The Office

Season 2 Episode 15

Boys and Girls

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • A day of discontent, and a glimpse into Pam's motivations.

    Even though it's one of the funniest episodes of the season for sheer hilarity and Michael awkwardness (anytime he tries to interact with the warehouse guys, especially Daryl, Michael is at his incompetent best), this was also a tough installment to watch because of the reminder that so many of the Dunder-Mifflin characters are not quite happy with their lot in life. The Warehouse:
    When Daryl and Roy are reminded of the salary difference between themselves and the men upstairs (especially after Michael comes in and makes a big mess they have to clean up), despite the fact that they DO work harder, they try to lead the other warehouse workers in unionization. Michael leads them on, but their dreams are shot down by a cold, black-dressed Jan who has perched herself regally on the stairs without even bothering to descend into the warehouse. Meanwhile, their supposed advocate, Michael, is trying to make himself invisible (literally).

    We see from her speech and the interaction in the seminar that she's the only Dunder-Mifflin woman who dreams of something totally different, and doesn't think she quite fits in with her co-workers. She does have more in common with Jim than anyone else there, mostly because they're dreaming of something they're afraid to try for. For her, it's a career in graphic design. For him, it's her. Pam has settled into a routine that is okay, and she's not reminded that she once wanted something better until the seminar. Having been with Roy for so long, though, she doesn't know how to be alone, and now that they've finally set a date for the wedding, she doesn't want to screw anything up by going against his wishes and doing the graphic design internship in New York.

    In "Valentine's Day," when Jim told Kelly that it would be great if Ryan was into her, but maybe that's not the case, he was probably talking to himself as much as to her. But in this episode, when he tells Pam, "You have to take a chance on something sometime," he's mostly concerned with her. The conversation in the warehouse between Roy and Jim, and then between Roy and the guys, was a reminder that Jim just cares more about Pam as an individual than Roy does. Jim likes to listen to Pam and talk to Pam, and he wants the best for her. All that having been said, my favorite moment in this episode was probably Kevin offering to back Jim up if Roy tries to fight him. It was pretty sweet (especially since offering to help someone fight tough-looking Roy is a serious offer), and shows that Kevin is in tune with what's going on around the office, but that, unlike Michael, he's capable of being discreet and offering real support.