The Office

Season 5 Episode 26

Casual Friday

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on NBC
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The Dunder Mifflin staff start taking too many liberties with their casual Friday dress. The rest of the sales team resents Pam and Ryan keeping clients they stole from them while at The Michael Scott Paper Company.

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  • he is back

    After a brief runhing his own company, Michael is back at Dunder Milffin, as is Pam and Ryan. It's funny how Michael choose his comeback. It was simply Michael. However while this episode is good, there were some moments that I think that were supposed to funny but it seemed like I was trying to laugh. It's a common theme for the later seasons. There were still more good then bad about this episode.

    There were couple problems at the office in this episode. Some people manily Angela had a problem with the way some people were dressed with it being casual Friday. My favorite moment happened when Toby approached Meredith about her dress. It was hilarious how she just didn't care what everyone was thinking as she was flashing everyone. While this stroyline was good, I did think it could be better. On a small note I did like Kelly's outfit. It seemed similar to the one she wore in the roast of Michael Scott.

    When Michael came back with Pam and Ryan, he had them as salespeople with the clients they stole while they were at Michael Scott Paper Comany. This upsets everyone (besides Jim). I could understand this. Similar with the other storyline, I think that more work could've been put in this one. I did enjoy how Michael was trying to play mind games with the sales staff. I have said this before but this episode again shows how much the realtionship between Dwight and Michael has changed. If this happened earlier this season, Dwight would get new clients and help Michael with any rebellion. Funny moments from this storyline include when Dwight said he would with the rest of the sales staff when he didn't know Stanley's last name. My favorite moment from this storyline was Creed and Jim together. This was the first extended interaction between them. Eventually Michael gives in to the sales staff demands. He gives Ryan his old job (temp) and Pam her new job as saleswomen, but not before using a old joke (from the pilot) on her.

    Overall I liked this episode and it had some very good moments.moreless
  • A good episode, nice to see the loss of Michael Scott Paper Company hasn't hindered the quality

    No offense to anybody who doesn't like the new episodes of The Office (there have been some clunkers this season, don't get me wrong), but calling this episode an awful one just seems absurd and overkill. The show certainly has declined in quality a bit since the first few seasons, but as time goes on, shows tend to change and differ from what they originally were. To say the show isn't funny anymore seems a little strange, seeing as there are still plenty of funny moments.

    Dwight's little crusade to get the salesman to rally against Michael, as well as Jim's line about a "strongly painted picture" were great. And who can say enough about Creed, who steals every scene he's in? His belief that Jim was gay but still trying to get him hooked up with his daughter, says everything about how ridiculous and funny Creed is as a character. Also, it was nice to see Michael back to the same awkward fake jokes that he made in Season 1.

    If there's one thing I have consistently not enjoyed about the season, it's probably Ryan. I think he's turned into such an awful person. Nothing against BJ Novak, because I still enjoy all of his episodes that he writes and he's a good actor, but honestly.. how could he go from the Ryan of Season 1/2 to the Ryan of Season 5? It's ridiculous. Also, I do agree with what people say about Meredith. She's not my favorite supporting character, so I was a iffy about so much time on her.. although when she pulled down her skirt and her boob popped out, I couldn't help but laugh.

    This season has had its ups and downs, but the end of this season has definitely been the strong point. I'm positive it'll end on a great note, even though next week's episode seems just okay to me.moreless
  • 524

    An enjoyable, entertaining episode of The Office, and I actually got a couple laughs which I haven't gotten in a while from Office episodes. The whole causal Friday idea was comedic genius from Angela not wanting to see Oscar in sandals to Meredith's very revealing dress, it was absolutely hilarious.

    In the aftermath of the Michael Scott Paper Company, all of the salesman want their clients back from Pam & Ryan. As Michael favors them for not leaving him when the going got rough. He soon comes to realize that he has to choose between Ryan & Pam, on who is getting the sales job.

    I honestly wish Pam was back to being a receptionist and Ryan becoming the salesman, I'm not sure if I like Pam as a salesman, I think she was always better as the receptionist. At least it's nice to know things are going back to normal. And I think The Office is back on track ever since the paper company arc.moreless
  • Tensions Boil as Michael, Pam, and Ryan are not welcomed back at the office. Meanwhile, some of the employees decide to not follow the guidelines of 'Casual Fridays'.

    This was a great episode for several reasons. First of all, it was a funny episode, and Dwight and Michael will be intersting to watch for the rest of this season and next season. Also, Charles Miner is gone! Although he made the show fresh, he was not incredibly funny. In addition, when the office took casual friday to loosely, Toby is forced to be the bad guy. This episode balanced the season well, and its been a pretty unpredictable one, especially in The Michael Scott Paper Company/New Boss arc. If you really look back, has this season been that bad?moreless
  • It is on like a prawn who yawns at dawn.

    This week The Office gets a little heated thanks to the developments that took place from the previous episode. With new jobs as salespeople, Pam and Ryan are looked upon with disdain from the other salespeople in the office when they learn that they will not be getting their clients back that were stolen by The Michael Scott Paper Company. Perhaps the most interesting point of view from all of this comes from Michael himself who for the better part of the show, is adamant that he deserves an apology for his desertion (or betrayal as he sees it) from episode 19 "Two Weeks". Yet, taken as a whole, the episode manages to incorporate many different characters and gives them all a newfound sense of conviction-even Toby gets a moment of self-assertiveness here. With that said however, one of the best features of Casual Friday is simply through the laughs, some of which come plainly from the outfits that the employees wear. Particularly amusing is the segment involving Meredith, and the cold opening with Kevin is also built to strike up laughter. All in all though, Casual Friday continues the series' recent success and manages to combine the previous episodes' high quantity of laughs with solid characterisation and plot development.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This is the second time Michael fake fires Pam, the first being in "Pilot". This is also the second time he fake fires the receptionist (also Pam in "Pilot").

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Angela: The man is wearing sandals. I don't need to see Oscar's feet at work. Gross! He looks like he just got off the boat!

    • Michael: Dwight, let me make something clear to you. I set the rules, and you follow them—blindly.

    • Michael: Pam, could you come in, please? Have a seat.
      Pam: Okay.
      Michael: Well, there's no easy way to saying this, so I think I will just... drag it out.

    • Michael: I have a very difficult decision to make. It's like last week, I was at the video store. Do I rent Devil Wears Prada again, or do I finally get around to see Sophie's Choice? It is what you would call a classic difficult decision.

    • Michael: I need your help. This whole Pam and Ryan debate is screwing with my head.
      Jim: I don't wanna be bias, but I'm very close to Ryan. You know that.
      Michael: You're close with Pam, too.
      Jim: Well, she's nice, I guess.

    • Pam: [Michael] can only keep one of us as a sales person now. He'll make his decision by the end of the day.
      Ryan: I think you should get it. You really grew into it.
      Pam: Oh, I think you should get it. You've changed a lot, and you'd be good at it.
      Ryan: If you really think that, would you tell that to Michael? That would go a long way coming from you.

    • Michael: No matter how I look at this I am in the wrong. And I've looked at this thing, like, a hundred different ways. From my point of view, from their point of view (long pause) 98 others... and bottom line, I'm in the wrong. I'm the bad guy.

    • Dwight: We want our clients back, or we quit, Michael.
      Michael: Who quits?
      Phyllis: Me.
      Stanley: And me.
      Andy: Me, too.
      Michael: You guys gotta be kidding.
      Dwight: No, we gotta be deadly serious. We'll start our own paper company. The Schrute, Bernard, Lapin-Vance, Stanley Paper Company.

    • Jim: I'm just hiding out until this stuff blows over, with Creed, playing chess, at work. He's winning. (long pause) Feels like I'm describing this dream I had.

    • Dwight: (serious tone) Do not ask me where I got the invisible ink. (smirking) Urine. It was urine.

    • Ryan: What you gotta do, is you gotta go down to that warehouse and you gotta crack some skulls—Chiklis style.
      Michael: Yeah, The Commish.
      Ryan: Yes, but Chiklis, Shield style, not Commish style.
      Michael: Yeah, yeah, The Shield.

    • Toby: Well, I was in the seminary for a year and dropped out because I wanted to have sex with this girl, Cathy. Followed her back to Scranton. Took the first job I could find in HR. Later she divorced me. So, no, I wouldn't say I have a passion for HR.

    • Creed: I wanna set you up with my daughter.
      Jim: Oh, I'm engaged to Pam.
      Creed: I thought you were gay.
      Jim: Then why would you want to set me up with your daughter?
      Creed: I don't know.

  • NOTES (3)