The Office

Season 2 Episode 15

Boys and Girls

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • Michael and Jan have a gender appreciation day

    This was a very fine episode and shows how great season 2 was. I thought that this was a weaker episode when compared to the other episodes. However it's still very good. My only problems of this episode were that the organization could've been better and stuff that Jan was talking about seemed like something you watch on the first day you get hired. However maybe this happens at other offices. It didn't at mine.

    When Jan explained the reason why she was doing this and then said potential people for corporate, her silence was golden. One of the funnier moments at the women's seminar was with Meredith. Kelly was funny when she was asking Jan about her time with Michael. The producers have done this before. It's kind of like we were on a brake from Friends but on a smaller level.

    Michael's meeting was even better. One of my favorite Dwight moments happened in this episode when he said "Remember on Lost when they meet the others?" Any time Lost is mentioned, it's generally a good thing. I loved the cracks the warehouse staff put on Michael. My favorite moment is when Jan came down and said there was going to be no union and how he tried to hide from everyone. I also liked how Michael messed up the warehouse. Another good moment is when Roy was talking to Jim about Pam and how Kevin had Jim's back. Yet another awkward moment happened between Jim and Pam when he said she take a chance sometime.

    Despite some flaws here and there, this was a great episode.