The Office

Season 2 Episode 10

Christmas Party

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2005 on NBC

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  • It's an Office Christmas

    This was a wonderful and delightful episode. This is an episode that gets better with time. Again we see Michael trying to make an event about himself while trying not to sound selfish. There were many good moments in this episode. The gifts that Jim gave to Pam was probably the best gifts of all the gifts. I liked the callback to Jim's party with his party with the photo. I also liked how eager that Dwight was when Michael was opening his gift. Another funny Michael moments are when he was trying to get rid of Phylis's gift. I also liked it when Darryl was in Michael's office and Michael said that Dwight had "elfish features. The reaction of Daryl was priceless. In this episode we see more into the characters of Angela and Creed. I love it how Creed just admits that he took his gift to Jim was something literally thrown together. The only weird moment is when Kelly kissed Dwight. Overall there were many good moments in this episode. This was an episode that you appreciate more when you watch more of the series.
  • 210

    One of the best and most memorable episodes of the Office. If not the best episode of the Office. Everything about this episode was absolutely hysterical, you'll laugh the whole way through, I guarantee it.

    I think this is the point I really started to like Angela as a character. She stole the show, from crying over Michael changing Secret Santa, to having a mental breakdown in the parking lot after she sees Kelly kiss Dwight. Just a hilarious episode for her, you'll appreciate her character more after this episode.

    Phyllis crying because Michael hated her present was another highlight and then we've got some definite Jim & Pam development along the way. When Jim gives Pam a teapot, she eventually gets the iPod but then trades it back. Then Meredith flashing Michael in the end, another under appreciated character that becomes appreciable in this episode. Just a great episode overall, full of laughs, amazing development, and amazing with the character's interactions.
  • Yankee Christmas?

    Yankee Christmas? That spells disaster. It's Christmas time for The Office workers, and their Christmas party wouldn't be complete without a Secret Santa gift exchange. There's a $20 limit, but because Michael fired someone this year, he got a huge bonus: $3,000. With money, he bought his Secret Santa recipient, Ryan, a video iPod. So when the gift exchange gets underway, Michael gets his gift from Phyllis. Hand-knit oven mitts. He's "hurt" because it's a "crappy" gift. He goes on a rant about how Ryan got an awesome gift and he got a sucky one. Thus, Yankee Swap, Dirty Christmas, whatever, begins. Not good. No one really likes it. But in the end, Pam gets the sweet, sentimental eclection of trinkets Jim put together for her in a cute little tea pot he knew she wanted. :) (And Dwight gets the iPod.) All in all, great episode. Everyone was decently happy in the end. :P
  • probbably the best office episode

    The office staffers hold a "Secret Santa" gift exchange at their Christmas party. Jim got Pam's name for the first time this year, and puts a great deal of effort into getting her the perfect gift. Michael buys a video iPod as his gift, exceeding the $20 limit. He is disappointed by the handmade item he receives from Phyllis and introduces a "Yankee Swap", where someone can choose to steal someone else's gift or open a new one. Jim is left feeling uncertain about the fate of his special present for Pam while the staff guns for Michael's gift. Michael disobeys company policy by buying an obscene amount of alcohol for the Christmas party.
  • Few shows are clever enough to shed and episode so dynamic and funny as this one. A true classic.

    When I first saw The Office (not so long ago) I had an impression of something I have never seen before. And lets face it, we're sick of sitcoms that are so alike than no one really cares if there's a new one with that guy from Seinfeld or that chick from The Nanny. This documentary footage of an office christmas party is hilarious. Stve Carrell is a rue genius in this one and the writters did a hell of a job delivering such funny scene on the gift exchange. It was just one laugh after another and so on. A perfect 10!
  • The office has a Christmas party.

    Christmas Party is without a doubt one of the best episodes of the second season of The Office. It has so many wonderful moments such as Angela crying during a talking head and then her break down outside later on; the Ho, Ho, Pimp! thing; Bob Vance in general; and Michael's views on gift giving, but those are only a few of the highlights for the episode. There are so many more great moments in this episode. I loved the Jim and Pam storyline for this episode just like I always do. I can't believe how close Jim came to telling Pam how he feels about her before backing out of the sitaution. All in all, this is a superb episode, and it's definitely one of my all time favorite episodes of The Office.
  • "Happy birthday Jesus, sorry your party's so lame."

    From this episode onward, the season just keeps getting BETTER. I didn't think it was possible. This is in my top 5 favorite episodes (Behind The Injury, Casino Night, and Booze Cruise.)

    The staff holds a "secret santa" gift exchange at their Christmas party. Michael buys a video iPod as a gift, which of course exceeds the $20 limit. However, after receiving a handmade oven mitt for his present, he decides to do a "yankee swap" which is basically a white elephant gift exchange. Morale runs low, so Michael uses company money to buy a large amount of alcohol for the party. The staff argues about who gets the iPod - Dwight eventually gets it though. Jim got a special teapot for Pam with things inside it as inside jokes, and she eventually gets it.

    This was a very funny and sweet episode. In the teapot for Pam, Jim initially put a letter in there that expressed his feelings, but later removed it. This is an all-around good episode and definitely a classic - it helped me get hooked on The Office.
  • Starting Christmas off right

    I saw this episode months and months ago, but I still laugh whenever I think about it. It was that funny. The office's Christmas party started off simple enough with a round of Secret Santa, but when Michael receives a homemade oven mitt as a gift, he suggests a Yankee Swap. It's a disaster, as everyone loses their personal gifts for things they really don't want (paintball with Dwight, lol!) Then, in an attempt to spice up the party, Michael buys bottles and bottles of vodka. This was a hilarious holiday episode, and the ending was the icing on the cake, it made me crack up.
  • What should be a nice fun office Christmas Party with the exchange of Secret Santa gifts and holiday cheer, turns out to be a wacky celebration exsisting of hurt feelings, competetion for an Ipod, specific hand-picked gifts ending up in the wrong hands...

    This is definitely a classic episode...I just re-watched it last night and it was even funnier than the first time around. Michael is such the stereo-typical, Self-absorbed Jerk Boss who doesn't have a clue." It was so like him to change the Secret Santa rules mid-stream and then turn the event into a mean spirited exchange. It was hilarious and it had me in stitches.

  • The title says it all. Exactly why I watch this series.

    It's christmas!
    So, Michael plans a big office party where everybody gets a secret Santa and, at first, there is no booze allowed (although we all know "booze has never killed anyone").
    Anyway, so the highlights of this episode are the fact that Jim has got Pam a teapot she really wanted... AND!... it is filled with inside jokes. On the other hand, Michael is still after Ryan and now got him a Video Ipod to show him he cares for him that much dollar worth.
    When Secret Santas are being handed out, Michael gets pissed that he got a homemade oven mitt, so he decides that presents should be swapped.
    The iPod gets passed around numerous times, and Jim gets sad when Pam chooses the iPod over the teapot, which she then corrects.
    So anyway, after the hilarious presents and comments on the members of the office, Michael decides he should cheer up the party and buys 15 bottles of vodka for 20 people.
    So yes, office staff get drunk, Meredith strips for Michael and Kelly even kisses Dwight (who by now has two girls!! What the--???) which, added to Michael screwing up the party make Angela snap and go outside to scream and break some of the tree's decoration.
    Chrsitmas-sy indeed.
  • Michael is torturous in this episode. When he doesn't like his Secret Santa present, he transforms the event into a Yankee Swap instead. Or what Jim calls "Nasty Christmas" and Dwight calls "Machiavelli meets ... Christmas."

    While it's a little uncomfortable to watch at points (watching Phyllis crumble as Michael continually derides the handmade present she gave him, seeing Angela go postal in the Dunder-Mifflin parking lot, cringing as Jim's gift for Pam is stuck up Dwight's nose) it's still a great episode, chock full of Office goodness and hilarity. The interviews make this one (Kevin is great when he reveals that he got himself for Secret Santa and then didn't tell anyone, and then realizes that he could have swapped for the iPod) and everyone's expressions are priceless.

    After the disastrous Yankee swap, Michael tries to make amends by breaking company policy and liquoring everyone up. ("Is this enough to get 20 people wasted?" "15 bottles of vodka? Yep, that ought to do it.") While this episode had me laughing, it still made me wonder how these people and Dunder-Mifflin can let Michael get away with all of these antics? Why not just say, "No, we're not doing a Yankee Swap"? And finally, how in the world could a nice, shy girl like Pam end up engaged to an insensitive jerk like Roy?
  • This episode was so funny!!!

    This episode was really good. I loved most of it, except the part where Angela goes I thought Michael was supposed to let us know when he changes the party. I'm not sure that's exactly what she said, but when she started crying it was wasn't good. Too fake. But everything else made this episode one of the best yet. I liked it so much, I got my mom an iPod just like the one in the show!
  • As with other episodes, this one seemed too painful to watch...the first time. Three viewings later, it is one of my favorites.

    As with Halloween, this had funny parts on first viewing, but overall seemed too uncomfortable for a typical sitcom. Which is why I love this show, but fear for its future. But, true to Office style, the more times you watch an episode, the harder and longer you laugh (that's what she said). Michael is at an all time high with his jerkiness and odd attraction to the temp. Pam and Jim continue with their unrequitted flirting. And Angela is one of my favorites, wound up tight as a top, she lets it all go with a ornament-smashing tantrum!
  • I thought that was called nasty christmas.

    This show has been growing on me quickly, and this is maybe the best episode yet. Michael is even more of an asshole than usual. He spends a bunch of money on his secret santa gift and repeatedly reminds everyone, then publicly shows his hatred of the oven mitt Philys knit for him. He invents "Yankee Swap" in order to get a better gift. Awesome Christmas episode!
  • This episode is an example of what The Office is all about, a psycho boss!!, the boss goes crazy over secret santa where he believes christmas is when you find out how much youre worth, in cash. A christmas special.

    Very funny christmas special, about a secret santa and office party. The characters are very casual and it makes you feel like it can really happen. It has a lot of other side stories between the workers in the Office besides the boss.A must watch and very entertaining, relaxing, great.
  • The annual Christmas party at Dunder-Mifflin with the dreaded touch of boss Michael Scott.

    What can I say? I taped this and have watched it 3 times since it aired hah. Classic. This episode had it all. The writing was impeccable. The thought of Michael getting a $3000 bonus for lets see..planning the Dundies, challenging Dwight to a Karate Match during the work day...spying in on everyones emails...blew my mind and the employees as well by the looks on their face. I loved every second of this episode. Ryan the Temp is starting to be more lively and appear more comfortable which made this episode so enjoyable. I liked how the writers held back on Jim's "telling people how you really feel" letter to Pam. The "Yankee Swap" was hilarious(though I could have sworn Pam had an ipod during Office Olympics. maybe it was Jim's)as well as: Kevins footbath and photocopying his butt...i was dying. hahahah. Dwights "take that Saddam" during his paintball montage, Micheal in the liquor store asking if 15 bottles of vodka can get 20 people plastered,
    Meredith taking her shirt off and getting DENIED by Micheal, Micheal almost kissing one of the warehouse guys, Tobe's poster gift for Angela. I could go on and on. How id love to be a writer on this show. This show and the characters are simply the best. I dont like waiting 2 weeks for a new episode like this week but hey what can you do. Im so glad to see The Office is moving to Must-See-Thursday nights. I want this show to be on for 10 seasons!!!
  • My Favorite Episode Yet.

    The Office manages to be much more then a comedy for me, it's a weekly event that I never miss. This episode is by far the funniest and hysterical yet, as everything Michael does in this episode is painful and hard to watch (which is great, that's what his character does), expecially when he made everyone trade gifts after recieving something 'not-as-great' as a homemade oven mitt. Dwite was his usual funny self, and the paintball scene was hilarious. Nobody was out of character, although I wonder where they got that other guy, I've never seen him in any other episode until this one where he buys the poster with the jazz playing babies on it. The footbath scene was also funny. Best 'sode yet.
  • Funny, but sometimes too painful.

    I am a HUGE office fan, so people's first impressions should not be that I'm a hater for giving it less than 9 (and not even a mid-8 for that matter) this time.

    I laughed out loud for some parts of last night's episode, to be sure, but others I had to cringe. While I've usually gotten used to the office's brand of sometimes embarassing humour, I definitely found yesterday's the most cringe worthy this season (besides Michael's singing at Chillis). Watching Phyllis' reaction to Michael's hatred of her gift over the 10 minutes or so the Yankee swap played out was slow torture. And to see all the other people become increasingly agitated and sad was not pleasant. It was definitely high quality acting, but as a comedy, I felt it was a little too intense to have Michael ruin their Christmas for selfish gains. Does it fit the theme? Sure, but I suppose it was just a little too uncomfortable for me to see the office Christmas ruined with little redemption at the end (except that Pam gets the tea pot from Jim, although Jim doesn't end up giving the special card to Pam).

    A great episode, but a little too much for me.
  • Awesome episode, probably one of the funniest and craziest so far!

    Can anyone say "Yankie Swap!"? Wow! This episode was great! I love that Kevin and Angela are getting more talking head time. (I think we're finding out that Angela is a bit of a freak-not just a tight butt!) Okay, what's with the women and Dwight lately??? Please tell me it was because Kelly was plastered! And is Jim starting to look a little obsessive over Pam? A two year old empty hot sauce packett? What the heck? Anyway, we tivo'd and watched it three more times. Hope everyone got to see it! Gee... I wonder how much money they'll make for selling the top of their tree TO a charity! lol