The Office

Season 5 Episode 25


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • The end of the company

    When Michael left Dunder Mifflin to start his company he thought (or in his case didn't think it all the way through) his new company would be successful right away. While he along with Pam were able to make some headway and steal some clients from Dunder Mifflin,the stragety prooved to be the end of the company. I liked that this storyline ended when it did.

    Before this happens, David Wallace in makes an offer to buy the company. I think how Michael handled the neogations were done beautifully and shows how much he has grown. If this happened even two years ago somehow he or someone else (but probably him) would spoil the beans. I also enjoyed how when Jim told the people at Michael Scott Paper Company that David was considering buying out the company, that he ignored (on purpose) how the company struggled. Of course he did this mostly for Pam. Speaking of Jim, Charles realizes that he is not screwup he thought Jim was. He also realizes how Dwight really is. It was very funny that Dwight thought getting revenge on the Michael Scott Paper Company was by getting bees. Another part I liked was how he got Pam as a salesperson.

    I also loved how Michael did the same thing to Charles that Charles did to him when he left. It was also good to see how much of a suckup Charles was to David.

    Overall there were very good moments to this episodes with no major complaints.
  • 523

    A very great resolution to the Michael Scott Paper Company, probably one of the better episodes of season 5, and I don't know what the rest of the season has in store for us, but this arc practically saved this season and made it somewhat memorable after a couple weeks of mediocrity.

    All I can say is thank god Idris Elba will be leaving The Office, I'm sure he annoyed everyone as much as he annoyed me. The Pam/Ryan/Michael interaction again was one of the best things about this episode, and I hope they have more interactions in the future. This episode left me with a good feeling with everyone getting their jobs back and hopefully everything going back to normal in the next episode, I'm interested to see how Pam on sales will play out. Excited for the next episode, great episode overall.
  • Michael returns to Dunder Mifflin.

    Finally the Idris Elba experiment is over. I know I will get heat for making fun of him because OMG he was on THE WIRE! That means he can do no wrong! But he was unbearably bad on this show. He wasn't funny, and the writers had no idea what to do with him, which resulted in some incredibly awkward moments.

    I will admit to laughing at "our balls are in your court" but this show is just not amusing in the way it used to be. Outside of that, and a few random Dwight moments, I hardly chuckled at all and this 5.0 score is very generous for this episode.
  • MICHAEL,as a BORAT fan,should've said "Goodbye,CHARLES.We'll miss you...not!".

    The problem with the show is that it started with the JIM/PAM/ROY triangle to give us the sense that the show would go somewhere.Then more storylines(mostly romances)came,but a bunch of episodes ago,the last one remainin'(DWIGHT/ANDY/ANGELA)was over.So,what's left?I mean,JIM & PAM together isn't funny,which is why last season wasn't that good.This season started with they havin'lil'problems(which would've work),but then they thought that the fans wan'them together forever.So,they created the storyline of MICHAEL leavin',which I enjoyed a lil',except for CHARLES.Characters that represent common sense are welcome,but not for recurrin'roles.At least not if they're that serious.The storyline would've been better as a 2-part episode,but it was still good.DAVID WALLACE(who's practically the show's villian)got what he deserved,after all we've seen him doin'.It was also good'cuz we saw that even though MICHAEL is an idiot,he has a good heart,and PAM and RYAN saw it.The problem now is the same as always...where is the show goin'?I read that next season JIM & PAM get married.Nice,but then what?
  • Awesome episode!! So glad Michael is back!!

    Totally awesome episode and I'm so glad Charles is gone!! I hate this guy from the very beginning. And not to mention that Pam's got a promotion and now she can sell paper with Jim and I am sure it's going to be hilarious.
    And what can I say, Michael is full of surprises and he's got himself back on the Dunder Mifflin truck with dignity and plenty of advantages (tooth care !!).
    Last but not the least, the three get to leave that miserable little room and the Scranton branch is going to be the same as usual!!
    Can't wait to see the next move....
  • Michael is amazing... Well, ok - Michael's a pain in the ass, but sometimes, just sometimes, he can totally surprise you (in the good way!).

    Well, I'll be direct: I L-O-V-E-D the episode. Michael and Jim... and Dwight... even Pam's face to the camera when Michael shows his amazingness to all of us - GREAT. And unexpected.
    I have no experience in reviews, even more when it comes to do it in other language that isn't mine own, but I've come here just to show how happy I am about the twisting the show gave. An what a good one!
    At first you don't think a show like that can have that many things going on (and sometimes it doesn't, sure), but this episode was trully surprising.
    I don't think fans could expect more, or be disappointed by what they'll see. I was literally jumping out of my seat.
  • Probably as good as Season 5 is going to get

    I think the Michael Scott Paper Company storyline was a much needed boost for the show. For too many episodes had the show focused on relationship problems in the Office. I was waiting to see another storyline that would be interesting, enthralling and would keep my attention for multiple episodes. This episode was the final one of the Michael Scott Paper Company, and what a way to go out. It had a good mix of drama and comedy, with (thank God)no romantic storylines.

    Lately, one thing I've liked about the show is the cold open. They've been consistently funny and aren't too over the top. Also, Ryan, while still being as much as an idiot as before, is less like he was in "Michael Scott Paper Company" and was more calm. He was actually somewhat professional, and hopefully his character can be somewhat redeemed in the final episodes

    I also enjoyed the fact that Charles Miner got his first taste of how stupid Dwight is and how smart Jim really is. I know Charles was meant to be a tough guy, but he just got annoyingly by the books. It's good to see him get taken a notch down, especially by David Wallace, one of my favorite supporting actors.

    Overall, the season has gotten on track and, while I think this will be the high point of the season, I think the writers have done a good enough job to keep people interested for another season at least.
  • this is the type of episode that makes me love this show

    This episode was pretty much perfect for me and this is hands down the best episode of the season. The michael scott paper company story has been the best story of the whole series in my opinion and im sad to see it go but they had it go on on a high note. My only concern is that now the office is all back together that maybe it will be the still good episodes but sort of boring with no big changes, but i am still greatly looking forward to what the office has in store. this may have been the series best and the season best.
  • recently got into the office and now im hooked.

    Im still new to this show i recently got into it and watched all the episodes up to date. And i have to say some of my favorite moments are when michael surprises you with his amazing sales skills. He goes from the dumbest, lamest boss ever to the most impressive salesman there is. I also love how Jim played a big part in saving them from the truth of being broke. It was almost predictable that jim was going to egg dwight on but at the same time it was just so awesome.
    This show is perfect to me and i hope it stays that way. !
  • Good riddance, Charles.

    The past few episodes have been particularly painful. Charles introduced some unwelcome drama to the show. Having Michael, Jim and Pam at their weakest and not showing the wit that we love them for over the past few weeks took a lot of enjoyment out of the show for me. Thank goodness in this episode, Jim was back to outsmarting Dwight (and Charles) and helped Michael, Pam and Ryan get their jobs back with benefits. Michael's business savvy was brilliant and the humour was back. Cutting Charles off when he was going to say his farewell with "No, no. You're done". Beautiful.

    Michael showed why he deserves to be in his job.
  • Amazing. Best episode of season5

    Season 5 has been a slight disappointment to me. Although its still funny, the Quality of the writing went down in Season5. It became more story focussed rather than the situations which makes office unique. The fire alarm episode was one of the funniest episodes ever, yet it wasn't realistic nor "office". This episode is what made me love the office in the first place. The situations and awkward scenes in it were fantastic. I was in tears when Dwight talks about his idea, and Charles' face when he hears it. If they keep this level of writing up, then I am looking forward again to season6 which I wasn't before this episode. This episode is probably in my top5 Office episodes ever made.
  • The best episode of the season, probably the best of the series

    I gotta say I was a bit dissapointed by this season, but the Michael Scott Paper Company episodes have marked the return of the office in full strenght. Tonight's episode was incredibly balanced between a little amount of drama (usual in the series), COMEDY (huge laughs tonight) and "edge of your dit" plot twists.
    Last episodes also have shown Dwight more as an antagonic character than just a plain idiot. It was also nice to see the dynamics between Charles and David Wallace, and the return of Jim as this sympathetic guy that the audience came to love since the begining of the series. (He has always being the "cool character" of the office, but lately I kinda miss the way he was portrayed in earlier episodes).

  • Be impressed. Be very impressed.

    These last batch of episodes from Season 5 have been as strong as the show has ever been. In a surprisingly focused episode with no subplot, the main story saw Michael Scott's Paper Company nearing bankruptcy, yet at the same time, Dunder-Mifflin, unaware of this, is worried about their loss of clients to the new upstarts. I want to zero in on Jim for a moment. The guy has had a rough time dealing with Charles who thinks very low of him. His fiancee Pam took a big risk joining Michael, and it was really great to see him work in this episode. It was indescribably sweet how he reassured dear Pam that everything would be okay, broke or not- he had an idea what to do. It was great seeing him 'handle' Dwight in some of the best displays of passive assertiveness I've seen- he basically just let Dwight be his own worst enemy, and in the processes, showing Charles the truth about who really should have been his no. 2. What a great job in the break room! Dwight had legitimately found out the truth about the MSPC, and could have ruined everything. But Jim in a decision I believe was half to help Pam and half to stick it to Charles, made sure the info didn't get past the break room...By egging on Dwight. No one knows Mr Schrute better than Jim, so in true checkmate fashion, he got Dwight to look like he was an unreliable source- by warring semantics ("you don't 'crack' a case") and basically letting Dwight open his mouth for longer than 30 seconds. Besides Jim quietly saving the day in the background, we got another great taste of things Michael can do well. I'm slightly disappointed that his paper company couldn't last a few more episodes- there were so many possibilities! (But realistically, this was the only true possibility: broke with a buy out, lol.) But Michael fought for Pam (which was great) and Ryan, (who hilariously only wanted the sweet and tempting 60k), and in a great moment of standing his ground, I leave you with perhaps Michael's best defining moment to date:

    "I'll see your situation and I'll raise you a situation: Your company is losing clients left and right. You have a stockholder meeting coming up, and you're going to have to explain to them why your most profitable branch is bleeding. So they may be looking for a little change in the CFO. So I don't think I need to wait out Dunder-Mifflin. I think I just have to wait out you."

    Quick pan to Pam who's thinking the same thing we are: That was awesome.
  • Easily one of the best episodes of the season and possibly series due to the fact that it had some important events taking place plus it was funny! The office is BACK!!!

    Michael, Pam and Ryan start off with 4.30 am paper deliveries because they cant afford a delivery guy and quickly realise that they might go under in a few weeks, meanwhile back at Dunder Mifflin CFO David Wallace meets with Charles, Jim and Dwight to forumlate a plan to discuss Michael Scott Paper Company (MSPC) taking over some of their core customers and decide that the best and cheapest way to get this over with is to buy over MSPC. Obviously Micheal is not happy with the idea that David Wallace propses to buy them out for $12,000 and strikes back with strong words that blows viewers away and ends up getting his old job back with Pam in sales plus Ryan and Charles is transferred. The Office is back!!!
  • Our balls are in your court.

    Well, I knew it was coming, but I must admit that I really didn't expect nor want it to arrive this early on in development. Of course, what I am referring to is one of the series' more adventurous and daring arcs to date involving Michael's new paper company named after himself. Despite its untimely end however, there still remains an excellent send-off episode that sees everything revert back to normal with Broke. It's an episode of the office that delivers an abnormally high amount of laugh-out-loud gags, mixed with compelling drama and plotting that really holds the attention for the entire half hour. Yes, it's a shame to see such promise cut off so heedlessly, but I suppose it was the right thing to do considering how absurd and infantile the whole business was being depicted as being. That being said, one character has benefited greatly from it all, and that is Pam. Things should get a little interesting from here on in, and of course we have the wedding coming up which if goes anything like the last, should be a hoot.
  • Yes this is what I like, and it was such a surprising twist of events in this episode.

    Who would have believed that Michael was so great in negotiating such a deal like that. I mean Michael does have a good business intellect and tonight's episode proved it right. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen next. Amazing that they got all their jobs back plus Pam in Sales? WOW, she is moving on big after a long time working at Dunder Mifflin. I'm really glad how this episode turned out and Michael being able to stand his ground and taking jobs instead of money. So yes, the office is back with Michael as manager, just in time for the season finale in a few short weeks. Looking forward to the next episode!!!
  • Nice episode..

    Now that the office is no more funny, or rather isn't trying to be funny, it has given us some really good mature storylines.

    I've written this down a number of times - whenever Michael Scott acts mature, it is a lot bearable to watch. Here we see Dunder Mifflin buyout MS paper company. Not wishing to reveal they are broke, Micheal, Pam, and Ryan head upstairs to negotiate the buyout. They start at 12 grand and settle for 60 grand. The drama doesn't end as Michael has a better idea - the three get their jobs back along with health benefits. This looked more like a business school lecture on fixed and variable pricing and negotiations. Looks like a much intelligent office episode. Did anyone notice Charles looked rather stupid and dumb this episode? For the past few installments, he has been like this super boss with a turnaround plan. And here he looks meek and dumbed down in front of David Wallace.
  • Michael, Pam and Ryan are struggling to keep up with deliveries when they learn that their company will be broke in one month. However, they've stolen several Dunder Mifflin Scranton clients, and David Wallace must come to Scranton to address the problem.

    THIS is the Office we know and love! Excellent episode - definitely in my Top 5. Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, and Ryan all shine, and there are several laugh-out-loud moments that are totally true to character. Angela and Kelly make short but brilliant appearances. After several episodes that were stressful and ultimately unsatisfying, it's great to see that The Office is back as a comedy. The cold open (with Jim in his pajamas) will go down as a classic with "JAM" fans, and the ending left me eager for what's to come. For once, the writers' attempt to shake up the basic formula of the show is actually turning out to be a good thing for fans! I especially like Pam's transformation, and the new conflict between Dwight and Michael.