The Office

Season 2 Episode 11

Booze Cruise

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on NBC

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  • A Proposal

    First of all this was a awesome episode. This was a great opening. It was a great prank played by Jim with some help by Pam. Michael sends out a memo to the entire staff telling them about a surprise. The scene where Jim and Pam were in the conference room wondering what the surprise is, was a very cute one. The cruise was a very entertaining one. Michael dancing was so bad it was funny. Dwight being made think that he was driving the boat was very hilarious. I also enjoyed the scene with Jim, Pam, Roy, and Katy. It shows that these people belong together. I will let decide who belong with who. If you have the DVD, check out the deleted scenes. I think one part shows something that would be part another episode. When Michael told everyone that the boat is "sinking" it was a memorable one. The moment between Jim and Pam after the party got too wild was wonderfully acted. One of the bigger scenes in the episode was when Roy set the date for the wedding with Pam. The look on Jim's face remained me of Ross in the prom episode in Season 2 from Friends. I loved the scene after Michael was arrested and told Jim to never give up.

    This was one of the better episodes of the season or at least the first half.
  • 211

    A very eventful episode of The Office tonight, and in some places, quite funny. We've got a lot of Jim & Pam development, that's probably why most people like this episode, and we've got the regular Office shenanigans except now on a boat. Jim & Katie are still dating, as they go on the boat. Katie & Roy end up hitting it off meanwhile Roy & Pam aren't doing so well, and the same goes for Katie & Jim. For some reason, I expected Roy to cheat or something like that. But things went in the exact opposite direction. Roy sets a date for the wedding right when Jim is on the verge of telling Pam how he feels. He's at the point of giving up until he tells Michael, and Michael tells him not to give up. Finally someone knows that Jim is after Pam. And Roy & Pam setting a date, wow, perfect timing. Katie & Jim break up, Michael freaks out the whole boat when he says it's sinking.

    Overall just a funny eventful episode, that got me excited to watch the next one.
  • it was ok

    The Dunder-Mifflin crew goes on a "motivational" cruise on the Lake Wallenpaupack Princess captained by "Captain Jack". The boat's captain puts Dwight in charge of a fake wheel, which Dwight thinks is real. Jim and Pam share an awkward moment alone on the deck away from their significant others. No one is motivated by Michael's speech, but, after hearing a war story from the captain, a drunken Roy is inspired to announce a date for his wedding with Pam. Jim is crushed; he breaks up with Katy, realizing that he doesn't want to be with her. He confesses to Michael his feelings for Pam, which surprises Michael, who claims he has a knack for spotting things like that. As Jim is seemingly ready to give up on Pam, Michael encourages him to pursue her. Jim's facial expression indicates that Michael's endeavors to motivate in some way might have actually succeeded.
  • Titanic was a movie?

    We learn some great things in this episode--
    1-Dwight and Angela (who will play Mrs. Howell in Michael's version of Gilligan Island) continues their relationship from the BBQ episode.
    2-A Drunk Roy sets the wedding date. I'm sure that he will not remember the date or that Pam will have problems with the date once she gets off the natural high of Roy finally taking the next step.
    3-Jim trying to move towards Pam by breaking up with his girlfriend and then heading to talk to Pam about their relationship (right before item #2 happens).
    4-Drunk Meredith and Captain Jack.

    Michael is typical Michael in trying to overtake the Booze Cruise and steal Captain Jack's thunder. I loved the speech about the ship going down (which was his metaphor about the Office). But Michael showed a great side to himself when he allowed Jim to tell him his true feelings for Pam. Michael offered advice and wasn't at all about himself.

    Meredith naked count #2--this time with a life preserver
  • Michael takes the entire Dunder Mufflin staff on a motivational cruise aboard a party boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, but his planned presentation is bogged down by numerous distractions, including a dance contest, limbo, snorkel shots...

    Michael takes the entire Dunder Mufflin staff on a motivational cruise aboard a party boat on Lake Wallenpaupack, but his planned presentation is bogged down by numerous distractions, including a dance contest, limbo, snorkel shots, and the pushy Captain Jack. Jim and Katy's relationship hits the rocks as Roy and Pam finally set a wedding date.

    Another one of those pivotal episodes with characters and the relationships that they have with one another. Jim really breaks down in this episode and confides in Michael on the side of the boat. The acting stood out to me the most in this episode. The writing was solid, but Jim's character was acted to perfection. Pam and Roy are destined to end - I think that that has been made obvious since the first episode of season one. Either way - a very good episode on the acting side of things.
  • Michael books the company retreat on a booze cruise. In January. His presentation doesn't go as planned and developments on the boat make a big change for Pam and Jim, giving Michael the chance to inspire at least someone.

    The first time this episode aired, I missed it. I'd heard that it was good, but never sought it out, especially after I stopped watching the show last year. Getting the chance to view this one the other day, I'm wondering how I ever lost interest in this show. This episode brings everything that makes The Office great. Brutally awkward humor and situations, Michael's well meaning but misguided attempts to appeal to his subordinates, progress in the Jim/Pam/Roy triangle, and Michael having one of his unobnoxious, humanizing moments. The final scene really is a surprising and nice moment, well done by both actors (even a funny interruption by Dwight). Steve Carell does indeed deserve the Emmy nominations he receives.
  • "Leader. Ship. The word 'ship' is hidden in side the word 'leadership,' as its... derivation."

    This is my third favorite episode of The Office ever (behind The Injury and Casino Night).

    The staff goes on a "motivational" cruise. Michael tries to take charge, but the captain doesn't let him. The captain puts Dwight in charge of a fake wheel to distract him. Pam's fiancee, Roy is very drunk at this point, but announces that he wants to set a date for their wedding. Jim is crushed and breaks up with his girlfriend (who he brought with him). Later, he ends up confessing his feelings to Michael. (You'll see in a later episode that it wasn't a very good idea!) Michael is surprisingly supportive and encouraging and tells Jim to 'never give up.'

    Some of the funniest parts of this episode are when Dwight's stuff is in the vending machine, when the captain puts Dwight in charge of the fake wheel, when Michael tried to take charge of the ship, and of course, the hilarious quotes about Titanic:

    Phyllis: Michael, everyone in the engine room drowned.

    Michael: Thank you, Spoiler Alert!

    This cannot be missed. If you haven't seen the show, this episode may very well get you hooked. It's a series classic, and I can't say enough good things about it.
  • The office staff goes on a Booze Cruise.

    Booze Cruise was another great episode of The Office. It was one of the more dramatic episodes of The Office, but it was still very good. The Jam content was great in this episode, and the scene with the twenty-eight seconds of silence between Jim and Pam was brilliantly done. Michael was really funny in this episode. This episode also had some really deleted scenes that were featured on the season two DVDs. The DVD comentary for this episode was one of the funniest DVD commentaries on the DVDs. I also loved the Dwight and Angela stuff in this episode it was pretty funny. All in all, this was another great episode of The Office.
  • For Michael's sake, this episode takes a twist that sets him as not the goofy-irritating being he is.

    Wow, gotta get me on one of those booze cruises. I think this episode is so special because we get to see Michael being something besides his goofy-anoying ways. When Jim has to accept the fact that Pam is finally getting married he becomes utterly upset and searches for someone to let it out. We've seen in previous episodes the sort of pity Jim beholds for Michael but on this one, Michael pulls words of advice for Jim that acutally motivate the man more to not give up on the crush Michael feel for Pam, thus becoming the motivational speaker he wanted the whole cruise to be and making this Jim-Michael relationship so keen and fine.
  • Love it!

    Been watching this show for the past week. Gotta say this episode is the one that really spices things up and make you wanna sit down and watch the coming episodes. In general this show is great, but there is like a different thing happened every episode and you ussually know what will happen by the time the episode ends. But the booze cruise was something, can't wait to watch the next episode. This show really hit it off well, although many say the UK version is funnier, i still think Steve is a real talented comedian. All in all superb show!
  • Michael has a fantastic idea to go on an "Inspirational" Booze Cruise in Mid-January, which has all the Dunder Mifflin employees a bit annoyed.

    As the first episode of \"The Office\" that I saw, I think it\'s enough to say that it got me hooked. I loved the Jim/Pam fling, even though i was unfamilliar to it. This episode was a great first for me, because it gave some backround to what was going on in previous episodes.
  • The cat is out of the bag!!

    Awesome episode!!. I thought I was going to lose it when Michael started dancing, and the look on Jim\'s face was priceless. The Captain did a great job, and the \"fake wheel\" bit was a great touch. The only thing that bothered me was Where Was Ryan??. He was in the beginning of the episode, but he disappeared. I think Ryan could have spiced things up with his facial expressions towards Michael, or his comments about Michael when he is talking to the camera.
  • I'm King Of The World- Micheal

    This episode for me goes down as a series classic. I was just so funny. The plot was fresh and original. The jokes were great espeacially the one about Gilligan's Island. All the actors did a terrific job and the tension of love was really great. All in all this was a really good episode with tons of laughs. I highly recommend watching this episode and watching this show. It's one of the best shows on TV.
    Plot: 10
    Jokes: 10
    Acting: 10
    Overall: 10
  • This is the episode that made me a (pathetic) fan of the Office.

    Okay... this was the first episode I'd seen in a few weeks. It made me fall in love with the series.

    There are some episodes that are good because they do a great job of telling great jokes. And there are some episodes that that are good because they do a great job of moving the story along (ie. a new twist, for example, in the Jim/Pam relationship).

    This episode is great because it did both.

    Every joke was nailed. Every relationship twist was interesting.
  • Captain Jack is a fart face!

    This episode is another great installment of American's "The Office". From Merideths "Oh yeah!" to Michael telling Jim to "Never give up.".

    Will Michael ever learn to let other people talk? I love his constant yearning of being in control. He always over talks people and tries to take credit for what they do...more great examples of that were shown tonight! (secretly I feel just a bit sorry for him...I think he just wants to be liked!)

    There were a few awkward moments for the people-especially Jim, who always waits too long and now it seems like he doesn't have a chance... I guess we'll have to wait and see!

    Michael's dance scene is a must see! And so is Dwight's chatter about being the youngest Pan-Am pilot in history. "I was 4, but I was great and I was 4!"

    All in all, a top-notch episode worthy of a bunch rewatching and even a few Dundies!
  • 'It's a fake wheel dummy'

    And yet another great episode! The boat trip / booze cruise takes us away from the regular office scene and brings us some great things. Offcourse is Michael trying to be better then the ships captain. "I am the regional manager of Dunder Miflin Michael Scott" Heh that was fun. Dwight behind the big fake wheel was just hilarious. Just thinking about it right now makes me laugh.
  • "How Old Is This Ship?"

    Great all around episode, taking the group out of the normal Office enviromnet and putting them onto a boat. May seem a bit odd, but it worked as did the episode at Chilli's.

    The best moment of the episode being at the end where Michael actually shows some real emotion in giving advice to Jim. I'm glad they kept it real and didn't make him do what Michael usually does.... Though that may still happen in the future, and probably will.