: I don't wanna take credit for this, but Roy and I were just having a conversation about making choices and making commitments. Did I motivate you?
      Roy: No, it was Captain Jack!

    • Captain Jack: (To Roy and Pam) I could marry you right now as Captain of this ship.
      Michael: I could marry you as Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin.

    • Michael: Sometimes you have to take a break from being the kind of boss who's always trying to teach people things. Sometimes you just have to be the boss of dancing.

    • Michael: I see the sales department as the furnace.
      Phyllis: The furnace?
      Jim: How old is this ship?
      Pam: How about the anchor?

    • Michael: I'm a great motivational speaker - I attended a Tony Robbins event by the airport last year, wasn't the actual course - you had to pay for the actual course - but it talked about the actual course.

    • Captain Jack: Actually, I'm the skipper. But you can be Gilligan.
      Michael: Oh God no, I'd rather die!

    • Michael: Okay, don't spoil it for everyone, but we are going on a booze cruise on Lake Wallenpaupack.
      Stanley: In January?
      Michael: It's cheaper.

    • Dwight: Are you sick? Captain Jack says you should look at the moon.
      Michael: Captain Jack's a fart face.

    • Katy: (To Jim, Roy, and Pam) You's like we're in high school and we're at the cool table.

    • Pam: (To Katy) I've been engaged for three years, and there's no end in sight, so you don't wanna ask my advice.

    • Captain Jack: The Coast Guard requires me to let you know the safety exits. On this boat, it's really easy—anywhere over the side.

    • Phyllis: (about Titanic) Michael, everyone in the engine room drowned.
      Michael: Thank you, spoiler! Alert!

    • Oscar: Last year, Michael's theme was "Bowl Over the Competition." So guess where we went...

    • Michael: It's a booze cruise!
      Meredith: All right!

    • Michael: Leader...ship. The word "ship" is hidden inside the word "leadership" its derivation.

    • Dwight: I was the youngest pilot in Pan Am history. When I was four, the pilot let me ride in the cockpit and fly the plane with him. And I was four and I was great. And I would have landed it but my dad wanted us to go back to our seats.

    • Captain Jack: It's time to limbo, limbo, limbo! All right, I need a volunteer to come up here and hold my stick. Huh? Who's it going to be?
      Dwight: (Pushing Meredith aside) Me! Me, me, me, me...
      Captain Jack: Uhh, usually it's a woman.
      Dwight: I'm stronger.

    • Michael: I'm on medication
      Brenda: Really? What?
      Michael: Vomicilin

    • Michael: Who saw the movie Titanic? They were very important in the movie Titanic. Who saw it? Show of hands.
      Jim: I'm not really sure what movie you're talking about. Are you sure you got the title right?
      Michael: Titanic!
      Pam: I think you're thinking of The Hunt For Red October.
      Michael: No! Leo Dicaprio! Come on!

  • NOTES (13)

    • The Scrantones, the band who played in this episode, is the same band that does the theme song for the show.

    • The German episode title is "Betriebsausflug", meaning "Office Outing". The French title is "La Croisière Bibine", the Italian title is "Crociera alcolica", and the Spanish title is "Crucero Con Barra Libre", all exact translations.

    • Dean Holland was nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series category for his work on this episode.

    • Guest Brenda Withers had already worked extensively with Mindy Kaling during their 2002 stage production Matt & Ben, a satirical look at how Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may have come up with the screenplay for Good Will Hunting.

    • Music: "Get Busy" by Sean Paul (Michael tries to be 'Boss of Dancing')

    • Deleted scenes: Toby misses the ship (explaining his absence from the second part of the episode); Jan introducing Brenda from Corporate.

    • The filming of this episode was video taped by Jenna Fischer. The contents of this can be located in the special Target release of the Season 2 DVDs.

    • The idea for this episode came from B. J. Novak, who plays Ryan Howard, as he had a friend who went on a booze cruise.

    • John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert, has stated this to be his favorite episode of the series.

    • Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute, came down with sea sickness during the second night of filming.

    • Lake Wallenpaupack is actually surrounded by woods, as it is located in the Poconos, so the lights seen on the horizon in the episode would make no sense. The reason lights are seen on the skyline is because the actual cruise was filmed off the California coast.

    • The episode was shot on a real boat in the Long Beach harbor at night.

    • This was the first episode that aired in the shows new time slot, Thursdays at 9:30pm.


    • Michael refers to Stanley as a Harlem Globetrotter as he boards the boat, after naming everyone as a member of the cast of Gilligan's Island. This is in reference to the special Gilligan's Island movie where, after they are rescued and return to the island, the Harlem Globetrotters come to the island for a basketball exhibition.

    • Another quite prominent reference to Titanic: Michael shouting "I'm the king of the world" from the front of the ship. Jim bet that would happen within the first hour, and he was right as it happened while leaving the harbor.

    • There are numerous references to the movie Titanic in this episode. The love triangle theme of Titanic is particularly prominent in this episode, since all are brought together on a ship: a young woman (Pam), the boorish fiancé to which she is unhappily engaged (Roy), and a more worthy guy with whom the viewers hope she will end up (Jim). These personas correspond to the characters played by Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, and Leonardo DiCaprio in the actual film.