The Office

Season 2 Episode 15

Boys and Girls

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show opens to Jan Levinson talking to the women of the office in the conference room. Pam explains to camera that today is their women in the workplace thing. She's not actually sure what it is about, but Michael is not allowed in, a fact Jan repeated about 5 times. Michael knocks on the door and walks in to Jan's protestation. He sits down and starts to espouse on his theories of equality while Jan tells him to leave. When he expresses concern that the Albany branch turned their conference room into a lactation room after the last women's day, Jan tells him he especially has to leave. Michael tries to pull rank but Jan outranks him and he reluctantly leaves. Michael then explains to camera what the day actually means. "yeah, translation.. I have been banned from my own conference room so Jan can talk in secret to all the girls, well - sorry, women of the workplace. About what? I don't know. Clothes. Me. Ewwww." (shakes head) Jan apologises for Michael's intrusion and Pam points out to her that Michael is still hovering near the door listening in. Jan yells at him and he scurries away.

Dwight and Jim are sitting at their desks and can hear Jan talking to the women. Jim throws a glance at Pam who looks up and rolls her eyes. Dwight is appalled. Dwight - "It's a terrible idea." Jim - "What is?" Dwight - "THEM, when they're all together. They stay in there too long they're gonna get on the same cycle. Wreak havoc on our plumbing."

Michael gather the guys around in the office, telling them to roll their chairs over and they sit outside the conference room. Michael then gets them to warm up by clapping. Jan comes out upset and Michael and he informs her they are just having a little 'guys in the workplace thing'. Jan gets irate and tells him to do it somewhere else. Michael says there is nowhere else until Dwight suggests the warehouse. Jan tells him it is an excellent idea and slams the door to the conference room and closes all the blinds. Michael then tells the staff that they all enjoy their cushy fun jobs but there is an other side to the office, the warehouse. Michael then tells them they are going to go and see how the warehouse works. They all file out of the office except for Toby who is last. He motions to the camera to keep quiet, and closes the door and goes back to work. Michael explains to camera that he thinks it'll work out great because managing the warehouse is a very important part of his job, and he hasn't been there in months.

The men enter the warehouse, which is in full swing. Roy is loading a truck with the forklift. The men look apprehensive and Michael leads the group down the stairs. On the way down, Dwight motions to the camera and says "Remember on LOST, when they met the others...?" In the conference room, Jan is rattled by Michael's intrusions and asks Pam if she is taking notes while she fumbles with a set of cards.

Michael is in the warehouse explaining things to the staff and camera. He tells them that Darryl is the foreman, and not Roy, which is good. Darryl has a cold look on his face. Michael asks him what his biggest fear is and he tells him that it is somebody coming along and distracting them from getting the shipments out on time. He then tells them that Roy is engaged to Pam, their own Brangelina thing. Ryan and the other staff look painfully uncomfortable. Roy tells Michael he doesn't get it, and Michael explains further, calling them RAM.

Kevin walks over to Jim and whispers to him that Roy has probably found out about his secret crush on Pam and might try to beat him up. Jim thanks him for pointing it out. Kevin then tells him not to worry because he has got his back. He then clarifies that he will try to stay out of it.

Michael leaves an equation on the chalk board - 13579 divided by 8724, just in case there's someone down here who shouldn't be - a good will hunting situation. Michael then addresses the men while Darryl has a pained look on his face. Michael tells them that there are 2 groups of people there, blue collar and white collar, but he only sees one group because he is collar blind. Jim shakes his head in disgust.

Cut to Pam who is shaking her head sadly as Jan gets everyone in the room to say something good about themselves. She starts by saying she is good at public speaking. Meredith is next who begins her Alcoholics Anonymous introduction before catching herself and declaring herself to be good at supplier relations. Phyllis claims to be good at computer stuff, but Angela questions her stating that she has seen some of her spreadsheets and they weren't that good. Pam looks dismayed and tells the camera how she fails to see how she fits in with the women at the office or Jan. She gets on well with them but the person she has the most in common with is....

cut to Roy walking up to Jim in the warehouse. Roy - "Jim!.. Halpert. Hey uh, I uh, you know, heard there was a rumor going around about you used to have a crush on Pam." Jim - "Oh, no no no..." Roy - "No n-no, it's cool 'cause I know you're a good guy and I know that that crush ended a long time ago. So, you know, we're cool. Alright?" Jim - "Yeah. Nope, yeah. Definitely." Roy - "You know, I'm- It's great with me, that way- I'm glad she has a friend at work she can get through the day with. That way she's not all, 'Bah bah bah bah,' you know, when she gets home." Jim - "Yeah, I like talking to her too." There is a pile of unused Dundies awards lying around and Kevin can be seen in the background listening in. Kevin wipes the sweat off his face and shakes his head at Jim as if to say 'close call.'

Darryl approaches Michael and tells him that the warehouse men would like to go up to the office and learn how things work up there for experience. Michael blows him off and tells the office guys to start unloading the truck. Dwight organises the office men while the warehouse guys stand around a watch. Michael finds the blow up sex doll from Sexual Harassment and picks it up to find it has a picture of his face stuck on it. The warehouse guys laugh.

Jan is discussing with the women what they want to be in 5 years. Meredith tells her she wants to be 5 years sober - no, 4 and a half. Kelly tells her she does not want to be one of those live-ins schlepping their kids around in a mini-van. Kelly wants an SUV with 3 rows of seats. Jan has a tortured look on her face. She then tells the camera that one of the goals of these days is to see if there are any standouts amongst the women, who could be valuable to their corporate life. She then pauses and looks away, disheartened.

Dwight is in the truck and tells the office men that Michael told them to bond so to think of some topics of conversation. Jim suggests ponies, Ryan suggests Rainbows. Jim offers flowers.

Michael is on the forklift while Darryl urgently tries to get him off it. Michael then proceeds to knock over all of the shelving in the warehouse, luckily not crushing anyone in the process. Darryl and the other warehouse men are irate. Michael tells them they need to get the forklift serviced.

Cut to Michael conducting a gripe session with all of the men. He tells them that they are different but have things in common for example some of them like the same girls (Jim glances nervously at Roy). One of the 'men', a butch looking woman, asks Michael if he wants her to go. Embarrassed he says no. She gets up and leaves anyway.

Back in the office, Phyllis is finishing up telling Jan how her dream is to have a house with a big walk in closet. Meredith and Kelly both agree. Jan cuts them off and asks Pam what her dream is. Pam tells her she always wanted a terrace house since she was a girl. More seriously she wants to be married to the man she loves, Roy. And she loves to draw. She did a little in high school and would still like to do something with art or graphic design in some way. When Phyllis tells Jan that Pam is really good, Jan senses an opportunity to salvage the day and suggests to Pam that she attends a Design Training Programme offered by the company in Newark. Pam tries to come up with excuses to say no and Jan tells her there are always a million reason not to do something. Silenced, Pam picks up the brochure and looks at it.

Back at the gripe session, Darryl tells Michael that safety is important to him and that people coming into his warehouse speeding around on the lift playing with it like it's a toy really gets under his skin. Not getting the answer he wanted, Michael tries to shoosh Darryl up to his further indignation. Michael changes the subject and the men call David 'Hasselhoff' causing him to button up his shirt.

Jan brings up the subject of clothing, causing Phyllis to light up. She loves girl talk. Angela reflects to camera that she isn't gaining anything from today. She is the head of accounting and in the most stable relationship of her life. And judging by the look of Jan's clothing, Jan wants to be a whore.

Roy tells the guys how he hates it when women always want to go out to restaurants on weekends then demand to know when they are going to be taken on a real date. The guys all agree, causing Dwight to pipe up. Dwight - "Yeah and then they make you drive them to church the next morning, like gas ain't free." Michael then tells the warehouse guys that he 'feels them' but Darryl fires up and tells Michael he is nothing like them because he gets paid a lot more than they do to work the same hours and work a lot harder. Michael at first agrees but when Darryl starts to talk about forming a union he tries to talk them out of it, telling them to blame their problems on the women. Darryl asks Michael if he is with them and he meekly says 'yes' causing everyone in the warehouse to start chanting his name.

Upstairs, Jan is talking about inequality of pay when Michael interrupts, telling Jan it is important. He tells her the guys downstairs are thinking of starting a union and that they have some valid points. Michael tells the camera that he knows how to talk to women. He then enunciates in a condescending way to Jan Michael - " Lets. Be. Rational. Here. What are the pros? What are the cons?" Jan - " The cons are, everyone will lose their job, Michael. EVERYONE. Warehouse, office. (in same condescending tone as Michael) What. Do. You. Think. The. Pros. Are?" Michael - "Don't talk to me that way please. Just. They're gonna want to hear this from you."

Jan tells Michael it is not her problem, and Michael pleads with her that he is bonding down there and he doesn't want to tell them something that they're not gonna want to hear. He then brings up their history in front of the others and Jan angrily cuts him off and tells him to get back downstairs. Pam throws a quizzical look towards Meredith and Phyllis who have been listening intently to the whole conversation.

Downstairs, Jim, Ryan and Stanley are unloading a truck manually. Ryan points out that they could do it a lot quicker if they formed an assembly line and Stanley reminds him that it's a run-out-the-clock situation, same as upstairs. Ryan looks uncomfortable.

Upstairs, Jan is plodding on with her day. She brings up the subject of sporting terminology as a way of men excluding women in the workplace. Everyone is looking extremely bored. Pam, obviously inspired, is finishing off a full page sketch of a mansion with a row of trees and is not paying any attention at all. Jan starts to list out the names and meanings of a variety of sporting terms. Kelly asks her what second base means, using the example of Michael saying he got to second base with her. Everyone stifles a laugh, even Angela, and Jan gets extremely flustered and tells her she doesn't know what Michael was talking about. Kelly smiles and winks at the camera.

Pam spies Jim upstairs checking his voicemail and excuses herself and runs up to him. She asks Jim how things are going downstairs. He tells her it's exactly how she would expect. He asks how the girls are. Pam tells him they watched a video about their changing bodies. Jim believes her and she laughs. She then tells Jim about the internship in graphic design and that she thinks it's really cool. Jim tells her that she should do it.

In the warehouse, Michael is tearing open a huge bag of Styrofoam packing pieces and emptying it out in front of an industrial fan, causing it to 'snow' everywhere. Dwight is excited while Roy stands next to him looking distraught. Darryl is a broken man and can only sit and stare at Michael with a blank expression. Michael is oblivious and is singing 'Happy New Year Darryl.'

In the conference room, things get personal. Angela asks Jan if she is married and Jan tells her she is divorced. Phyllis comments that it must have been hard. Jan agrees. Kelly tells her she was probably feeling really depressed and sad, and THAT's why she did that thing with Michael. Jan tells them they should all spend a little more time thinking about their careers, and less time on personal stuff. Phyllis disagrees, stating that they think they're all ok with the bounds they've struck. Angela chimes in telling her at least she doesn't have kids, thank GOD! This is too much for Jan, who ended her marriage over her husband not wanting children, and she hastily leaves the room. Kelly turns to the others and wonders how someone so beautiful be so sad.

Jan walks down the stairs to the warehouse and Michael runs up to greet her. She asks him coldly if he took care of the situation. Michael sheepishly says yes and Jan calls for everyone's attention. She tells them she has been told that there is talk of forming a union and Michael supported. Obviously Michael is not their friend as he did not tell them the facts. The men stand up and listen to Jan. "If there is even a WHIFF, of unionising in the branch, I can GUARANTEE you the branch will be shut down like THAT(snaps fingers). They unionised in Pittsfield and we all know what happened in Pittsfield. It will cost each of you a fortune in legal fees, union dues, and that will be nothing compared to the cost of losing your jobs, so, I would think LONG and HARD before sacrificing your savings and your futures, just to send a message. If you have any further questions, you can direct them to ... (turns to Michael who is hiding behind a mop) Michael."

Cut to footage of Roy and Pam arguing. Roy is holding the internship brochure and speaking strongly at Pam before walking off while Pam's talking head explains that sometimes dreams are just dreams. They get you through the day. The terrace house thing was from a book she read when she was twelve. The girl in the book had a terrace and she would plant flowers in it and Pam just loved it. It stuck with her. Cut to the lunchroom. Pam is sitting down looking dejected. Jim is making coffee and turns to face her Jim - "So you're not doing it?" Pam - "How did you know?" Jim stares at her. Pam - "It's no big reason, just a bunch of little reasons." Jim - "C'mon" Pam - "Roy's right, there no guarantee it's gonna lead to anything anyway." Jim - "Roy said that?" Pam - "What? You have something you want to say?" Jim - "You gotta take a chance on something sometime Pam. I mean do you want to be a receptionist here always?" Pam - "Oh excuse me, I'm fine with my choices." Jim - "You are?" Pam, looking doubtful - "Yeah." Cut to Pam talking to camera. She is trying to justify her decision and says that she is not going to get a house like that. It's impractical. They don't even make houses like that in Scranton. She starts to cry and covers her hand with her face.

Michael is back on the forklift, trying to help. He has picked up the fallen shelving and smashes it into the wall. The men are helplessly watching while Darryl sadly says that this is not a good idea. The camera pulls back to reveal that Michael has trashed the entire warehouse and almost collects two people. The female warehouse employee from earlier erases the number 965 from the number-of-accident-free-days sign and writes 0.

Michael is buying a large number of pizzas to appease the men. He calls it the great equalizer. Rich people like pizza, poor people like pizza, white people like pizza, black people like pizza. He then stops and asks the camera if black people like pizza. Cut to one of the black employees eating pizza while Michael nods wisely to camera. Everyone is kicking back and enjoying the pizza. Michael tells the guys that he is sorry. He tells them Jan can be such a bitch sometimes. They all agree and he tells them to watch it - he's in a relationship with her.

Michaels bid thank you to his hosts as the office guys leave the warehouse. Darryl yells out to him that this isn't over but Michael has shut the door. Long shot of Darryl standing in the middle of an absolutely trashed warehouse, looking around despondently.

The men return to the office with leftover pizza and Michael's talking head says that it's good to be back while we see shots of everyone settling back into their office routines. Michael tells us that he likes the guy stuff but to run an office you need to have men and women.(Cut to a shot of Jan walking to her car) Because you need to have that crazy sexual tension to keep things interesting.

Cut to shots of Dwight, Ryan and Creed settling back into their desks.

Jim is at his desk. He stares at Pam who answers a phone call. He goes back to his work and Pam puts the call on hold, turns, and stares at Jim.