The Office

Season 4 Episode 10

Branch Wars

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC
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Karen, now the regional manager of the Utica branch, attempts to lure Stanley away from Scranton. When Michael objects, he brings Jim and Dwight into his "war." Pam, Oscar and Toby are a part of a "Finer Things Club", which Andy tries to join.

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  • the finer things about this episode

    At the end of Season 2 there was many candidates to fill the position at corporate and Karen who was dating Jim at the time was one of them. The position ended up going to Ryan. Karen came back to only to leave a week later. If you are wondering what happened to her you will find out in this episode. I liked seeing one of the other branches at another Dunder Mifflin. Karen ended up being the new manager at this place. It turns out she was recruiting another person from the Scranton Branch.

    It turns out that person is Stanley. The expression on Michael's face after Stanley told him he was leaving went from happiness to sadness was something to behold. His recruiting strategy for the Utica Salesman was pretty funny. Michael then with the help of Dwight and Jim to get Staples as their client. What followed was some of the most funniest scenes I have seen in the series. There were many things about that were hilarious. I was surprised by the prank Michael with help from Dwight actually worked on Jim. There is some things that Michael is not. One of them is his deceiving people, but this time it worked. Whether it was Dwight peeing in a can then cutting his penis, the" bombs" that were in Michael's car, or the costumes everyone wore with mustaches with Jim wearing a ladies warehouse uniform. This was just the car ride to the Utica Office. They arrive at Utica and the laughter still continues. This was just as funny it not more funny then the car ride. The walkie-talkie talk between Jim and Dwight (in the building) and Jim was one of the highlights of this episode. Perfect timing when things get worse for Michael and Dwight when Karen notices Jim in the car. The exchange between Jim and the cameraman were also funny. It was also very funny when Michael (with Jim and Dwight) in Karen's office told her what he would do if she hurt Stanley. The conversation between Karen and Jim had a balance between uncomfortableness and laughter.

    The finer things about this episode was certainly not as good as the Dwight, Jim, and Michael part. It was still funny. I enjoyed how Pam, Toby, and Oscar tried to keep calm with the distraction going on between them. I do wonder why the reason why Jim couldn't join the club was said by Toby and not by Oscar. Speaking of Oscar he said the funniest line for him in the series. (Besides having sex with men the Finer Things is the gayest thing about me)

    Feeling defeated Michael allows Stanley to leave. When Michael was in his office with Pam to help him write out a new want ad, the way his reaction was similar to the way after Carole broke up with him. When Stanley told him of the decision his reaction was also humorous.

    As great as this episode was I think there was even better one down the line.moreless
  • 406

    Definitely "one of the better" episodes of season four. I think the one hour long "specials" were really hurting this show in the beginning, and now that that fad is over, I'm proud to say that this episode was great. The plots did seem a bit too over the top, but yet again, what about the Office isn't over the top? So I managed to accept that. Rashida Jones as Karen was really great on this show, and it felt like a breath of fresh air watching her in this episode.

    Michael, Dwight, and Jim go to get payback on Karen for wanting to take Stanley, they end up breaking her copier, and a very awkward but hilarious moment is shared between Karen & Jim. The Finer Things Club was definitely one of the highlights. From Andy wanting to be in the club to Jim not even reading the book they were reading that month. It was hilarious.

    I always hoped in the beginning of the season that this show would improve, and it looks like I got what I hoped for. Great episode.moreless
  • I loved this episode! It's one of my favorites!

    Karen, now Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Utica, attempts to lure Stanley away from Dunder Mifflin Scranton. To try to prank Karen for attempting this, Michael and Dwight trick Jim into accompanying them on a raid to Utica. But when they are discovered, Karen scolds them for trying, and is only further angered when Jim informs her that he and Pam are now dating. Back at Scranton, Michael bids Stanley goodbye, who then tells Michael he's decided to stay, revealing that he only said he'd leave to try to get a raise. This episode is extremely funny! If more episodes were like this way more people would watch the show!moreless
  • My new favorite episode

    Save for "Diversity Day" this episode takes the place as my favorite episode in the office series. I will say it pushes the envelope at times, but hey, that's what this show is all about.

    The plot line of the episode is, in my opinion, pretty new for the show. Micheal, Dwight, and Jim plan a prank to get back at the Utica branch for stealing Stanley (offering him a better job). During their obviously doomed adventure, the three dress up in what I believe Borat would look like if he worked in the Paper factory. From stink bombs-and real ones, to ahh... especially painful, pushing the envelope type injuries, the Office puts out another instant classic.

  • GREAT EPISODE!!!!!!!!!

    I thought this episode was great and had some great scenes and lines. It was funny with Dwight throwing Jim's cellphone out the car window and then them trying to get it back. And it was hilarious with all of them wearing disguises and trying to break into the other office. I think the epsiode wasn't the best of the series, it certianly wasn't better than earlier season 1 episodes but it was a great episode. I agree with some other people that it was kind of like a sitcom and wasn't really done in the office manner but who cares!! I loved this episode!!!!!moreless

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    • During the Finer Things Club meeting that Andy tries to crash, the teapot they are using is the one that Jim gave Pam in the episode Christmas Party.

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    • When Michael introduces his dummy to Dwight, he says, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". He is referring to a 1986 John Hughes movie in which a high school boy, Ferris Bueller, fakes being sick to skip school so he can go out on the town with his friends. He puts a dummy in his bed and attaches a string to it and then to the door so that when it opens, the dummy moves- much like Michael's replica of himself.