The Office

Season 7 Episode 11

Classy Christmas (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on NBC
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Holly returns to fill in during Toby's jury duty, so Michael makes Pam throw a second office Christmas party to coincide with her return. Jim accepts Dwight's challenge to a snowball fight. Darryl anticipates Christmas with his daughter.

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  • at least someone remembered that they work at sabre, not dunder-mifflin.....

    This episode wasn't particularly edgy as most Office episodes are. It was mediocre directorial debut for Rainn Wilson with many lengthy Carell improv. scenes that fail ala "Date Night". Perhaps rushed in the shooting, many of the characters line deliveries were off. I know that they were trying to switch it up with a 'happy Stanley', a 'scared Jim' and a 'sober Meredith' but the acting overall was not as interesting as usual. Michael Scott came off as a little goofy and boring, almost like another Andy. But at least with Andy you get a creepy drama kid. So Michael's powerful character is basically being written out before he's even left. Micheal wants Holly to come back, here she comes, yay the end.

    The episode tries to regain some cohesiveness (after many Season 7 episodes that completely forget about their merger with the Sabre brand as well as many subplots) but drops the ball on many of the more interesting plots such as Andy's failed relationship with Erin and whether or not Angela will be able to sue Dwight for his breach of contract for his failure to consummate. The audience still hasn't got a reasonable explanation for Andy and Erin's split. Or what about Dwight's love life? He's much more interesting with some women problems.

    I had high hopes for this being a funny episode as it was written by Mindy, however the dialog felt static and was not very memorable. They have the great prankster Jim be bested by Dwight, but it comes off as boring and predictable. Jim as one of the shows heroes would have never let himself go down so easily.

    Speaking of Heroes, who really cares about the gay senator guy using Angela as his beard. The audience has no reason to care about this subplot. Dwight doesn't care, Kelly isn't jealous. At least have Oscar flirt with this guy!

    Holly's boyfriend could have more action, or a different demeanor. Rob Huebel stars in Children's Hospital and is funny. Why have a comedian if you aren't going to use his humor?

    Now i shouldn't complain about all of it. I watched entire episode. I didn't fall asleep like my mom did.

    I did like Erins disdain for Holly. Her character really does justice as speaking for Michaels subconscious that wants to hate her for leaving him. And Jenna Fischer had a good joyful crying scene that was touching. But my moments of joyful tears and chuckles were few and far between.

    With the season winding down, I dread more boring episodes like these that focus on accelerating closure for the eminent departure of Michael Scott.moreless
  • First of all @Unfun Records... WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    This episode was so effing hilarious I almost thought I dropped my head from laughing so hard and loudly!

    Holly finally comes back to Dunder Mifflin and even though the parts of the office like the cold opening (which was also super hilarious) was really good... when Holly went in the Office to see Michael/Classic Santa EVERYTHING started! Michael did funny voices with her, played with her, annoyed everyone else with her and fought with her. every little thing they did was so funny!

    I was smiling through the whole show! even the second part of it! This plot was genius, well done.

    Grade= A++++++++++!moreless
  • Best episode of the season

    My guess is that half of the people on here will chastise the episode for not being the same or being boring, and I will admit that the show has not really delivered on its promise that Season 7 would be a return to the simpler days of The Office. Things are still over-the-top and ridiculous and it feels as if the show might be running out of steam. But I can't deny that this the show is still something I turn to week to week for some good laughs. And tonight was definitely the best episode of the season to date.

    I'll say that it's definitely the best Christmas episode since A Benihana Christmas, but it's an easy thing to say when the last two Christmas episodes sort of sucked. Well, last season's was okay, but "Morrocan Christmas" was horrific. This one, however, focused on all of our favorite supporting characters and had interesting plots that succeeded all around. Usually, the show will try to juggle three different plots and at least one of them is not paid attention to and ends up being a little dull, but I loved everything about each plot here. It was awesome to see Amy Ryan return as Holly, and the good old awkward type of humor returned here tonight. Michael awkwardly trying to show his jealously for Holly's burgeoning relationship with A.J. Their dynamic is still amazing, and their impersonation of gay men and women, the Three Stooges, old men and Asian people, despite being offensive, are hilarious at the same time.

    We also had Jim pranking Dwight by throwing a snowball at him, but Dwight gets revenge in a way that I've never seen before. He was his same old malicious self, but he had a reason to this time. He asked Jim to apologize and he didn't, so his revenge, despite being psychotic, was completely justified. The payoff is so great that I don't even care if people are sick of Dwight's character. I still get most of my laughs from him.

    There's also a smaller but still touching plot about Darryl trying to get his daughter for Christmas. He struggles to prove he can show her a good time, and he turns to Pam and Andy for help, Andy who is completely crazy and ruins almost everything, and Pam, who is obviously a great mother and shows she can help friends. Speaking of Pam, there's also an even smaller and equally heart-warming plot: Pam and Jim exchanging gifts. Many people have complained about the Jim and Pam relationship (me being one of those people) and I have to say, tonight was one of the first times in awhile that I loved what the writers did with it. I have to give a round of applause to Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson, who did a great job with everything in this episode.

    I'm sure that the episodes to follow will be the same old type of Office episodes, but who knows... maybe Holly's return will invigorate the show to be even better and make better plots.. plus, with Parks and Recreation to return soon, I have high hopes for NBC's comedy block.moreless
  • 711

    Possibly one of the best of the season if not the best. Classy Christmas Part 1 just shows it's viewers that The Office is still capable of bringing genuine laugh from it's audience. The Office hasn't really impressed me this season, with the lackluster episodes outweighing the stand out episodes, but this episode was really great.

    The return of Holly Flax didn't have to be too over hyped and this season has finally owned up to it's season 6 cliffhanger. Which was whether or not Holly was returning. So much great moments here, I really don't know where to begin. Let me just say that the one liners in this episode were just awesome. Toby preferably had the best one liners.

    We've got Pam & Andy interactions which I wish we saw more of, considering we haven't seen these two together since last season. Dwight stole the show here tonight, even thought it was a tad over the top, it was absolutely hysterical. Jim was also really good with his reaction times and expressions.

    Overall, just a great episode of The Office, that just reminded me why I watch this show. The Office never seems to fail with holiday episodes, and things weren't any different here. Lets hope part 2 is just as good.moreless

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    • Pam: I'm the Office Administrator now, which means I'm basically being paid to be the head of the Party Planning Committee. The first thing I did as head? I shut it down. At its worst, it was a toxic political club used to make others feel miserable and left out. At its best, it planned parties.

    • Toby: I just wanted to let you know that I'll be taking a leave of absence, starting next week—
      Michael: Oh, because you've been on the lam? Because the boring police have been after you, and they finally caught up with you?
      Toby: No, the opposite. I was actually selected to be a juror on a very high-profile case—
      Michael: Yes, the case of horrible, red-headed sad sack. And the verdict, it was Toby; and the sentence, death. Death to Toby!

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