The Office

Season 5 Episode 27

Cafe Disco

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 07, 2009 on NBC

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  • Let's do dancing

    With Michael back at his old, so are the jokes. Not that the last episodes didn't have any laughs, but this one even had more. Michael decides to use what left of his old company and turn it into cafe disco. This one of the few times Michael tries to distract everyone outside the office. He doesn't have much success but he gets Erin for a little bit and then Kevin. The scene with Michael, Kevin, and Angela was very funny. Eventually Michael is successful with getting people to come down. I think it's a success because he doesn't try as hard and doesn't make himself the center of attention. Michael's dancing brought back memories of the boat ride from season 2. There were other small story lines that made this episode great. Jim and Pam plan to elope was great but the only complaint I have against this episode and that's only because I have seen the whole series. Their story on eloping was a cute one. In the end I am glad the decision that they made. Phyllis hurts her back when she comes to the disco. I love the scene with her and Michael before she hurts her back. I like it even better that Michael wasn't the cause of it. Also this the the first extended interaction between Dwight and Phyllis that wasn't Dwight hurting her (see the season 5 start). I think it's very funny that Dwight treats Phyllis like a horse. Phyllis also had a great scene when she came to see Bob Vance. It was a great look that she had. If you watch the deleted scenes, they are worth checking out. Dwight talks about a lawsuit. Props to Kevin for hooking with a women. Note you have seen her before.

    This was a really good episode with many great moments. I liked everyone (besides Ryan) was dancing. Even Angela was moving her foot. One of the top episodes of this season or at least the 2nd half of this season.
  • Great Episode.

    First of all, to sequoa and fanof, If you hate this show so much, do not watch it. Do you like to critizise every single good or bad thing this show does. Click yes to my review if you agree. On the other hand, this episode was a great one because it gave everyone a time to shine. Andy and Kelly was probably the best part of 'Cafe Disco', yet there were other great parts including Erin's imergence as a goofy charachter--- who actually likes to be there. Not only that, but it was a light-hearted episode, which guessing by the pictures and synopsis of next week's episode, 'Company Picnic', will be more of a dark episode. This season has had twists (The Michael Scott Paper Company), the darkness of the original British Series (Moroccan Christmas, New Boss), the akwardness (New Boss), the plot-advancing (Weight Loss, Broke), and the funny, light episodes (Cafe Disco). Even though when some of the episodes this season aired, they did not sound good, Now they seem like little parts to a more important piece.
  • Not great.

    If you were to tell me that there would be an episode of a primetime Emmy award-winning comedy that revolved around people awkwardly dancing for 20 minutes I would've thought you were......talking about The Office. And I would be right.

    What in the name of all that is normal was this? How could Stephen Merchant approve of this? How is Michael Scott not fired? Why am I asking all these rhetorical questions?

    It is a sad state in TV when very few people watch a clever series like 30 Rock, but millions flock to see Steve Carell pretend to be a robot on a weekly basis.
  • Fun, fun, fun!

    Sometimes, the show takes itself too seirously but this episode brought back all the beauty of why the concept is so successful. Because it reolves around nothing, and grows from a having very little storyline.
    It was nice to have a pair of writers who brought back the character traits we all find endearing. Angela may be a shrew, but in this episode she was back to her normal bossy self without the snarky looks to the cameras that have become too frequent lately. There was hardly any Ryan, who I think slows the show down and there was the brilliant partnership of Kelly/Andy! Inspired!
  • 525

    This really did not feel like and Office episode, I found myself rolling my eyes through the whole episode, and everyone was out of character and acting like an idiot. Was it an entertaining half hour? Yes. But it was definitely not the Office us viewers grew to love.

    There was some funny moments like Phyllis throwing out her back or Kelly & Erin randomly starting to dance, but that's about it. Erin is the most flat character on The Office, if they were going to bring in a new character, at least make his/her interesting.

    After Dwight helped Phyllis with her thrown out back, I found myself wondering if Dwight was kidnapped and replaced. Dwight wanting to dance with Phyllis? Everything that came out of his mouth prior to that was ridiculous and out of character. Through the whole episode, nothing happened, everyone was just dancing like an idiot the whole time. There was some Pam & Jim development but that's about it. Not the best episode of The Office, didn't even feel like The Office.
  • Yeah, whatever...

    Last week, I got a hate mail for blasting the casual friday episode. This week's episode still sucks big time, but a bearable one - which is why I am giving a bonus 3 points. I am really impressed. Seriously, I am impressed at the fact a show can pull off an episode, with 10-odd unattractive men and women dancing for 20 minutes. More importantly, it was freaking gross. I almost puked when Kelly did that stripper-chair routine, and when Kevin starts to make out with that woman from the same building. And Phyllis - common lady! show some respect for yourself. Her scenes were so bad, with Dwight treating her like a pregnant hippopotamus in need of medical attention. It must have been so humiliating for her.

    Like, my summary says- yeah, whatever...
  • The episode was fine, but not very interesting

    Once again, The Office is just using filler until the season finale. I continue to stand by my feeling that the Michael Scott Paper Company plot was the best thing to shake up this series. And it should have played out till the end of the season. Ending as early as it did leaves the show sort of twiddling their thumbs until season's end.

    Here we have Michael coming up with his cafe disco, as a way to sort of bring fun back to the office. his reason being that "Charles really did a number on these guys" which he did- but let's face it, Charles or not, this is the sort of thing Michael comes up with all the time. I liked Erin alot, who's becoming quite the adorable little character. She was the first toe welcome Michael's idea, but it doesn't take long for everyone to embrace it. I chuckled at lots of stuff. Phylis and Dwight were good together, Angela under the limbo pole, and "Kelly and Andy's dance-off." But it was all just chuckles and no really big laughs. Jim and Pam continue to draw out and tease the audience, and there's no direction going into the finale. This was a casual episode that hearkens back to old-school episodes, but for some reason, just less interesting this time around.
  • great

    the first few minutes of the episode i thought this episode was going to sort of suck but i was wrong. Another excellent episode. The tow main storylines were the cafe disco and dwight using his old Schrute horse technique to help phyllis' bad back. And Pam and Jim were supposedly getting married but they didn't and i didn't really care anyway. The opening was funny with Dwight's maniacal laughing and the new receptionist is a good character. The cafe disco story was funny. It had great moments like "respect the lai", and kevin aggressively kissing his girlfriend, and andy and Kelly's dance off was especially enjoyable. It was nice to see all of the office staff having fun together. And dwight treating phyllis' back was very funny. Hearing the screaming in the closed room with dwight and phyllis in it while michael assured the office that everything was ok was funny, and dwight saying his technique to help phyllis was used on horses and how he fed her carrots was funny. A strong episode. Can't wait for the season finale next week even though it means no more office until september
  • Daddy's here

    "I like cheesy", admits Pam as she dances away with Jim at Michael's secret hideaway "café disco" downstairs from the office, and it's just as well because Café Disco is a pretty strong slice of cheddar. Now almost fully settled back into their grooves with Pam filling her position aptly, The Office takes a turn back into the more every-day happenings of the workplace-even if it is all just as ridiculous as ever. This time we follow Michael as he attempts to ward off the evil spirits planted by the new boss weeks back, by running a disco café in the old lot that he used for The Michael Scott Paper Company whilst Pam and Jim plan to have a really small wedding in Ohio, impromptu.

    While the laughs aren't quite as frequent as they have come in previous weeks, it's sort of refreshing to see all the guys back together again-at each others necks (literally and figuratively) and having a good time while they're at it. Particular highlights however include a fantastic cold-opening involving Dwight which works solely because of the brilliant performance (in fact, Dwight as a whole is prominently entertaining this week) and variety of others from a dance-off between Kelly and Andy, to an ever disgruntled Angela (who can walk quite readily under the limbo pole). Overall, it's an episode that works solely on the fact that it more or less wraps things up neatly with a bundle of laughs in tow; pleasant, and memorable.
  • Michael makes a Disco/Cafe out of his former MSPC office. Pam and Jim decide to rush into marriage in Ohio.

    Working on the aftermath of the Michael Scott Paper Company this ep is able to hit all the right buttons and provides some great laughs. And though it is subtle, we are slowly building to a finale that will hopefully provide some nice twists and turns.

    This week Michael takes advantage of still having the Michael Scott Paper Company office by have a sound system to dance and a coffee machine to have espresso. He thinks that the office needs to chill out as they have become too focused on work so he sets it up as a disco cafe (sorry, Cafe Disco) but not everyone is sold on the idea right away.

    The one person who finally decides to go down there is Phyllis but this has some bad results for her. She injures her back and instead of going to the hospital, Dwight takes it upon himself to mend her back to health. He does this by treating her with old Schrute methods to mend horses back to health. It is here that Phyllis fears that Bob will cheat on her with his new receptionist who looks very similar to Phyllis.

    Meanwhile, Jim and Pam plan a getaway that day to Ohio to elope. They see that alot of drama comes with a big wedding not to mention the cost, so they try to secretly plan a trip so that no one at work knows. They begin to leave the office to go to Ohio when they decide to say goodbye at the Cafe Disco when they stay around to dance they both realize that they want a wedding with a cheesy reception. This had some really good laughs and seemed to bring out Erin more as a character that might even hang around for a little while longer. The ep had something that came across as very fresh, I can't pick why but it just seemed different. But the events in this ep does give me the idea that there may just be something that will go down in that picnic next ep to lead to a solid 6th season.