The Office

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC
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Michael and Jan reveal their hushed romance while attending a cocktail party at David Wallace's home. During the party, Jim finally meets Karen's ex. Meanwhile, the rest of the office staff booze it up during happy hour.

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  • the love contract

    Relationships are hard and this episode shows that.

    Jim, Karen, Michael and Jan go to a party hosted by the CFO, David Wallace. It was funny the reasons Jim came up (pointless, did I say that) for not going to the party. This season was my first watching this show. so my opinion on Karen may be different from those that have watched it from the start. There are some people that didn't like her, even hated. Before this episode it was indifferent for me but this one changed that. Her joke on Jim was a little mean. The jokes that Pam did on Jim earlier in the series were more cute. Karen's on Jim was not. Dwight was probably funniest at the party. Him going over and above the house was very funny. Michael was also funny at the party being his usual self made even more funny with Jan. Yet another step in the complicated realtionship of Jan and Michael happens at the party. The ride home with Jan and Michael with Dwight in the back was also funny.

    Pam and Roy are back together as a couple but this time Pam is a new person. I like this new Pam. Great acting by Pam when Roy said that Pam can't keep secrets from him. I enjoyed seeing everyone at the bar. What Toby did or tried to do for Pam but eventually his daughter was a situation that could've been awkward. I think on some level Pam knows how Toby feels about her. Pam's confession to Roy was a great set up for the next episode.

    This was a a very good episode that might not have been good as others but still very enjoyable. If you watch this on DVD, check out the deleted scenes.moreless
  • 318

    "I am going to kill Jim Halpert"

    A very amazing cliffhanger and a very dramatic intense scene for The Office. It was strange to see something like this on this show but it was a good change, almost refreshing to watch an episode like this as the season begins to close. Pam & Roy have gotten back together and Pam decides to be more open about things.

    Meanwhile Michael, Dwight, Jan, Karen, and Jim all go to a cocktail party. Michael and Jan become public which could ruin things between them. We knew Jan was crazy but we see another episode where your just in awe at how insane Jan really is. Another great performance from Melora Hardin. Pam admitting she kissed Jim and seeing Roy meltdown was the intense scene, Pam & Roy break up yet again as predicted, and I finally see why they got together in the first place. I'm actually enjoying Karen & Jim's playful relationship. A great eventful episode of The Office, do not miss this installment.moreless
  • This episode was yet another great addition to an outstanding season.

    The interactions between Michael and Jan were well executed and helped to further the development of Michael as a character (a theme that has been reoccuring in recent episodes). Dwight's subplot was classic and helped produce some of the episode's biggest laughs. Most importantly though was Pam's confession to Roy, whose reacion shook me to the bone and will make for even more potentially revealling moments in the episodes to follow. This pivotal and emotional episode not only furthered my understanding of some of the main characters and took the show to a deeper dramatic level, but also produced some sincerely funny and touching scenes making this an instant classic in a constantly developing series.moreless
  • Oh wow! Loved it!

    I thought it was slooowww..

    but quite revealing which make up for everything!

    The intro was hilarious! I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. If only they had made an episode entirely of that day. You know, having Michael walking around the office making inappropriate jokes like always.. but all the time in those chains! Would be hysterical. (or maybe just my imaginations.)

    I love that Pam are sticking up for herself. She should've done that a long time ago! For a while, Roy did seemed like a nice.. fun guy, like the time when they played the game with the quarter.

    But he had to be a jerk.

    Good for Pam for walking away.

    Oh! I felt sorry for Toby. If only he had just hung out with Pam first before beginning the cute gestures.

    I think Jim was really uncomfortable with Karen's jokes.

    Man, when are the writers are going to end that.

    Oh, and Dwight.. you gotta love that guy! And there's Michael with Jan and their very odd relationship.

    This was a good episode.moreless
  • This episode "Cocktails" showed both the growth and obstacles between Michael and Jan's relationship while adding comedy.

    This episode was hilarious!!!!! I loved the part when Michael and Jan were about to go at it in the bathroom and Michael got freaked out. Also, Dwight's questioning of the house's value was hilarious, especially the part where he asked the child about the rocking chair. Karen playing with Jim was also very funny and it reminded me of the good old days when Jim and Pam used to flirt nonstop. Also, Roy's rage problems brought up an interesting view. It seems that he will find a way to get revenge on Jim for kissing Pam in Casino Night.moreless
Jean Villepique

Jean Villepique

Rachel Wallace

Guest Star

Michael Patrick McGill

Michael Patrick McGill

Kenny Anderson

Guest Star

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

Underage Kid #2

Guest Star

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Recurring Role

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones

Karen Filippelli

Recurring Role

Andy Buckley

Andy Buckley

David Wallace

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The exterior of David Wallace's house looks nothing like it did back in "Branch Closing".

    • Dwight sits in the front with Michael on the way to the party despite declaring in "Traveling Salesman" that he only sits in the back to avoid injury in an accident.

    • Karen mentions that one of her fellow co-workers was in anger management. This refers to Andy, who was sent to anger management after punching a hole in the office wall in the episode "The Return". His disappearance is not explained in "The Return", but it is explained in the deleted scenes of that episode.

    • The drinking game that is played at the bar is called Up Jenkins!.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Michael: Alright, ready? Come on guys, early worm gets the....worm
      Jim: Another worm? Like...are they friends?

    • Michael: Why are we going in the bathroom? I thought this was where you like your privacy.
      Jan: Shut up.

    • David Wallace: (handing a scotch) This was a gift from Lee Iacocca. Twenty year old, single malt, scotch.
      Michael: (toasts) Here is to Mr. Iacocca, and his failed experiment, the De Lorean.

    • Dwight: Oh, good, you're up. Hey, who makes this chair?
      Kid: I don't know, it was here when I was born.
      Dwight: Hmm... I want one. It's a really good solid construction, it's comfortable. (knocks the chair)What is this, oak?
      Kid: I don't know.
      Dwight: What do you know?

    • Michael: Actually, it's polite to arrive early. And smart. Only really good friends show up early - ergo, de facto, go to a party early, become a really good friend.

    • Roy: They gonna call the cops?
      Kenny: No, I paid 'em off.
      Roy: Jet ski money?
      Kenny: All of it.
      Roy: I am gonna kill Jim Halpert.

    • Dwight: Do you ever watch Battlestar Galactica?
      Guy: No.
      Dwight: No? Then you are an idiot.

    • Dwight: Oh! You know that line on the top of the shrimp? That's feces.

    • Pam: Hey, Michael left early, so a bunch of us are gonna go to Poor Richard's for happy hour. You should come.
      Roy: I... can't. My brother just unloaded the jet skis and took a bath, so we're gonna go get hammered.
      Pam: Okay, well, we're going to a bar.

    • Pam: I've decided that I'm going to be more honest. I'm going to start telling people what I want, directly. So, look out, world, 'cause... old Pammy is getting what she wants. And... don't call me "Pammy!"

    • Pam: Kevin, you and Stacy set a date yet?
      Kevin: Yeah.
      Kelly: Oh, my God, when is it?
      Kevin: It's complicated. I would appreciate some space on this!

    • Michael: Our first fight. If this is about what happened in the bathroom there was no place to cuddle...
      Jan: I feel sick.
      Michael: You didn't have any of the potato salad did you?

    • (Michael confessional at the party)
      Michael: Rachel thinks that I brought homemade potato salad, and I just picked it up at the supermarket. It's funny; I wish I could make potato salad that good; it's just potatoes and mayonnaise. There's something wrong with Jan.

    • Creed: I run a small fake ID company from my car with a laminating machine that I swiped from the sheriff's station.

    • (in confessional before the party)
      Jan: I am taking a calculated risk. What's the upside? I overcome my nausea, fall deeply in love, babies, normalcy, no more self-loathing. Downside, I, uh date Michael Scott publicly and collapse in on myself like a dying star.

    • (Michael in a straight-jacket and chains with his hair disheveled.)
      Michael: I cannot tell you how I plan to escape other than by using magic. That is the magician's code. Separately, on an unrelated note, if you happen to find a small brass key…

    • Michael: A lot of people think that magic camp is just for kids. And that's why so many other people in my class were kids…self-fulfilling prophecy. It's, um, really for anybody with a dream and a belief in magic, and a little extra time after school.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Dwight tells Michael that he would escape by dislocating his shoulder, referring to a scene from Richard Donner's 1989 movie, Lethal Weapon 2.