The Office

Season 3 Episode 17

Business School

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • Michael goes to school and makes a speech

    When Ryan first comes to Dunder Miifflin, Michael develops a man crush. It's funny how much Michael admires him sometimes too much. At this time Ryan is in business school and advancing in it. For one kind of class Ryan needs Michael to come to his class to advance his grade. Ryan asking if this was a good idea to the camera was pretty funny. Michael's speech was well one of the best I heard. It was very funny. The reactions of the students was also funny. This was their first time seeing Michael (and probably last) and that's what made it so funny.

    Meanwhile at the office an unwelcome visitor comes to the office. My favorite reaction was Angela. (poop is coming from the ceiling, poop) What was also funny was the prank Jim played on Dwight. It was an extended one but one of his better ones. He gets Karen to help along. While she does an admirable effort but not nearly as good as when Jim and Pam are doing a prank.

    In a rare third story, Pam has art show opening. Also at this time Pam gets back together with Roy as seen previously in the last episode. Pam tries to justify it by saying he's changed but not really. If I may use a reference to another show (modern family) Mitchell says people change but only 15 percent. Roy has probably less then that. He is the same guy basically. His brother, Kenny is just a bigger version of him. You feel really sorry for Pam when she doesn't do at her art show. Michael does a really sweet moment when he buys one of her paintings and displays it in the office. It was a very funny moment when Michael says that he has a chunky and actually pulls it out. The chocolate bar. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  • 317

    Another amazing episode from season three, that's not surprising considering how amazing this season has been as a whole. A lot of funny moments, and The Office actually brought some emotion to the table, but never stopped being really funny at the same time, and that is hard for shows or sitcoms to pull off, so I commend the Office for that. Pam & Roy back together? It's very eventful but I can't understand why they would pair these two together again after Pam called off the wedding, if anything there was development, but it was development that regressed, which wasn't too impressive but still eventful.

    Pam has an art show and invites everyone meanwhile there is a bat in the office, which is probably one of the most memorable story lines on this show, from Angela freaking out on the floor to Dwight trapping the bat in a bag... over Meredith's head. Creed stole the show as a supporting character here, he was hilarious in every aspect.

    We've got business school, Ryan predicts Dunder Miflin will fail, and Michael moves him back where Kelly sits instead of firing him. No one shows up for the art show except Roy & Michael. Michael says he is proud of Pam, and they share a very emotional hug, but then it went right back to hilarity a second later. A great episode that had a great balance of hilarity and emotion.
  • Good not great

    This week the Office goes in three seperate directions; a bat is in the office and Jim leads Dwight to believe that he has become a superhero after being bitten by it, Pam has her first art show and Ryan takes Michael to give a talk in front of his Business School class, little does Michael know that Ryan is setting him up for failure.

    Wheldon's new direction sees The Office taking a different path; for once the stories are more cleverly written and the humor takes a different approach. This does not mean that funny parts are totally absent, Jim and Karen's two - man prank on Dwight is hilarious featuring suitably over - the - top acting found on certain movies i don't want to admit that i've seen.

    Watching Michael making a fool of himself in front of the Business School (tearing up kid's books, throwing candy at the kids, showing inability to answer any questions) will appeal to most but you really do pity Michael because behind the goofiness he really is just a nice guy who tries his best and Ryan putting him on show like that was cold. His funny punishment at the end settles the score though. This episode sees a few interesting pointers on some of the characters; Roy tries vainly not to screw up his revived relationship with Pam even if his compliments are lame, Ryan has been keeping his views on Dunder Mifflin close to the chest and finally voices them here; as he always been this sceptical or does the company bring it out in him? Also Andy is still MIA, i guess punching a hole in the wall takes it out of him. Pam's laugh - free storyline is probably the weakest point of the episode and watching her art getting the critical version of a slap in the face doesn't belong on a comedy show. The ending is what redeems it; Pam and Michael strangely connect at the end in a touching scene. Both of them go through humiliation in this episode and despite an awkward end to their hug, for the first time they really click. There's never really been an episode that has a strong message and this one being about the importance of paper and a warning of the domination of technology is especially poingnant and Pam's drawing being in the Office will be a perpeptual reminder of this. And for once, Michael's closing monologue isn't an embarressing display of him trying to appear smart but it really comes from the heart. At the end; the morals of this episode is what dominates over the comedy.
  • Ryan takes Michael to school for extra credit while Dwight battles a bat and Jim makes Dwight think Jim's turning into a vampire.

    Funny episode. I like at the end where Michael tells Ryan to move his stuff to sit near Kelly. I was laughing so hard. This eppy rocks. It's so enjoyable. I love the parts where Kim was making Dwight think he was a vampire. It's classic Office. Great eppy to watch. I love the pranks JIm always pulls on Dwight. It's just so hillarious. I love this eppy and this eppy proves why people should watch. It is awesome. Definit;ey watch it when its on. Take it from me. I don't like everything so this is means it's good. I love it.
  • Perfect 10 for one reason. Dwight and the bat.

    Ok.. so Michael talking for Ryan's class was great. A perfect situation to put the character into and watch the humor unfold.

    The office mates visiting Pam's artshows, also had it's dynamic which gives "The Office" its feel.

    But .. by far... Dwight and the bat was awesome. Jim's prank with the vampire was amazing. The way these characters work off each is what makes this show happen. Then, when Dwight enters the lunch room and uses the bag to catch the bat, I was laughing out loud while rewinding my TiVo to watch it again! Haven't had a TV-watching moment like that in a LONG time.

    Thanks Office for another great episode.
  • Watching Dwight falling of Pam's desk yelling bat! is by far one of the most funny moments of The Office! Also, Michael is a great guy in the end.

    Now this sounds interesting. Ryan is taking Michael to a speech in his college class. A trainwreck about to happen. It all starts when Michael yells frisbie! then Ryan sells him in front of the whole class followed by Michael ripping a student's text book and ending with an attack of cornering questions. Meanwhile in the office Dwight finds a bat in the vents. Man what a funny moment; he falls of Pam's desk yelling bat and hell runs loose. Also Pam has an art show. Her art is very poor and no one from the office except Roy and Oscar. She gets a huge letdown when Oscar's boyfriend says that it all is Motel Art. But then Michael arrives just as the show is about to close and he is the only one who actually makes Pam feel good about her art. THey hug. Priceless.
  • Terrific episode with side splitting laughter!

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes of "Tho Office" ever. It has all the things that we like about the show. We get Dwight and his antics. The scene with Dwight finding the feces and then encountering the bat is priceless. It almost made me pee my pants. The audience also gets some drama with the Pam and Jim situation. It looks like Pam and Roy are drawing closer, something the audience doesn't want. We get some relief when we see even though Roy came to Pam's art show and is putting in an effort, he still doesn't mean what he says. The business school scene was, in my opinion the low point of the episode. It gave sad reality instead of a funny situation. This being said the episode was extremely enjoyable and a series classic.
  • Micheal and Ryan go to Ryan's business school while the rest of the Office members are under attack by a bat, and Pam gets ready for an art show.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode of the Office. I mean come on Joss Whedon had a hand in it! I loved the whole vampire prank Jim pulled on Dwight that was really funny. Dwight is the man by the way. I was laughing the whole time when he was chasing that bat. Micheal sometimes just doesn't know how to talk to people aka the whole business school thing, but then he shows us he knows to say the right things at the right time when he was the only one who truly cared about Pam's art. I thought it was cool that Oscar tried to defend Pam's art, but Micheal took care of the whole thing in the only way he knows how to do.
  • Season 3: so far, so good (Spoilers).

    I can't believe how much this last season has changed eversince the Stamford branch merged; actually that episode (The Merger) wasn't my favorite, but that's a turning point, 'cause people started watching this great comedy.

    It's on the numbers. You can tell there's a lot of difference on the ratings since The Convict (Which is on the 5 more viewed episode in the whole series), so I guess the producers nailed it; and once again, they bring us a new adventurous story when Michael goes to Business school as a guest speaker, and 'impresses' everyone with his lack of knowledge.

    We saw that coming, sort of. But the chocolate bars example, and the thorn papers on an obviously expensive book... was unexpected. Yeah, one of the greatest moments in this season that was.

    And of course, we're adding now a favorite prank on our list, now that Jim made Dwight believe he became a vampire due a bat's bit.

    Why not a perfect score?
    I still believe the whole bat thing was overacted, and kinda dumb. They could've thought in something more interesting than that, I'm pretty sure. But it was good anyway, 'cause there was more earning points on the Art exposition, on which Roy was trying to pretend he'd changed... we all know how fake he can be, right?

    The thing was, the touching moment between Michael and Pam; oh yeah. And the pg-13 hug... "Do you have something in your pocket?", hahaha. Brilliant.

    So, there it is. A highly recommended episode for the whole family. Or at least, most of it, heh.

    "There's poop rainning from the ceilings... poop!"
  • Ryan invites Michael to be a guest speaker at his business school so he can get a grade bump up. Meanwhile, Dwight battles a bat that gets loose in the office while Pam invites co-workers to her first art show.

    Ryan continues to tell viewers that he is mean, conceited, arrogant, self-serving and just a total jerk.

    Ryan was so unprofessional in his description of Dunder Mifflin to his classmates. If you hate a company so much and aren't in agreement with their practice and standards, leave already. Sheesh!! Also, it was mean of Ryan to not tell Michael BEFORE they got there that it was a question/answer thing. Ryan asking Michael there was a BIG deal for Michael, but Ryan was only thinking of himself (a letter grade bump up) wehn asking him. Self-serving jerk.

    Michael had a bad experience at Ryan's business school. Pam had a bad experience at her art show (lack of attendees then insults). However, it all was made better by Michael's adoration, admiration and honesty in how he felt about Pam's artwork. It was just the sweetest thing to watch. And it's a HUGE compliment to ask an artist "how much". So just that line was priceless. And his proudness of Pam. Loved it.

    The only thing that killed that sweet scene was "do you have something in your pocket?" Buzzkill. So not needed. And Jim's prank to Dwight about being a vampire was a dud. Too overdone and obvious. Definitely NOT a Jim/Dwight prank classic. Stanley's only line in this episode ("goodbye") was awesome and totally in character. He just cracks me up. Best one-liner of the entire episode and very rememberable!
  • funny and sad.

    i felt soooooo bad for pam because no one really showed up for her art show and the people who did made fun of it. i felt bad for michael 2 because he was humiliated in front of everybody. but when he throw the candy bars that was funny because no one tried to catch it. at the office there was a bat and all the girls were screaming and dwight was trying to catch it. that jim said he was bit by the bat but he really wasnt just to try to trick dwight into thinking he was turning into a vampire. at the end michael and pam hugged because they were both hurt. i love this episode. i give it 2 thumbs up.
  • One to remember...

    I think this particular episode will go down as one of my personal favorites. After finding animal droppings in the office, Dwight discovers a bat roosting in the ceiling, and of course madness ensues as the winged creature takes flight and becomes trapped in the conference room. Meanwhile, Ryan invites Michael to speak in front of his business class... a disaster in the making given that Michael has no idea that Ryan has only moments before critized Dunder/Mifflin in front on the student body. And poor Michael, feeling honored to have a chance to showcase his unique talent of speech making, only makes a fool of himself.

    Pam decides to show off her artwork at a local exhibit, but becomes disheartened when only a handful of her co-workers show up for her presentation, coupled with some harsh criticism she happens to overhear from Oscar's boyfriend, who finds her work to be too plain. One of the most memorable moments of this season so far comes as Pam finds comfort and appreciation in the most unlikely of places - her boss. The ending alone when Dwight finally manages to catch the bat (much to the horror of poor Meredith) earns it a ten in my book. Once again the writers/actors manage to excede expectations with the perfect blend of wit, improv, and physical comedy that makes "The Office" such an enjoyable show.
  • Michael is excited for his first day of business school. There is a BAT in the office and Jim pretends to be a Vampire to trick Dwight. Pam is in a art show and has mixed reviews about paintings and about Roy. Ryans future at Dunder Mifflin is uncertain.

    I really liked this one as it had vampires and Michael showing off his above average Q&A skills.
    Roy and Pam are together but its sketchy.
    A BAT in the office keeps everyone on his or her toes and Dwight takes it upon himself to rid the office of it.

    Great Quote from Dwight: "If a Vampire bat was in the U.S. it would makes sense for it to come to a Sylvania’. Like Pennsylvania. That doesn’t mean that Jim is going to become a Vampire, only that he carries the vampiric germ."

    For the record, Pam’s art was great on the grounds that it’s better than what I could do.

    Ryan, on account of some poorly chosen words get demoted to sit in the annex with Kelly who’s more than happy..

    Finally, now that Ryan’s moved his desk is free and perhaps Jim might move in and take over where he left off with Pam, leaving us wanting more in an exciting series closer.
  • Business as usaul

    This was another great episode! I tivo every one and watch have watched this one four times already! I think Pam relized in this episode that good ol' Roy is trying a little bit too hard to win her back. For those who don't go to to watch deleted clips you really should. It shows you why Jim didn't go!

    Kelly: Dont you dare hurt that thing!
    Cred: Animals can't feel pain.
    Dwight: Flush it to the door on my mark!
    (bat flys out past Dwight and Cred)
    Kelly: Ahhh Kill it Kill it!
    (Kevin then traps the bat in breakroom)
    Kevin: a hero.

    Congrats Kev I knew this day would come!
  • I just love those pranks on Dwight! Classic!

    Oh the pranks that Jim plays on Dwight are so great. The whole vampire thing was hilarious.

    The things that come out of Dwight's mouth at times are hilarious. What a twisted little mind he has.

    Poor Pam having to endure Dwight's back-side in her face when he was lifting the ceiling tile.

    Not sure I am too happy about Pam being back with Roy but I guess the Pam and Jim thing won't happen anytime soon. Her artwork is horrible, but it was nice that Michael showed up to the art show and gave her some much needed positive feedback (every now and then Michael seems to give you a glimmer of hope).
  • Another Michael speech, another prank on Dwight- and never does it get boring!!

    Soooo soooo soooo goood! I laughed so hard, and my husband who doesn't laugh much when he thinks things are funny laughed out loud more than once. First of all- the funniest thing about the episode: the bat. How Dwight finds it by finding "animal stool"; how he mistakes it for a bird trapped in a vent, to how the whole office goes running and screaming when he finds out it is a bat!!! Soo funny!!! Later, when Creed gets spray to get the bat out of the room, and Kelly says "Don't hurt that animal"... to then, when the bat escapes and flies around her, she says "Kill it kill it kill it!!". And finally, when Meredith tries to get away from the bat, and Dwight puts a garbage bag over her head with the bat... I couldn't imagine having my head in the same garbage bag as a fluttering bat!! And of course, Jim's prank on Dwight, pretending he is becoming a vampire because the bat bit him. I wonder what Dwight thinks when Jim comes back to work totally normal.

    Pam is "back together" with Roy. But is she really? She doesn't seem that into him. Is it something because it is comfortable? Because she is lonely, since Jim is so with Karen? You can tell that Pam does not love Roy anymore. But Roy is trying so hard. He went to her art show- a year ago, he would have laughed at her art dreams. Of course, a year ago, Jim would have been the first one at her art show. And Oscar's partner, saying that "art takes honesty and courage"... where Oscar replied "Those aren't Pam's strong points". Truer words have not been spoken. Will she take those words and reflect on them and her relationships with Roy and Jim? Really- is she courageous by going back by Roy? Is she being honest about her feelings for both Roy and Jim? Will she build the courage to tell Jim about her feelings for him? Jim was so brave telling Pam weeks before her wedding that he loves her... will she be as courageous?

    Michael's failed speech. Another Michael classic. "First you need a building, and then you need supply." How about IDEAS first... then a plan, and then marketing, and then customers... and then the building??? Poor Michael- the disappointment in his heart he must have felt when he found out Ryan's outlook for his beloved Dunder Mifflin is grim. And now, Ryan is in a Michael style time out- back in the annex (by Kelly, of all places).

    This opens up a desk- the desk previously resided by Jim. Will Jim take the desk back? Will that be the trigger to Pam to be honest with her feelings, and find the courage to dump Roy and profess all love for Jim????

    I can't wait to find out...
  • Joss Whedon

    Joss Whedon...he is one of the bestest most greatest smarty pants EVER.
    The best episodes of the Office are just like the best episodes of Buffy, so much pleasure and so much pain that emotions are flying around like crazy the whole time.
    At first I was a little scared about Michael giving a speech for Ryan's school because the events of Phyllis's wedding were ever so cringworthy, but Michael almost restrained himself. Sure he threw out candy bars like it was a parade, but at least they were all decent candybars. There wasn't a 20 year old Skybar mixed in. He was so betrayed when he found out what Ryan had said about Dunder-Mifflin that he did the only thing he could, Ryan fell from grace and now he is in ...the Kelly Zone.
    Dwight and the bat, Meredith and Dwight and the bat, Jim and Karen, Dwight and Jim Loved it all.
    The best part that's right Pam's art show. Yes, it did look like her stuff came from 8th grade high school art and Oscar's partner totally broke her heart, but who was her knight in shining armor. Not Roy, Not Jim, Michael Scott you sentimental boy man child person you just made Pam a happy girl and it has nothing to do with that Chunky in your pants.
  • Easily one of the funniest episodes yet. Michael gives a typically Michael speech to a business class while a bat is loose in the office and wreaking havoc, Jim convinces Dwight that Jim is turning into a vampire, and much more.

    This episode made me laugh more than any episode yet this season. From the perfect appropriateness of Ryan's negative assessment of Dunder-Mifflin to Michael's typically awkward and increasingly nonsensical speech to Jim convincing Dwight that Jim is turning into a vampire from being bitten by the bat, this episode was firing on all cylinders all the way. The subplot with Pam's art show was a perfect way to expose Roy as a phony and bridge to Pam realizing & admitting her feelings for Jim. I think Oscar's comment about courage and honesty not being Pam's strong point really cut her deep and may drive her to finally admit her feelings to Jim. Hopefully the fact Pam's art drew such a lackluster response from everyone but Michael will not discourage her from pursuing her dreams and interest in art, but will encourage her to try and improve. Michael's genuine interest and sensitivity to Pam in the latter half of the episode was a marked and interesting contrast to his earlier buffoonery and nonsensicality at his speech to the business class, again demonstrating that he is not as simple as he sometimes appears. I really enjoyed seeing a nice side to Michael again, even though it was put side by side by his many inane comments and foolish acts in this episode.

    The bat causing havoc and Jim's vampire prank were classic Office. The interplay between Creed, Dwight, and others was nothing short of brilliant. Many little gems such as Dwight saying "You're welcome" to Meredith after trapping the bat in a garbage bag while her head was in it were just perfectly delivered.

    All in all, I would rate this episode among my top favourites of all 3 seasons simply because it consistently delivered humour without going too over the top, and contained some of the best "little lines" I've seen in many episodes.

    This is definetly one of my favorite episodes! The whole bat in the office funny! And then for Jim to say that he got bit by it and makes Dwight think that he's turning into a vampire! Haha... I couldn't stop laughing! Michael going to Ryan's class to do a speach was disaster from the begining! I loved how he thought it would be cool to throw out candy to the student! Haha... And then he gets so pissed off at the student for saying that Dunder Miflin will probably close within the next 5 to 10 years! Haha... "Suck on that!" OMG! This was so funny! Even the end when Micheal moved Ryan over near Kelly.... Haha.. Poor Ryan! =] LOVED IT!