The Office

Season 3 Episode 7

Branch Closing

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • On their way to New York to see the CFO you can see on the dashboard of the car they are headed south and it is currently 87°. This being late fall in the Northeast and them heading north to NY, you can tell that they are actually filming in Los Angeles heading south.

  • Quotes

    • Jan: Our CFO believes that Josh is going to play an important role in our company's future.
      Michael: Oh, really, what role is that? King of the stupid universe?

    • Michael: There she is—Jan Levinson.
      Jan: Michael.
      Michael: First thing in the morning. Love to start my morning with a hearty bowl of Jan.
      Jan: Michael.
      Michael: (singing) Just call me Levinson in the morning, baby...

    • Josh: I, um, will not be taking the job.
      Jan: Excuse me? Why not?
      Josh: As of today, I have accepted a senior management position at Staples.
      Jim: Say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would never do that.

    • Dwight: When you become close with someone you develop a kind of sixth sense. You can read their moods like a book. Right now, the title of Michael's book is "Something Weird is Going On"...colon... "What Did Jan Say?...The Michael Scott Story"... by Michael Scott with Dwight Schrute.

    • Karen: Who are you faxing so early in the morning?
      Jim: Oh, um... kinda hard to explain. (cuts to talking head) I don't have a ton of contact with the Scranton branch, but, before I left, I took a box of Dwight's stationery. So, from time to time, I send Dwight faxes. From himself. From the future. (cut to Dwight reading the fax Jim just sent) Dwight, at 8am today, somebody poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee. More instructions will follow. Cordially, Future Dwight.
      Dwight: NOOOOO! (after seeing Stanley leave the break room with a cup of coffee, runs and knocks it out of his hand) You'll thank me later.

    • Michael: What are we still doing here? It's over. Let's go home, get the car. Ohhh, this was such a stupid idea. This was so stupid. (crying) I'm such a stupid idiot. I let everybody down. Everybody hates me. I lost everybody's jobs. Nobody likes me anymore.

    • Jim: Hey, um…I think I am going to take that job, and Scranton, it's not that bad there. So if they offer you a job there. I think you should take it.
      Karen: Okay yeah, maybe I will.
      (Karen speaking to the camera)
      Karen: Yeah, I'm happy he said that. I mean, I don't think he's into me or anything. But I'm kind of into him. So…there you go.

    • Angela: I don't want to blame anyone in particular. I think everyone's to blame.

    • Michael: Listen up, everybody I have some news. We are screwed. Dunder Mifflin Scranton is being shut down.
      Toby: Michael, uh, we shouldn't be talking about this until all the decisions have been made.
      Michael: You knew about this all along, didn't you?
      Toby: Jan told me just a few minutes before she told you.
      Michael: (points at Toby) Traitor! You are a traitor.

    • Karen: Hey, uh, did you hear about your friends in Pennsylvania? Rumor has it that the Scranton branch is "gklch" (makes a cut throat gesture)
      Jim: Really? Wow, that's too bad.
      Andy: Um, Sorry. Scranton branch is closing? In your face.
      Jim: Well, I work here now.
      Andy: Mmmm!! sucka.

    • Michael: It is an outrage. That's all. It's—they're making a huge, huge mistake. Let's see Josh replace these people. Let's see Josh find another Stanley. You think Stanley's grow on trees? Well, they don't. There is no Stanley tree. You think the world is crawling with Phyllis's? Show me that farm, with Phyllis's and Kevin's sprouting up all over the place, ripe for the plucking. Show me that farm.

    • Michael: Am I a small number person or a severance package person?
      Jan: Well, we haven't made final decisions about personnel yet but you're a severance package person. (Michael shudders)
      Michael: Oh my God! (crying) Oh my God!

    • Jan: Michael.
      Michael: Yes?
      Jan: I'm here to tell you that we are closing the Scranton branch.
      Michael: I don't understand.
      Jan: The board voted last night to close your branch.
      Michael: On whom's authority?
      Jan: The board's.
      Michael: W-What?

    • Michael: Although, I can't say I'm a big fan of Bowling For Columbine. I was expecting it to be a bowling movie, like Kingpin.

    • Pam: Oh great, you're bringing Dwight?
      Michael: Yes, This might get ugly. I need backup.

    • Jim: I mean, I always knew the branch would shut down someday, I just figured it would be, Michael would sell the building, for some magic beans.

  • Notes

    • The French episode title is "Fermeture programmée", meaning "Planned Closing". The Italian title is "Licenziamenti", meaning "Layoffs". The Spanish title is "El Cierre de la sucursal", an exact translation.

    • Andy gets frustrated when Jim pretends not to remember that he graduated from Cornell, an Ivy League school. In real life, John Krasinski (Jim) graduated from Brown University, Mindy Kaling (Kelly) graduated from Dartmouth, and both Rashida Jones (Karen) and BJ Novak (Ryan) graduated from Harvard University -- all Ivy League schools. Ed Helms, who plays Andy, went to Oberlin College in Ohio (not an Ivy, but a top-ranked school nonetheless).

    • The episode was made available online through after airtime. Being a pivotal episode, a "producer's cut" was made to expand upon the allotted half-hour. This marks the first time they've released a full episode with additional footage before the DVD release.

  • Allusions

    • Pam signs the company directory, "PS - What a long strange trip its been", a reference to a cliched yearbook quote taken from the lyrics of the song "Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead.

    • Michael's sing-song of, "Just call me Levinson of the morning, baby", plays off the song, "Angel of the Morning", written by Chip Taylor, and performed by several artists, but originally recorded by Merrilee Rush. The best-selling and highest-charting version in the U.S. is by Juice Newton in 1981.

    • Jim says, I always knew that the branch would shut down someday, I just figured it would be because Michael sold the building for some magic beans," referring to the fable Jack and the Beanstalk in which naive Jack sells the family's cow for some magic beans.

    • Kelly says, "If I get to stay and Ryan gets laid off, I will kill myself, like Romeo and Juliet, the Claire Danes one," referring to the 1996 film adaptation of William Shakespeare's play, Romeo + Juliet. The movie takes place in modern times, but with an edited version of the original dialogue. It was targeted more towards young adults and teenagers.