The Office

Season 2 Episode 22

Casino Night

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • Okay, so I'm late to the party...

    I just started watching The Office a few months ago (I think the series just ended this year). But just to throw my 2 cents in 8 years later, this is my favorite show right now. I have it on my Kindle and I always watch it while I'm on the bus or train (20 minute episodes are perfect for the commute).

    I just finished this episode the other night and loved it! Great wrap up! No spoilers but the last few minutes I had to do a long awaited fist pump for... one (two?) of the characters. You'll see.

  • Season 2 finale at Casino Night

    This episode started at a Chili's and ended at a warehouse. As with many season 2 episodes, this started out pretty funny. As powerful as Dwight claims to be (karate, assistant manager or assistant to the regional manager) it's funny how easily he can be tricked. I also like how the rest of the staff plays along with. I really liked how Pam helped Michael when Jan and Carol called. It was very sweet of her.

    The scenes in the warehouse were very great. It was hilarious how nervous/cool Michael plays when Jan or Carol is approaching. The double kiss? Loved it. Other great moments include Michael thinking Billy's (from when he burns his foot) girlfriend is a nurse, Darryl "teaching" Michael black words, Toby taking Michael's money, and Creed taking things because he enjoys it. I also enjoyed when Dwight won at craps and kissed Angela. Check out the reaction as she walked away. It's pretty memorable. I also like the moments that Jim and Pam played was very cute until the moment.

    The ending was pretty memorable. The producers did a great job of setting this up in previous episodes. You feel really sorry for Jim when he declared his love. It was a great moment of acting by John Krasinski and Jenna Fisher. The scene after he declared his love was a great way to end the season. It left you wondering what would happen as would any great season finale.
  • Season 2 Finale

    A really great finale that honestly summed up the whole season and wrapped it with a nice bow on top, all the while, the finale gave us viewers what we've been waiting for all season, which I think is also essential in a finale.

    We've got some cliffhangers, a really good final scene that can really hold you over until the new season begins. The Office, regardless of how eventful it was, it still managed to be incredibly funny. Which is this show at it's best. An eventful funny episode, and we've got a lot of genuinely funny moments in this episode.

    From Creed stealing to Michael going on a date with Carol and Jan at the same time, hilarity definitely ensues. We've got the Dwight/Angela relationship going strong, we learn that Jan might like Michael, looks like Jim really is getting transferred, and of course the biggest cliffhanger of all: Jim reveals his feelings for Pam. The best episode of the series? Maybe, so far, it has the best episode I've seen of the Office, but I'm sure they're are better out there, maybe not in shock value, but in comedy. So overall, a great episode, the kiss between Jim & Pam, when I saw that, I actually heard people from all around the world cheering. That's how intense that scene was. An amazing finale and quite possible the best episode of the series.
  • Loved it!

    I just loved how they turned only 5 or so minutes of Jim&Pam to the locomotive of this episode because those guys were the only thing I cared about when I played it again; my favorite guy on TV finally opening up! I think if they won't get together in season 3, though if Pam goes through with the marriage she is just as dumb as hell... Roy is just a fine example of a mule, but Jim is great on every level. Hope I was Pam :) Anyway, looking forward to play the next episodes, I just love being a latecomer to the audience; buying all available seasons on DVD and not having to wait for a week!!
  • Every character gets a chance to shine in this episode of the office! Scranton branch is preparing to host a Casino-themed fundraiser, and the camera focuses on the Jan-Michael-Carol and Jim-Pam-Roy awkwardness. The last 10 min will make your heart pound.

    This is absolutely, positively the best episode of The Office. There are several allusions to previous episodes that fans will pick up on (the Hooters catering, the Chilis waitress/date, etc), and they will also enjoy learning more about Oscar, Creed, Toby, Kevin, and the rest of the secondary characters. So many brilliantly funny lines from this episode are now known as classics, from "I hate so much about the things you choose to be" to "I want to be more than that." The best part of this episode, though, is its unpredictability. Perfectly written, perfectly acted, perfectly executed. I just wish it had been longer! The deleted scenes (available on the DVD) are some of the best scenes in series history!
  • This is television at it's best.

    "Casino Night" is my personal favorite episode of The Office. If you have any doubts as to whether or not The Office is a good show, just watch this episode. It has the perfect balance of jokes and heart. The Jam moments were perfect, and I have never seen better acting in my life. This episode follows the Dunder Mifflin employees and their friends and families as they host a Casino Night in the warehouse. I did not stop laughing throughout the entire episode. There were plenty of hilarious one-liners. Another high point of this episode is the fact that many different characters got to showcase themselves, especially minor characters that we do not see a lot of, such as Creed, or Daryl. The Dwight-Jim interactions in this episode were priceless; the mind-control trick was hilarious, and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard as when Dwight concluded that Jim had a good hand whenever he coughed. The ending, of course, was one of the best moments in the entire series, as we finally see Jim tell Pam just how he feels about her, and kiss her in the (empty) office. That was a wonderful ending to a wonderful episode. I can watch this episode over and over again, and never get sick of it. It is truly a series classic. 10/10.
  • The best episode in season 2.

    Just finished watching the second season and this episode was, I think, one of the best. I loved to see the situation reversed with Michael so he, without doing nothing, is getting 2 girls. And, besides he was right all the time about Jan, even when he played this like an idiot all the time.

    What I liked best about this episode was the ending, with Jim and Pam. I think that this was done in a great way, very real, without a lot of unescessary cliches and such, he just said what he needed to say and that's it. He needed to do that before escaping to Stanford, it was a great way to end it.
  • This American version is awesome to THEE MAX

    Congratualtions to Steve Carell who wrote this absolutely amazing finale! The American Office is beyond comparison with the Britsh version (my homeland) and I can safely say this episode is up amongst the TV greats.
    The way an entire season's drama came together was flawless. From Dwight's cheeky kiss on Angela's cheek (her reaction walking away was priceless and fills you with warmth) to the tearful coversation between Pam and Jim ..........

    Everything you rooted for,
    Everything you wanted to happen,

    There was so much emotion in that scene with Jim and Pam. When the tear rolled down his cheek.......his was putting his heart on the line......
    MAn, it just got me. See watching other men cry......
    it just gets me.......

    And then it was me.......
    I was Jim.
    And that set me off worse......

    I love getting totally involved in the drama....
    there was so much emotion....
    I was actually saying "what? what? WHAT?" as all this was happening.
    And you usually don't get a vocal response from me like that unless i'm whating LOST.......

    and that's saying something...

  • Disclaimer: The Office is my favorite TV show on EARTH. With that being said, please read..

    Ok, Ill admit it. The second after the Season Finale was over I had my trusty page up and all ready to write an amazing emotional review giving the show a hands down no argument score of 10. But like Tobe suggested in last weeks Conflict Resolition episode, I wrote the letter and let it sit in my drawer for a few days until I cooled down and was more rational... after watching the show about 6 times (see, told i you i was a superfan) I realized there is a huge huge HUGE possibility that the show has literally nowhere to go now and the comedic elements we are so addicted to and work so well amongst the characters will be out of place and out of character..

    (( users, Office Writers......PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!))

    ...unless they are planning on making the show more dramatic and soap opera based. I know we all got emotional and lost our s%*t over the Jim and Pam kiss (i did too; a tear or two people, a tear) but be open minded here. In my opinion theres no way the Jim character will be moving to the Stanford branch of Dunder Mifflin. No way. They would have to introduce other characters and this wouldnt merge well with the character development and chemistry already established. This means the writers will still have to write for Jim and Pam in the usual secretive, jokey, youthful, flirty way that we have all come to love. Now with the \\\"Im in love with you\\\" admission there are no options for the writers. The most I can predict is if they start up their relationsip in secret.... BUT WAIT,

    the show pretty much flows in real time. So by the time September rolls around...(if they decide to write it that way) the Pam-Roy wedding will have alrady taken place/been called off. I cant fathom how awkward and NOT COMICAL it would be for Roy and Pam and Jim to all be working at the same place after something so traumatic and betraying took place(on all their parts). So were in a circle here. The aveage Casino Night 10 A+ Scorer on here is thinking that it would work since Jim will be in Standford. That would equal odd, weird writing.

    This review was a ramble, incoherrant babble blah nothing..
    but only because Im worried about the fate of my favorite TV show since The Wonder Years.

    I can truly say this episode felt like that depressing
    why-am-i-still-watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air series finale episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Ya know, where the sold the house, Carlton went to college, the girls moved to NY, Jeffrey the butler went back to England.

    Why would they do this in the second season?
    (and I mean figureativly (a.k.a, writing, plots, chemistry, relationshops) not literally (the wedding, jim moving, blah blah)


    I bet Steve Carell is genius enough/messed up enough to poke fun at shows like Dallas or The Bob Newhart Show or St Elsewhre and make those last 2 Jim Pam scenes out to be a dream in September. Just you watch people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hate mail, Im ready for ya.

  • Incredible!

    Steve Carell should get an Emmy for writing this masterpiece. There is some allusion to every episode prior to this one. I loved Angela smacking Dwight at the craps table and then walking away trying to conceal that she's happy.

    How shocking was it that after the "love triangle" that apparently only Michael saw was at least partially real as JAN BROUGHT A CHANGE OF CLOTHES!

    And of course, Jim and Pam. How amazing that such an incredibly funny show can deliver such a dramatic moment. First the confession, which will bring a tear to anyone's eye who has watched the show for the two seasons. Then the kiss. Simply wonderful! This might be the best episode of television I've seen in my life.
  • Jim and Pam

    ohh my. i've watched this episode so many times it makes me so sad because Pam is like, they should just be friends when Jim confesses that he likes her. =`[ ahh. roy is stupid. pam should leave him. [never mind i know that she doesnt but still.] haha michael. he invites jan but she says no so he invites his real estate agent then jan says yes and so does.. carol was it?.. haha and as he puts it its a love triangle. haha and he says he got his new york girl and his local flavor. wow. lmao. rofl.
  • "Two queens on Casino Night. I am going to drop a deuce on everybody."

    Jim's feelings finally come out! This is a great way to end the season - a good cliffhanger. What will happen next? Will Jim really transfer? Will Pam get married? If she does, will Jim really miss her wedding?

    Another relationship is the Michael/Jan relationship. He chooses the real estate lady over her. (played by Steve Carell's real wife) It's obvious that Jan still has feelings for Michael, even though she doesn't want to. What will she do now that Michael turned her down?

    There were so many other good moments too, such as Jim's "powers," the "Afghanistanis with AIDS" thing, and Kevin's band.

    I can't wait to see what happens next season!
  • Didn't think they could pull it off, but they did!

    Just when you think this show cant get any better… they really knock the ball out of the park with this season finale.

    We’ve all suffered for several episodes through the Jim\Pam love tension and knew it had to come to an end sooner or later. I personally thought that this comedic masterpiece of a show could never pull it off. But they did! The scenes with Jim and Pam were perfect. If that weren’t enough how about CASINO NIGHT at DUNDER MIFLIN. How great is that? The scenes at the poker table were hysterical and well written. Also the “love triangle” that Michael was caught up in was priceless. I think every view expected both women to want nothing to do with him. But by revealing that both of them really wanted him was perfect. It allows for the Michael\Jan stuff to continue; which to me is one of the many great sub-plot of The Office.

    Can’t wait till season 3 comes out on DVD!
  • Wow, what a way to end a season. Lots of character development and superbly written. My season favorite.

    I love that this episode was written by Steve Carell. He sheds so much talent in every aspect. It was a great way to end season 2. We get to see 3 characters develop soo much in less than half an hour. First Michael's deal with Jan heats up as he invites Corol over the Casino Night. We clearly see Jan confused about Michael having a date. She has feelings for him. Then the bombshell of Jim declaring his love to Pam. This has been cooking all the season and finally explodes with their kiss at the end. Can't wait to see what season 3 beholds.
  • LOVED IT. Jim FINALLY told pam. FINALLY! Golly gosh. been waiting for that since forever! This was a great season finale!

    wow. this episode wasn't just funny though, but it was sad too. i really enjoyed this episode. i don't think it was a let down or anything! Just great! what we wished would happen, happend (jim and pam).And michael actually got not one, but two dates! and tried to juggle them both, quite funny really. And dwight was as funny as always, Being michaels look out guy or whatever he was. And telling michael when each of the dates has shown up... right in front of jan i think it was. I hope the next seasons episodes are just as good as this episode!
  • imitating pam at the dundies "best episode ever"

    okay, i admit it... almost every episode becomes my favorite episode. but this one really is awesome. first of all supersized. which, just mentioning that, i mean, like, i think the only other nbc show i ever watched supersized was friends. but, i think this show really is better supersized, like it makes better use of the extra few minutes. the moments breathe a bit better and there are just better jokes and yeah, it really uses it better. Friends supersized wasn't really any different than regular.
    okay, i have used up like 80 words without even saying why i love this episode.
    so, anyway, everyone looks so pretty. the mind control at the beginning, i was laughing so hard. afganistinanis (however he was saying it) with aids. toby and why they can't have the boy scouts in the casino (god, i am laughing even thinking about it). i hate so much about the things you choose to be. dwight and angela and the kiss-slap. jim and pam at the table, which nearly rivals the end two scenes with them (i wanna be more than that. heartbreaking). we must decieve them to honor them. just amazing.
    i was watching the commentary earlier today, and i love how they were saying that john and meloria had chemistry when they were outside talking. and they said that comon, john has chemistry with everyone. even rainn. it was hilarious.
    god i love this show.
  • Two queens on Casino Night, and Michael Scott's going to drop a deuce on everyone! The gang at Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch gamble for charity while Jim and Pam find themselves caught in a high stakes game with their hearts on the table.

    I thought that I've seen it all and that there weren't any more television shows capable of surprise anymore. I'm so glad I was wrong.

    This episode is not to be missed by fans and casual viewers alike. Best of all, as usual, this show and this episode is not about the shock value but the character growth. I don't want to spoil what happens, but for those who are invested in this show as I am, jaws will drop. It's bittersweet, I tell ya!

    This is my favourite episode in this entire series, and it will be tough to replace.
  • The episode we've all been waiting for!

    FINALLY! is what people were probably saying about this show. I was so happy that Jim finally said his true feelings! Ofcourse everyone was disapointed to when Pam rejected him, but that is good for the story, that way it can continue and were the show is now maybe it will end up the way, well almost everyone, wanted it to be...
  • Well..

    A wonderful episode in every aspect, just one of those shows that actually are good at everything, even episode DVD commentary. And to anyone who says they are jumping the shark I have too things: Do you really want them to be like every other show dragging a will they/won't they on and on for eight years. And 2. Take a look at friends one of the most sucessful shows in history. How long did they take to reveal the Ross/Rachel thing? Not very long at all, and that show had at least minor success didn't it?
  • Anybody that's following this series can agree with me that this episode is pivotal with the Jim and Pam storyline. (CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD)

    We saw Jim seeking a transfer in a previous episode and as a goodbye to Pam he tells her how he feels about her. Even though it's very cliche for TV shows now to have this type of cliffhanger I think it works well with this story because you see how Pam reacts to it by calling her mom and talking bout what happened. We have seen glimpses of the state that Roy and Pam's relationship is in and you can tell that she isn't all that happy. Though it's quite predictable what will happen in season 3 it's going to be fun how this is going to be taken care of and see if Roy finds and how he'll react. And then on the other side of things you have Michael and Jan and Michael's Relator triangle going on so its going to be fun to see how things unravel for season 3.
  • In the season finale, Michael hosts Casino Night at the warehouse where all the stakes are high.

    This is the very best season finale of a show that I have ever seen. The tension between Jim and Pam throughout the whole show culminates in their tender moment shared, and yet we have no idea what the outcome will be. Of all the finales that took place in May, this is the only one my mind keeps returning to over this summer. I\'m absolutely beside myself with excitement as to when the show returns, and I can find out how it all turns out. I know that whatever happens with Pam and Jim will be beautifully awkward and great, just as the whole Office series is, and I just await it all with sweet anticipation.
  • Jim finally tells Pam his true feelings during the Casino night at the warehouse. Michael is juggling 2 so called dates.

    This episode can easily be remembered as the best show of the season. I couldnt have been more pleased with this one. I waited 2 seasons for Jim to show pam his true feelings to her and i finally got it. This show was geniously plotted. I have to say i have big expectations for season finales and some finales seem to ruin the whole series but casino night hit the spot. The onset chemistry of pam and jim is 1 of the few reasons i watch the office. In casino night the acting, directing, plot was great and i cant wait till season 3.
  • Casion night at The Office has more to it than just luck at cards!

    This one had it all - laughs, drama, love, fun. This one made me cry. Steve Carell, as always, was genius - I notice this one was even written by him. Every scene was classic, one of my favorites. I even loved it before the Jam (Jim and Pam) drama happened. That just added to my love for this episode. If all tv was this good, I\\\'d never have to leave home! Can\\\'t wait for next season to see how they carry the final scene over. I\\\'m sure they\\\'ll do it in some genius way, like usual. Episodes like this are why I love the Office!
  • More Chemistry then Ross and Rachel could ever have.

    This episode was powerful in so many ways. I truly found that Jim and Pam are soul mates. I don’t use that term often or lightly. The two characters are meant to be together. Ether as friends or lovers, I don’t think it truly matters. I have a fairly good grip on reality but when these two kissed I got very emotional and had butterflies going on full blast. I know they are just actors on TV. But my word they have enough chemistry to light the USA for years to come.
    As for the rest of the episode everyone was top of there craft. The jokes where great, acting was great. The sublet nature that is “the office” was just in rare form on the season finale.
  • They Nailed It!!!

    I jumped up and down on my couch!!. The writing geniuses behind NBC's crown jewell comedy are amazing. I think this show is more addicting than drugs, the writers know exactly how to keep you coming back for more. I think this show should come with a warning label warning you of possible addiction, sort of like tobacco companies.
  • Wow!

    Certainly not the funniest episode to date, but it brought a some drama to a show that was previously only revered for it's laughs. The show revealed a lot about two relationships: Michael and Jan - Jim and Pam. Who know Jan would be jealous when another woman actually likes Michael. Then, Jim's confession is enough to make you nervous and excited at the same time, and the scene was incredibly well acted. I was uneasy throughout the wholes scene. Great episode! Some would argue that the timeline (the show is aired in "real-time") makes this a bad way to end the season, but it'll certainly bring viewers back in the fall.
  • In a note perfect finale, we get heartbreaking pathos, hilarious quips and character development and terrific acting from all of the Office cast members.

    Whether or not you're a Jim and Pam fan or if you think the apparent coupling was done too soon or will ruin the anticipation and chemistry between the couple, (and we have no assurance that they are in fact together) this episode still goes down as one of the funniest of the American Office series. Steve Carell proves his mettle as both an actor and a writer, having penned this season finale and John Krasinski puts in an Emmy-worthy performance as well.

    In Casino Night, the office park arranges a gambling event to benefit various charities. From the beginning where Jim and Pam trick Dwight into thinking Jim has telekinetic powers (moving the coat rack with the umbrella) to the great scenes at the poker tables to Michael juggling both Jan and Carole as dates (who would have thought?) to "Dinkin' flicka!" to Kevin's retro Scrantonocity video to Angela's disdain at the whole event, this episode is chock full of superbly funny moments.

    These bits of hilarity are coupled with the soulfulness in Jim's eyes as he confesses his love to Pam, the genuineness of Jan's frustration at being rebuffed, and the delight that flashes in Toby's eyes as he beats Michael at poker. This is one of those episodes where the absurd, the comical, the ridiculous, and the heartfelt converge and expose The Office for what it is: perhaps one of the most layered and multidimensional half-hour shows ever to air on television.
  • The best comedian tv series is will not be same till september..

    The season final was as good as the rest of the year..
    Tbh i didnt expect from Pam to react like this, but the kiss was really the best moment of the episode..
    The thing i like most on this series is the real-life characters..
    The kiss they gave was probably to me the most real-life kiss i have ever seen on tv..Was not a "hollywood" kiss, tongues etc, was a really sweet in love kiss between a man that loves this girl and a girl that dont know he loves him yeat..
    My compliments to both actors and director for this really sweet moment..
  • Some excellent scripting, that shows up a few faults with episodes in the rest of the series.

    Taken on its own this episode is great. The handling of Michael's 'love triangle' is perhaps the most beautifully cringeworthy piece of scripting in season 2. The Dwight-Angela thing becomes funnier the more perverse it gets. And the development of the Jim-Pam romance is, of course, great. Some real attention to detail went into polishing these characters for the pivotal drama you expect from a season finale.

    For me, though, the tightness of the episode serves to highlight something of a slack period in the rest of the second half of the season. There have been no episodes I haven't loved, but taken as an ongoing story I feel that the emotional development has been a bit irregular. The Jim-Pam relationship slowed down somewhat after the booze cruise, as if the producers hadn't quite planned on having to stretch the premise of this season to 22 episodes. Then suddenly, last week, some edge came back into it when Jim had to admit to Pam he had filed a complaint against her. They could have spent several episodes exploring an interesting side to the relationship with that, yet had to plaster over it for the revelations of the finale to work.

    Why were all the good ideas crammed towards the end of the series? Was it just too long? I felt a little sad that the suspense and energy hadn't been kept up to make the finale a real release. The original BBC one did it so well, in the shorter space. But this way, I guess, we have a lot more of Dwight to look forward to!

    As a side note - there are a few minor character inconsistencies slipping in. In this episode we learn that Kevin is the singer and drummer in a local band, despite the fact that in episode 9 of season 2, during the karaoke at Jim's party, he clearly can't sing in tune. I suppose this is inevitable in a long-running show.
  • There really is nothing to say about this episode besides... L...O....L...

    That episode was great! I loved how Pam and Jim made Dwight actually think Jim had psychic powers. Kevin's Scrantonicity band will be HILARIOUS once they play at Pam's wedding! Pam & Jim share a kiss (if memory serves) and they both admit they're in love with eachother (Pam tells her mother on the phone). I look forward to seeing Season 3, and now I can catch up on Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 (I've only watched past "Christmas Party" in December). I hope Jim dosen't transfer. I find him to be one of the best characters in the series, along with Micheal, Dwight, Ryan, and Pam. I look forward to buying both seasons on DVD and awaitng the return in Fall.
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