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Season 7 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2010 on NBC
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Hearing of China's surging as an economic superpower convinces Michael that America desperately needs a new idea to keep pace. Dwight's cutbacks in the building lead to Pam suggesting it might be time for Dunder Mifflin to move. Darryl is annoyed with Andy's inane texts.

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  • china

    Not a bad episode of The Office here. I know I am "the guy who hates this show" but I really am not, and can appreciate when they do something that is great. The storyline with Michael and Oscar battling over China was well-done, not only because it is actually realistic as I know people who behave this way, but it was pretty clever. The Andy and Darryl stuff was pretty stupid though, and except for the scenes with Dwight and Nate, Dwight abusing his power as office building owner is not a storyline that I am going to look forward to for the rest of the season.moreless
  • best episode so far

    Hearing of China's surging as an economic superpower convinces Michael that America desperately needs a new idea to keep pace. Dwight's cutbacks in the building lead to Pam suggesting it might be time for Dunder Mifflin to move. Darryl is annoyed with Andy's inane texts. Michael does this stupid, funny debate about China and the U.S with Oscar to try and prove to him that he his smarter than Oscar because he was right one time.

    Andy's texts to Darryl were so funny especially the crazy pidgeon action outside of the building. I laughed so hard in this episode and the cold opening was super hilarious also

    Good job Office: A+moreless
  • 710

    A tolerable episode of The Office, all things considered. The beginning, the cold opening was just absolutely unbearable. In my mind, I thought, "Great, another bad episode of The Office" but this episode actually shaped up to be a pretty good episode, and one of those stand out ones to say the least.

    I wasn't very interested in Michael & Oscar's debate about China, but Erin's line about her theory of murdering someone for the life insurance money was just absolutely hysterical. The "doing everything with your feet" bit from Dwight was the absolute opposite of that. So we got some funny one liners in the main plot.

    As for the subplot, that's the thing that salvaged the entire episode. The Office took a shot at emotion which is what this show is best at, and it didn't prove that theory wrong here with Pam not wanting to fail. Not to mention the Dwight/Pam interactions were just great. Dwight helping Pam win was just a great unexpected ending. Overall, a good episode of The Office, that definitely had it's laugh out loud moments.moreless
  • Michael thinks that China is becoming a superpower

    Michael, Michael, Michael... every time I think that Michael Scott is becoming a complete maniac, he does things that make me doubt his insanity. He is a logical person and an illogical person at the same time. Is there a TV character more contradictory than him?

    In tonight's episode, Michael comes into the office completely convinced that China is a growing superpower and that it needs to be stopped. That was how the premise read on different websites as well, so I went into this episode thinking it was going to be another example of Michael being incompetent. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see it be the opposite. In an argument about China, Michael one-ups Oscar and the entire Office lauds Michael for knowing something Oscar didn't. The remainder of the episode isn't necessarily about Michael trying to stop China but trying to prove to Oscar that he is smarter in certain areas.

    It may sound stupid, but it's a lot better than Michael single-handedly trying to stop a country. The show took a left turn and surprised me, something it rarely does now. There was also some good side-plot stuff.. not great, but definitely good. Another example of how great the supporting cast of the show is. We had one plot focusing on Pam as Office Administrator attempting to stop Dwight from using his role as building owner to institute ridiculous things (imagine half-ply toilet paper and lights that turn off every five minutes and respond only to body movement). There's also a mini-plot with Darryl and Andy about texting that is pretty dumb, but both of these characters are hilarious, and it's tough to critique them when it looks like they're having so much fun.

    The episode comes to a satisfying enough end, and we get to see Dwight as a good guy for once instead of the complete jerk he has been the past few seasons. Remember the time Dwight sat next to Pam and tried to console her in Season 3 when Jim was with Karen? He does something similar to this in this episode, and it's a sweet moment that the show needs more of. With next week being a Christmas episode, hopefully we can expect some great moments.moreless
  • Come to parking lot. Crazy pigeon action.

    I actually thought this episode was pretty spot on in terms of old office standards. They reverted back to the 'it's just a normal day in the office', rather than focus the episode around some event like halloween or the viewing party a couple of episodes back.

    First off, excellent cold open! Had me laughing all the way to the opening credits. Instead of Jim just playing a prank on Dwight, he just adds to Dwight's insanity, and even though you knew he was going to spill coffee all over himself, it was still hilarious seeing him try to get there.

    I thought that the compassion shown by Dwight was pretty nice as well, and we see some character development in Jim and Pam that has been missed for a while. Then there was Michael besting his foe in the only way he knows how, by making a completely irrelevant, awkward speech that didn't even make sense. The episode was probably a little racist, but Oscar's defence of the impact China has had on the US and the rest of the world softened it a little. Overall very funny and enjoyable, even down to the last icecream covered pigeon.moreless

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    • Dwight: Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. You'll probably just take it out on your kid. Jim will turn to the drink, the family will fall apart, and 25 years from now, Cece will become world famous—for stripping.
      Pam: That's a sad story. I have another one: we move, the other tenants follow, the bank takes the building, takes your farm, takes your car, and beats the crap out of you. Penniless, you die, and my daughter Cece dances on your grave—fully-clothed.

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