The Office

Season 5 Episode 8

Business Trip

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Michael goes to Canada

    When Michael gets the chance to go to Canada he jumps at the chance at it. This being Michael he makes it more then it's out to be. I think Michael made this more then it actually was because David recently transferred Holly. Again it's not explained why David did this. It's one of the decisions I disagreed with. Michael invites Oscar and Andy along. I really liked Oscar "enthusiasm" The trip to Canada was memorable and entertaining. Michael meets up with the hotel worker. What he thinks might be something ends up being a one night stand. I feel really sorry for Michael. The wounds from Holly really opened up when the women wanted just for sex. However this doesn't want stop him from selling. It shows how good Michael is a salesman despite some hardships. The fact that he didn't let this interrupt from making the sale is one of the reasons this episodes was very good. I also really liked when Michael told off David. It was delivered in such a great way and shows off the great acting by Steve Carrell. This was one of the ways to tell off the boss without going over the line. Another great part of this episode was Andy and Oscar. I really admire Andy for being his wing man and trying to get Oscar a guy. Part of the reason he did it was because the lack of action Angela was giving him. If you watch the episode you hear Dwight's voice in the background. I loved Oscar coming out of his shell. I think this was the first time this happened. It was really enjoyable.

    The Canada part of the episode alone would make this a great episode but the B Story at the office was good. When Pam was getting to the end of art class how everyone was responding to Jim was pretty funny. Creed was the best with the massage. You find out that Pam failed and may need to take the class again. The scene between Jim and Pam was very touching and great acting by both actors. It was a great scene at the end. Pam's decision was hers alone without Jim being an influence. (note don't read this if you haven't watch the whole episode) It was enjoyable how Dwight welcomed Pam.

    There were many good things in this episode and some things that would set up later in the series.
  • 507

    Wow, an unexpectedly bad episode of The Office, it was definitely not a memorable episode, and I felt as though everyone rated it so highly because of Jim & Pam which happens a lot nowadays. Nothing about this episode was remotely funny, and this show has been dealing with an uphill struggle since season 4.

    Sure, I can pick out a few good episodes from the later seasons but that's once in a blue moon, The Office definitely has lost it's way, and we don't want to see Michael piping about Holly or the beginning of another dreadful relationship: Kelly and Ryan.

    I think the only highlight of this episode was Andy & Oscar calling Angela drunk but that's about it. Although this episode wasn't much in comedy, it still brought some development like Pam coming back to the office, I hope the next Office episode will be better, because things weren't looking so good when I watched this episode.
  • Stopped watching the episode half way through.

    The Office is hands down my favorite TV series, and has never disappointed me like this before. Michael, Andy, and Oscar head to Canada for a business trip, which was very boring to watch. Whenever Michael ends up leaving the office for the whole episode it seems like it isn't as funny as usual. This episode obviously proved that. The Jim and Pam storyline was kind of depressing, and the only funny part of the episode was the Kelly Ryan story. Last week was one of my favorite episodes, and unfortunately it is followed by the worst episode of The Office. In my opinion.
  • Coffin *NOW* w/extra nails!

    This show has been adding extra nails to the already buried coffin for some unknown reason. This episode was an absolute waste. Long gone are the nights of sitting on the edge of my seat (like the cold open of The Injury) not wanting to miss one expression, one word, one syllable. This show is simply dead and pointnless. So sad. Next weeks episode is about a mess in the office microwave. ... huh!? *&*@&^!%@!@%&^/???

    I really dont get it. It feels like the writers have simply given up.

    If you want insane/funny you should absorb every second of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If you want shocking/insane you should watch Testees.
  • Terrible, terrible episode.

    This episode of The Office felt like it was written by a 3rd grader. I don't think I truly laughed at anything and even Creed's one line felt very forced. Okay, Andy calling Angela and saying they would discuss things later naked was mildly amusing, but come on, this is not Office level quality. I remember when Andy and Michael used to have good back and forths but now they simply don't. Stop trying to be a drama with the whole Pam and Jim thing. Start a new show if you want to do that instead of besmirching the one Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant created.

    BJ Novak needs to step out of the spotlight and let some of the better characters get some screen time. Giving Creed more lines would be a start but right now The Office has a lot of fixing to do.
  • What a waste of time and money....

    An abysmal installment in an overwhelmingly abysmal 5th season. I really don't understand what happened this episode. I'll try my best to write a fitting review.

    There were supposedly 3 parallel story lines here; - one Michael, Andy, and Oscar's business trip to Canada. Two- Kelly and Ryan getting back together. Three - Pam returning back to DM on account of her failing her art school course.

    There was absolutely nothing that happened in these three loosely hanging sub plots. Each one of them was thoroughly painful to watch. The characters were underutilized to the highest degree possible. There were no funny sequences; the ones intended to be funny were nothing short of being ridiculously annoying. No major story or character development. I don't even understand if this material was considered good enough to air.

    Seriously, its time NBC folks axe this show.
  • Michael goes on a business trip with Andy and Oscar to Canada. Jim discovers Pam may not be returning as soon as they had expected.

    I really enjoyed this episode, precisely because of all the interwoven drama of the show mixed in with the classic Office funnies. One thing that I got out of it that I'm kind of interested to see what other people think is this. When Michael gets kicked out/leaves the consierge's room, I personally get the impression that it is because he tried to pay her. He refers to her as a geisha in the beginning and just some of his little facial expressions and stuff make me think so. However I will concede that he may have been reacting to Holly's transfer in all of these situations. Thoughts?
  • Michael, Oscar, and Andy fly to Canada to meet with international clients while Michael is still angry over the transfer of Holly. Back in Scranton, Jim awaits the return of Pam from art school.

    Since when has this show become so completely involved in plot development and drama instead of all the little things that make it funny? It seems that the writers have completely missed the mark of what The Office used to be with The Business Trip. Granted, there were still some hilarious moments,like when Andy and Oscar get drunk together and call Angela. But overall, it didn't do it for me. The whole episode felt much weirder and more awkward than usual (which is saying something considering this is The Office). I didn't like at all the story about the concierge, it just seemed pretty stupid. Hopefully the writers can get back on track in future episodes and bring the show back to its former glory. Definitely not a favorite episode.
  • I don't know what show most of you were watching, but this was far better than many of the episodes this season.

    The show has been flat most of the season. I don't see how the episode before this was so good. It was only Meh in my opinion, which is true of the office in general these days. They clearly are not sure where to go and are trying new things. Thus "Business Trip." I have to say the plot with Michael was only Okay, but that is pretty much true all the time. He is one of the least interesting characters anymore. Too bad as he was the one that made us cringe in the beginning. The same is true of Jim and Pam. Brake them up or not that provides tension, but their interactions are mushy and not that funny anymore. Dwight used to be the best character on the show, but really the only interesting thing about him anymore is the fact he and Angela hooked up, but that is about it. The best part of this episode and by far the best character on the office right now is Andy Bernard. Why no love for the scene in this episode with he and Oscar where they drunk call Angela. That was hands down the funniest single moment of the season. I had to write something for this episode because so many of you quite frankly got it wrong. Besides I don't agree with giving a show a 1. That is not a review, but an emotional response which does not really tell us anything about the show, only your disappointment. You certainly can be disappointed, but a 1? Grow up and quit reviewing shoes like 3 year olds throwing a fit because they didn't get what they want.
  • I liked it.

    This episode was probably not a tear seeking, belly rolling, jaw dropping, enthralling, bend over episode of the season, but I did like it. I did laugh. I still love the Jim-Pam relationship. Although I thought they completely disregarded the scenario from last week's episode where Pam was asked to stay and perfect her art skills because she was 'good' and then this week it was like she failed it. I thought that was a way to bring Pam back into the office rather than flashing back and forth between her and Jim. I thought they should have played more with the guy who asked Pam to remain in New York, while Jim was listening. I thought something would have happened there, but they completely threw me off guard when Pam said she had to remain an extra three months...because she failed? I miss Holly as I'm sure Michael does as well. Whatever happened in that hotel room with his short-lived companion, which I'm sure was...well nothing, certainly made him realize how much he missed her. Enough to tell Wallace over the phone how much he hated his trip. Kelly falling for Ryan's push-ups? Okay I guess that was a bit funny, but he could have done that all along and that one-handed push-up needed a little work. In this episode Ryan was very upbeat. Obviously Kelly was with Darryl in an attempt to make Ryan jealous which really worked, but Darryl's acceptance of the break-up text seemed to easy. Ryan's expression to Kelly's 'we could be together now' was like he smelt something fishy about her relationship with Darryl to begin with. My funny scene(s)

    *In the plane after Michael insulted Oscar about his food and there not being any food on the plane, so he could have really done with Oscar's lunch lol. *The hostess runs into Michael's foot with the trolley.

    *Kelly texts Darryl about their break up and he replies okay, like it was no big deal. lol.

    These where all good scenes but 'The Office' initially set out with high standards from the pilot to now and many viewers might consider this episode a disappointment compared to the material we got in earlier seasons. I guess this episode did not have me crying with laughter, but it was still a good episode for me. Some of the story lines could use a bit of ironing; Jim and Pam, Kelly and Ryan. Michael remains funny as ever, but I still look forward to the following installments.


    Two out of four stars

  • Michael goes on an unlikely and amusing business trip to canada along with oscar and andy...needless to say they form a strange sort of friendship; also, pam is almost done with art school, or is she?

    It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that most people like Jim and Pam together, but once they got together it can't just be perfect, so they give the art school obstacle. Fears abounded about whether she would cheat and also regarding the importance of the people that she met in college. Well, those fears were all answered in this episode (in a good way!)...Which is probably why most people won't dislike this episode too much. Other than that, there is still the supremely awkward dwight and angela together while andy is completely oblivious thing going on, which is extremely amusing. I dunno if this episode is necessarily a favorite, but it was pleasant to watch and quite funny, especially the concierge bit. I'd say there simply was not enough dwight in the episode...
  • Michael goes on a business trip with Oscar and Andy to Canada. While Jim counts down the days when Pam returns when he recieves some bad news.

    This ep has alot to do as Customer Survey was a great return to form for The Office. And while it is still funny in parts (Ryan and Kelly steal the show) it was a lacking on the laughs some what in comparison to previous episodes. What this ep does do is give alot of heart especially with Michael and Jim.

    Michael travels to Canada with Oscar and Andy to seal a deal in Winepeg. Corporate sends him there as a perk for moving Holly which at first seems to work but as the trip continues he realizes that he misses her alot. Meanwhile Andy plays wingman to Oscar and then gets drunk and calls Angela to ask her why they haven't had sex. Some funny moments but more heart than anything else.

    Back at the office Jim gets a call saying that Pam has failed graphic design and must repeat meaning another 12 weeks in NY. Again not very funny but loadsof heart. Meanwhile Ryan and Kelly get back together and Ryan soon realises that he doesn't want to be ith Kelly. Easily the funniest story line of the ep.
  • Hard to follow an amazing episode, last week's "Customer Survey."

    Great opening/moments with Kelly & Ryan, him doing Push Ups.

    I wasn't exactly sure what this Business Trip meant, what was special about visiting Canada? (I'm Canadian) The moments were weak with Oscar & Andy, I expected to see something with Dwight & Angela back in Scranton. So we learned that Michael is really upset with Cooperate transferring Holly and he made Davide Wallace know. Next week should be interesting.

    I'm really happy that Pam is back with Jim in Scranton, after the Premiere the weeks without her really hurt the show. When she said told Jim that she's thinking about staying another 12 weeks, I have to admit I was upset. Pam showing up, surprising Jim in the parking lot was great/very sweet.
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