The Office

Season 2 Episode 15

Boys and Girls

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Michael and Jan have a gender appreciation day

    This was a very fine episode and shows how great season 2 was. I thought that this was a weaker episode when compared to the other episodes. However it's still very good. My only problems of this episode were that the organization could've been better and stuff that Jan was talking about seemed like something you watch on the first day you get hired. However maybe this happens at other offices. It didn't at mine.

    When Jan explained the reason why she was doing this and then said potential people for corporate, her silence was golden. One of the funnier moments at the women's seminar was with Meredith. Kelly was funny when she was asking Jan about her time with Michael. The producers have done this before. It's kind of like we were on a brake from Friends but on a smaller level.

    Michael's meeting was even better. One of my favorite Dwight moments happened in this episode when he said "Remember on Lost when they meet the others?" Any time Lost is mentioned, it's generally a good thing. I loved the cracks the warehouse staff put on Michael. My favorite moment is when Jan came down and said there was going to be no union and how he tried to hide from everyone. I also liked how Michael messed up the warehouse. Another good moment is when Roy was talking to Jim about Pam and how Kevin had Jim's back. Yet another awkward moment happened between Jim and Pam when he said she take a chance sometime.

    Despite some flaws here and there, this was a great episode.
  • boys and girls

    A definite classic of The Office. From Michael destroying the warehouse, to Pam getting offered a graphic design internship. This episode is an Office episode worth watching.

    I can't grasp the fact that Pam stays with Roy, this show better show a soft side of Roy pretty soon because it's as if Pam comes off dumb for staying with him in the first place when all Roy does is act like a jerk. The Woman in the Workplace Seminar was absolutely hilarious, the women of the Office are always the funniest. From Meredith as an alcoholic to Angela calling Jan a wh*re. It was just great.

    As for the guys side, we've got the classic Michael, destroying the warehouse, but other than that, it wasn't very entertaining, the whole thing with the union. You can't help but feel bad for Pam, especially when she cries in the end, leaves a sense of wonder by the end. Good classic episode of The Office. Don't miss this one
  • On of the best

    "Corporate" forces the female Dunder-Mifflin employees to attend a "women in the workplace" seminar, conducted by Jan. Jan later confides to the camera that the real purpose of the seminar is for the company to be able to root out any promising employees for future advancement. Miffed by being excluded, Michael assembles all the men in the warehouse for a "men in the workplace" seminar in the warehouse. Roy approaches Jim under the belief that Jim used to like Pam. Darryl and his equally irritated crew are forced to participate in Michael's shenanigans, which culminates in Michael trying to drive one of their delivery machines.Michael's recklessness behind the controls causes the supply shelves to come crashing down, just as he attempts some more haphazard antics that turns the warehouse into a complete mess while jeopardizing the employees' safety and infuriates Darryl and his men. Michael's plans to hold his own seminar backfires when the warehouse workers decide to form a union. Jan quickly convinces them not to strike, citing mass firings if it were to occur. Jan urges Pam to take a corporate training program in graphic design in New York when Pam reveals that she wants to be a graphic designer, but Roy quashes the idea. Jim rebukes Pam for listening to Roy when he is clearly wrong and acting selfish, which creates some tension between them. As the day comes to a close, the warehouse is in complete disarray.
  • A day of discontent, and a glimpse into Pam's motivations.

    Even though it's one of the funniest episodes of the season for sheer hilarity and Michael awkwardness (anytime he tries to interact with the warehouse guys, especially Daryl, Michael is at his incompetent best), this was also a tough installment to watch because of the reminder that so many of the Dunder-Mifflin characters are not quite happy with their lot in life. The Warehouse:
    When Daryl and Roy are reminded of the salary difference between themselves and the men upstairs (especially after Michael comes in and makes a big mess they have to clean up), despite the fact that they DO work harder, they try to lead the other warehouse workers in unionization. Michael leads them on, but their dreams are shot down by a cold, black-dressed Jan who has perched herself regally on the stairs without even bothering to descend into the warehouse. Meanwhile, their supposed advocate, Michael, is trying to make himself invisible (literally).

    We see from her speech and the interaction in the seminar that she's the only Dunder-Mifflin woman who dreams of something totally different, and doesn't think she quite fits in with her co-workers. She does have more in common with Jim than anyone else there, mostly because they're dreaming of something they're afraid to try for. For her, it's a career in graphic design. For him, it's her. Pam has settled into a routine that is okay, and she's not reminded that she once wanted something better until the seminar. Having been with Roy for so long, though, she doesn't know how to be alone, and now that they've finally set a date for the wedding, she doesn't want to screw anything up by going against his wishes and doing the graphic design internship in New York.

    In "Valentine's Day," when Jim told Kelly that it would be great if Ryan was into her, but maybe that's not the case, he was probably talking to himself as much as to her. But in this episode, when he tells Pam, "You have to take a chance on something sometime," he's mostly concerned with her. The conversation in the warehouse between Roy and Jim, and then between Roy and the guys, was a reminder that Jim just cares more about Pam as an individual than Roy does. Jim likes to listen to Pam and talk to Pam, and he wants the best for her. All that having been said, my favorite moment in this episode was probably Kevin offering to back Jim up if Roy tries to fight him. It was pretty sweet (especially since offering to help someone fight tough-looking Roy is a serious offer), and shows that Kevin is in tune with what's going on around the office, but that, unlike Michael, he's capable of being discreet and offering real support.
  • "If they stay in there too long, they're gonna get on the same cycle. Wreak havoc on our plumbing."

    The corporate offices force the female employees to attend a "women in the workplace" seminar, conducted by Jan. Michael is not happy that he is excluded, and assembles a "men in the workplace" seminar. However, things don't exactly go as planned when the warehouse workers want to form a union. Meanwhile, Jan urges Pam to take a graphic design course in New York, but Roy isn't crazy about the idea. This episode was full of classic moments, such as when Michael crashes into the boxes, the inflatable doll with Michael's picture, and Dwight's quote about "the others." Overall, this episode is better than the last episode. It's very funny, and has a lot of character development.
  • A fine example!

    Another brilliant episode where Michael mixes half part hubris and half part intent to do something "positive". Of course the road to hades is paved with both. Some really brilliant scenes:

    - Michael hurts someone with the forklift and they have to reset the "days without an injury" sign/whiteboard.

    - Michael wants to be a man, unbuttons his shirt, and shows off his chest hair

    - And of course Michael inadvertantly talks the whole warehouse into rebelliion and forming a union.

    Naturally, he's too chicken to tell the manly men they can't form a union so he needs his woman supervisor to do it.
  • Fantastic episode with a lot of heart, highlighting both the struggles of women in the workplace and the class divisions between the white collar and blue collar Dunder-Mifflin employees.

    When Jan arrives in Scranton to conduct a Women in the Workplace seminar, all the Dunder-Mifflin gals treat it differently, highlighting the differences between the characters and women in general. Phyllis views it as a great opportunity for "girl talk," Kelly takes her chance to get a jab in at Jan about sports metaphors and second base with Michael (Nice one!), Angela treats the seminar with derision while Meredith uses it as catharsis and a 12-step meeting.

    The most interesting part is that Jan, despite noting that the seminar is meant to empower female employees, still delegates Pam to the role of taking notes, forcing the receptionist to fade into the background of the proceedings. Only when directly questioned about her aspirations is Pam able to wax wistful about her hopes for a home with a terrace and an opportunity to use her skills in drawing and design. Finally, we see her crack and show that she might not be happy with being Roy's receptionist wife in Scranton forever. Jenna Fischer does a great job in this episode and good on Jim for reminding her that she does have choices in her life.

    Back in the warehouse, it's class struggle mayhem as Michael bonds with his guys and inadvertently supports an effort by the warehouse crew to unionize. It was nice to see that Pam isn't completely blind and that Roy might not be an unredeemable jerk when he handles the news of Jim's crush on Pam with admirable restraint and goodwill. John Krasinski's acting is also superb: his fear of a confrontation with Roy and subsequent relief that Roy is taking it well is so realistic and well done.

    I enjoy the episodes with "buddy Michael," when he tries to be one of the guys and at the same time shows how incompetent he is at being a leader and stepping up and taking charge. Boys and Girls, while not the funniest of Office episodes, was a great addition and offered a lot more depth into the characters' lives.
  • The amazing show just simply keeps getting better and better.

    One of the strongest shows so far, second only to this season's "The Injury". Loved Jim's forcing Pam to at least question her motives for doing what she's doing. Keep it up, Jim, she's going to be yours someday. Loved Jan, she is really coming into her own on the show. And I really love it when the "white collars" delve into the "blue collars" world; the line by Dwight comparing it to meeting the others on "Lost" is a classic! The writing on this show, how do they do it? It is so good, it's scary. Just love this show, love it, love it, love it!
  • We're starting to see some convergence with the British version, but in NBC's own unique way.

    Pretty good episode. Starting to see Pam converge a little more with the Dawn character in the UK, but well pulled off. Lots of good Michael moments, but some cringe-worthy ones, as well. The mess he made in the warehouse went too far. The warehouse also seemed a bit small, didn't it?

    But Michael's moments with Jan were excellent, as were Jim's scenes with Pam.

    Loved Michael's quote (paraphrased), "This will be great. Managing the warehouse is an important part of my job... and I haven't been there in months."

    Pam's interview scene discussing the garden terrace was wonderful (and heart-wrenching).
  • Great job B.J. at capturing a good perspective of female moral events.

    While not the funniest episode of the show, it was a very funny depection of female moral events and Michaels reaction. I think many people in a corp. environment can relate to. When it came to the show though, the premise kept the Jim/Pam interaction from happening a lot which kind of made it "less funny." Still a good episode though.
  • The gang reverts to grade school by divinding into a girl's club and a boy's club.

    Jenna OWNS this episode. The emotional roller coaster she goes through and the subtle way she presents it is just brilliant. And almost difficult to watch - in the good way. Pam feels so real and her conflict so raw that I actually felt like I was peeking in on something more personal than I was comfortable with.

    Anyway, the rest of the cast was great. Mindy Kaling (Kelly) had the best single comedic moment when she intentially baits Jan while hiding behind her 'feminine struggle w/ sports metaphors'.

    Overall, the degeneration of both the female and male 'conferences' was an absolute hoot. And then to throw the Union issue and absolutely embarress Michael with it. The cherry on top...
  • Hilarious! I'm hooked even more.

    This was probably the best episode that I have seen which has only been about 5-6 so far. I didn't even know this was their second season.

    The episode really opened up the personalities within the company and opened up more of the workforce (i.e. the warehouse).

    Like another reviewer, I agree that the writers are setting up for a climax at the season finale.

    I think the following may occur:
    * Michael will remain the boss but someone will be asked to be Michael's understudy. This might open up a whole new bag of humor
    * We will see more into Pam's relationship and her dreams. I would venture to guess that Jim has the same "home with a terrace" dream.
    * The warehouse workers will strike or unionize.
    * Michael and his boss will get drunk and hook up again.

    Great show, great episode.
  • We get to learn a lot more about some of the characters in the show, plus we see that the warehouse guys aren't happy. Oh, and Michael is a total jack a**

    I really enjoyed this episode as it was great for learning a bit more about some of the other characters in the show. Not that there is a ton of exposition on them, but we do get to see a bit more of Angela, Meredith, Darrell, Roy, etc. Plus, it was a very revealing look at how the warehouse side of the business works (900+ days without an accident!). I was particularly glad to see an actual decent side to Darrell and Roy, since they previously hadn't been portrayed very well (lazy, immature, etc.).

    This was one of the most painful episodes to watch though because Michael is a total, absolute ass in this episode. Not only is he a petulant child reminiscent of a scorned kid who sets up his own boys club in protest, but he's dangerous and unsafe in a pretty hazardous environment. Usually whenever they do these things with Michael they have some sort of redeeming moment (e.g. negotiations at Chilli's) but in this one, it's just him being a jerk, which doesn't really sit well with me.

    Finally, as one of the other reviewer's noted, the whole material about Pam was heart breaking. Her character is really sad and unfortunate and acted out very well. You just can't help but want good things for her. Kudos to the writers for creating such a realistic and enjoyable character.
  • Everyone from the producers to the performers to the prop department can be proud of this one.

    The staff and cast have really hit their stride. \"Boys and Girls\" has it all: broad comedy -- Michael wreaking havoc with a forklift, Dwight making \"snow angels\" in packing material -- and at the other end of the spectrum, there are moments of personal angst. Pam\'s internal struggle over whether to pursue her graphic-design dream was nicely written and performed.

    The dueling seminars format provided new glimpses into several of the subsidiary characters, particularly Phyllis, Meredith, Darrell and Roy. It\'s nice to see that the writers are putting a lot of thought into creating complex humans, instead of being content to use the other office workers only as joke set-ups for Michael. This episode compares favorably with the best of the British series, and it\'s the best the U.S version has been so far.
  • Maybe the best episode yet

    This was among the best eps of the series. BJ (Ryan the Temp) Novak did a great job of mixing slapstick, dry observational humor and pathos.

    Pam's situation is heartbreaking, and Jenna Fischer did a really nice job. We continue to get glimpses into the personalities of the office crew. It's nice to see them portray Roy as something other than a total lout, someone who has some decent impulses - otherwise, it's hard to see how Pam would ever put up with him.

    and they seem to be setting up the "cliffhanger" coming up at the end of March:

    -- Pam having to make a decision about whether to take some risks or not - if she actually does take the internship, that's a great way for them to go into the summer with her getting out of the office
    -- Jim coming to some sort of resolution for his increasingly obvious feelings for Pam - and maybe showing some initiative in a job he hates
    -- Some sort of confrontation with the warehouse crew
    -- Angela getting pregnant

    (OK, the last one is just there to see if you're paying attention)

    I think somehow they have to take Michael down a peg or two. His desperation is out of control right now.

    Great great ep, up there with "The Injury" and "Diversity Day".