The Office

Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • the love contract

    Relationships are hard and this episode shows that.

    Jim, Karen, Michael and Jan go to a party hosted by the CFO, David Wallace. It was funny the reasons Jim came up (pointless, did I say that) for not going to the party. This season was my first watching this show. so my opinion on Karen may be different from those that have watched it from the start. There are some people that didn't like her, even hated. Before this episode it was indifferent for me but this one changed that. Her joke on Jim was a little mean. The jokes that Pam did on Jim earlier in the series were more cute. Karen's on Jim was not. Dwight was probably funniest at the party. Him going over and above the house was very funny. Michael was also funny at the party being his usual self made even more funny with Jan. Yet another step in the complicated realtionship of Jan and Michael happens at the party. The ride home with Jan and Michael with Dwight in the back was also funny.

    Pam and Roy are back together as a couple but this time Pam is a new person. I like this new Pam. Great acting by Pam when Roy said that Pam can't keep secrets from him. I enjoyed seeing everyone at the bar. What Toby did or tried to do for Pam but eventually his daughter was a situation that could've been awkward. I think on some level Pam knows how Toby feels about her. Pam's confession to Roy was a great set up for the next episode.

    This was a a very good episode that might not have been good as others but still very enjoyable. If you watch this on DVD, check out the deleted scenes.
  • 318

    "I am going to kill Jim Halpert"

    A very amazing cliffhanger and a very dramatic intense scene for The Office. It was strange to see something like this on this show but it was a good change, almost refreshing to watch an episode like this as the season begins to close. Pam & Roy have gotten back together and Pam decides to be more open about things.

    Meanwhile Michael, Dwight, Jan, Karen, and Jim all go to a cocktail party. Michael and Jan become public which could ruin things between them. We knew Jan was crazy but we see another episode where your just in awe at how insane Jan really is. Another great performance from Melora Hardin. Pam admitting she kissed Jim and seeing Roy meltdown was the intense scene, Pam & Roy break up yet again as predicted, and I finally see why they got together in the first place. I'm actually enjoying Karen & Jim's playful relationship. A great eventful episode of The Office, do not miss this installment.
  • This episode was yet another great addition to an outstanding season.

    The interactions between Michael and Jan were well executed and helped to further the development of Michael as a character (a theme that has been reoccuring in recent episodes). Dwight's subplot was classic and helped produce some of the episode's biggest laughs. Most importantly though was Pam's confession to Roy, whose reacion shook me to the bone and will make for even more potentially revealling moments in the episodes to follow. This pivotal and emotional episode not only furthered my understanding of some of the main characters and took the show to a deeper dramatic level, but also produced some sincerely funny and touching scenes making this an instant classic in a constantly developing series.
  • Oh wow! Loved it!

    I thought it was slooowww..
    but quite revealing which make up for everything!

    The intro was hilarious! I wouldn't mind seeing more of it. If only they had made an episode entirely of that day. You know, having Michael walking around the office making inappropriate jokes like always.. but all the time in those chains! Would be hysterical. (or maybe just my imaginations.)

    I love that Pam are sticking up for herself. She should've done that a long time ago! For a while, Roy did seemed like a nice.. fun guy, like the time when they played the game with the quarter.
    But he had to be a jerk.
    Good for Pam for walking away.
    Oh! I felt sorry for Toby. If only he had just hung out with Pam first before beginning the cute gestures.

    I think Jim was really uncomfortable with Karen's jokes.
    Man, when are the writers are going to end that.

    Oh, and Dwight.. you gotta love that guy! And there's Michael with Jan and their very odd relationship.
    This was a good episode.
  • This episode "Cocktails" showed both the growth and obstacles between Michael and Jan's relationship while adding comedy.

    This episode was hilarious!!!!! I loved the part when Michael and Jan were about to go at it in the bathroom and Michael got freaked out. Also, Dwight's questioning of the house's value was hilarious, especially the part where he asked the child about the rocking chair. Karen playing with Jim was also very funny and it reminded me of the good old days when Jim and Pam used to flirt nonstop. Also, Roy's rage problems brought up an interesting view. It seems that he will find a way to get revenge on Jim for kissing Pam in Casino Night.
  • The CFO party is in full swing and Michael can’t wait to tell the world about him and Jan. Because Michael is gone, everyone at Dunder Mifflin decides to skip work and go to the bar. Pam and Roy get together but split when Pam tells him she kissed Jim.

    This episode was a great one as it left us wanting more for the season finale. Michael and Jan get to fighting but it turns out their no different than any couple and their differences are resolved. One humous difference, however, is that Jan definately wears the pants in their relationship. Jim seems to be frusterated by Karen because she never tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Roy and Pam, who have reconnected are abruptly split when Pam decides to take control of her relationship and Tell Roy that she kissed Jim. This sends Roy off the deepend and he starts pitching bar glasses around the Bar. This outlash leaves roy no choice but to pay off the barkeep and set his sights on Jim, for revenge. Roy finishes the season saying, "Im gonna kill Jim Halpert!"
  • Really great episode!

    Wow this was a good one. The office splits toward the end of a day and Michael, Dwight, Jim, and Karen head toward a cocktail party, while the rest go to a bar for happy hour.

    Michael and Jan's relationship is out in the open for everyone to see, and seems to make Jan really uncomfortable. Karen has fun at Jim's expense by playing him as being gullible. Dwight is busy being Dwight, and spends most of his time at the party to check out the structural integrity of the house.

    The biggest bombshell comes after the happy hour at the bar where Pam and Roy are. I'm not going to ruin it for anyone that hasn't seen it, but wow.. what a cliffhanger!
  • Jim spends the night learning about Karen's former romantic escapades, Jan spends the evening in public, with Michael, in typical self-destructive mode, and Pam spends her time after work realizing that Roy still isn't the man she wanted him to be.

    In absolute top form, "The Office" presents the final Sweeps episode before going on break. And with a script that kept every fan on the edge of their seat until the half-hour's final, ominous line, I was reminded why I fervently love this show in the first place. Though it might not drive any of the characters into new territory, in "Cocktails" the audience finally gets to see some of the mess made earlier in the season ("No, Pam, let GO of Roy's hand!") starting to get cleaned up. Yet, of course, more obstacles are created in the process, and the possibility of an all-out Dunder Mifflin brawl leaves me restless for the next episode. Here's hoping that even more truths might make it out into the open soon. If you had any doubt that Season Three could top past seasons, believe me, this is the beginning of the end of that concern: "The Office" is back!
  • Is Magic Camp for Kids, or anyone with dreams and with a little believe in magic?

    oh my! This was hilarious. Episodes on this show, just get better and better, I can't wait 'till the next one. I hope the writing quality stays the same. It was nice to see Michael and Jen and Dwight in a new environment, these are all very great and well developed characters, also crazy, and it is always interesting to see how they interact with outsiders, or other people who might be slightly more normal. It's pretty incredible to see, and of course hilarious. It's pretty unbelievable to think about, but somewhere out there, there's people just like that. Some might be even worst, ha!
  • wow, really great episode.

    This really may be one of my favorite season three episodes...
    Karen pranking Jim. It was nice to see a not so uptight version of her. She really did pull it off well I think. Since in most of the episodes before, she hasn't really been much for pranks and other fun things that make Jim Jim, it was nice to see her pull one of her own.
    Dwight. Well, what can you say about Dwight. Of course he would have to check the house out. They were quite understanding about it, amazingly.
    Michael, Jan. Wow, Jan seriously. It is just so funny how she was rationalizing it in the beginning. She really has issues. Michael does have a good side, its just not one that most people would find bearable. But, there was some funny interactions.
    Roy scared me. Whoa. I mean, seriously. That was some scariness. And with that, they make us wait.

    A really good episode. :)
  • Michael and Jan go to a corporate party while Dwight Akwardly tags along in the emotionally tensioned car. Jim also goes to the party with Karen. Dwight makes sure the house is structurally sound. He is hanging from ballisters,

    this was hillarious. this is why i watch this show. dwight never ceases to amaze me with his incessant akwardness. I Loved This episode. one of the best! The office is such a great show. i think it is even better than the British version. im just dissapointed it wont be back until march 15. Well, this episode maade me want to continue this all the more. im going to sart to record all of these so i can have them for life. does anyone know when this season is supposed to come out on DVD? The office is amazing.
  • This episode was absolutely hilarious. Dwight inspecting the house while the cocktail party was going on was priceless.

    I especially liked the part at the end where Jan and Michael are making up in the car and Dwight suddenly pops up from the back seat and says "You guys are perfect for each other". I laughed pretty hard when I saw that.

    Some other high points of hilarity in this episode: The gang goes to the local bar and Creed knows all young kids in the bar because he is the person supplying them with fake IDs.

    When Roy finds out that Pam had kissed Jim he (and his buddy) immediately starts to bust up the bar.

    The opening where "Michael the Magic" is trying to escape from chains and a straight jacket was done to perfection.

    There was some interesting plot development in this episode. Jim and his girlfriend are getting along famously, but that is about to end now that Roy wants to "kill" him over Pam. The whole Jim/Pam relationship is about to be resurrected. Meanwhile, Jim shooting hoops with the big boss spells out bigger things for Jim at Dunder-Mifflen. Also, the Jan/Michael relationship is going somewhere -- I am not sure where yet, but something is about to happen there.
  • Micheal and Dwight go to a cocktail party with Jan while the rest of the Office led by Pam go and have their own little party at a local bar.

    Wow, wow, and wow lol. This episode was one of the greatest episodes of The Office I have ever seen. Dwight was his classic best in this episode. Going any and everywhere that he dang pleased. I thought the funniest part of this episode was him in that kid's room just rocking back and forth on the chair, that would have scared the crap out of me! Micheal and Jan tonight were on their best forms. I really am starting to get the impression Jan is a crazed sex freak or something I don't know I just think Micheal needs to realize what he is getting into. The whole entire thing with Pam and "ole" Roy is getting out of whack. I mean Roy saying he is going to kill Jim?! I sure hope Dwight has Jim's back or something, or maybe Andy will come back and take care of Roy, I really don't think Jim can survive something like that lol.
  • Comedy!!! Coupling people can still be funny. Michael and Jan...gotta love them.

    Best moment of the night was Jan doing a "that's what she said". I love the Michael and Jan coupling. It is awesome because it is pure comedy. Even when Michael tells her that he loves her it is hilarious. Dwight was at his best being weird and annoying. Annoying in his loveable Dwight way and not in the pain in the butt way that Andy became. Karen turned the tables on Jim and basically announced all her past "work" relationships with Jim out of the blue to get a rise out of him and he took it like a man until he finally got fed up and realized it was a prank. Pam has become more assertive and she comes clean to Roy about her kiss with Jim and even though a lot of time has past Roy didn't mess around AND he had a few beers in him AND he was not Jet Skiing with his brother but trying to be a good boyfriend, reacts in a very loud and embarrassing way. Roy trashes the bar and ends up officially ending his relationship with Pam. "I'm gonna kill Jim Halper" is the last line Roy had. Look out Jim!!!!
  • A great comedy example. And also, an interesting action/drama story. (Spoilers)

    Michael's trick was a great way to start the episode; as they usually do, they make interesting pre-intro that usually warm us up into the episode, and some of them have made whole episodes (The Injury, Back From Vacation, E-Mail Surveillance, etc). Nailed it; and then, I loved it. Heh.

    You have to love this episodes; here are the reasons:

    - As I just said, the scene before the introduction was absolutely brilliant.
    - Jan and Michael have finally come out, in a very weird, yet interesting way I'm sure you all enjoyed. Specially after Jan's revelation!
    - Toby's feelings for Pam are clearly shown in this one; but it was sad, since he spent the whole evening gettin' the damn duck... and "rejected".
    - Dwight's inspection all over the house. Finding the right things and places to critize... And fight kids.
    - Is Michael gay Is jan pregnant?
    - Roy's rage after Pam's confession (About what happened on Casino Night). Someone said on the forums he doesn't want to be Jim right now; and I feel the same way... Is he dead already? Who knows, we'll see.. heh.

    The best little thing..
    - Creed talks about one of his jobs: making fake ID's for those young ones.
  • The episode that has everything going for it; this is definitely one of the defining episodes of this series. Just when you think its reached its limit, it raises the bar one notch. This is a top-notch blend of writing, acting and camera work.

    For fans of "The Office", this episode was a long time coming. It has everything that one could ask for from a comedy: a great mix of tension, embarrassment, dialogue, and suspense.

    I thought this episode was off to a bad start with the opening scene (which is this episodes only weak point) which, although not out of character, seemed to go nowhere. I was however, immediately drawn in when the credits appeared. The episode is directed by "Alias" creator and "Lost" co-creator J.J. Abrams. There have been other notable guest directors, but I thought a drama writer was an interesting choice. It brought a fresh spin to the camera work and made the episode exciting to watch.

    The story has great chemistry; party scenes are hard to pull off because so many things have to go right at the same time. Fortunately, a potential nightmare was avoided and it made the story believable. Michael and Jan's relationship provided the best tension I have ever felt watching this show. At one point I had to get up and walk backwards to the fridge, watching the whole way. I couldn't look away, but I was unable to sit still, which is what I like.

    The bar storyline was great. I wasn't really connected at first, since it wasn't the same without Michael or Dwight or Jim there, but everything was in place after a few seconds. Toby was slightly creepy, but with good intentions as always, and Pam seemed to be having a good time, which always seems to draw me in; when she's excited or happy, I get excited and happy for her. The setup made the fight that much more believable, although it seemed a little overacted on the part of Roy. Then again, I was so tense, it felt as if he was yelling at me. This is the first really intense fight of the show, and I absolutely loved every second.

    Overall, this episode shined: the acting was spot on, the story was full of twists and turns, and the intensity was well received. I haven't missed an episode all season, and I certainly will be glued to my TV every Thursday night, reruns, new episodes, whatever may air.
  • Wow! Amazing! A lot is revealed in this episode.

    Wow, Dwight is way too funny at the party. I mean, knocking on the walls to check the studs, I guess thats permissable. But on the roof, checking to chimney!?! I mean I guess only Dwight can pull that off. Jim and Karen's relationship seemed to sorta fall apart in the past few weeks, but wow! I love how they play tricks on each other. It makes me really root for their relationship to last. I'm also glad that Pam is starting to take control of her life, by telling Roy to go to the bar and by telling the bartender that she wanted a Lite beer instead of the regular. Go Pam! Not only that but when she told Roy that it was over after he flipped out. Wow, I really thought they were going to make it this time...oh well, its Roy's loss. With Creed knowing the kids, that is way too funny since he seems like someone who would sell fake ids, knowing that he steals so much. Wow, Toby's crush on Pam is a little creepy, I think he really needs to stop, but I guess it does bring some awkward laughs in. At the end of the episode, Roy's look of determination as he stated, "I'm going to kill Jim Halpert", well I guess all I can say is, I smell a confrontation coming up!
  • This show just doesnt quit! i have yet to find myself not enthralled with every aspect of this amazing masterpiece of television!

    Another perfect example of why this show is so damned good. It has lived up to & surpassed the genius of its predecessor! Each character of this fine show is an amazing example of genius writing!
    I cant get enough of this masterpiece of a sitcom!
    The writers of this show deserve godhood and nothing less!
    side splitting humor from left field! Nothing conventional about this show, just an awesome avenue for talent and style that is as of yet, unbridled!
  • Two in a row!

    Jan is a masochist for public humiliation and I don't know if this relationship is just secret sex or if they are going to become one truly disfunctional couple.
    Why would anyone take Dwight to a party? Not just any party, but the party where you are surrounded by all of your colleagues and bosses. Just does not reflect well at all.
    How about Roy's mega-flip out on Pam after she confessed that Jim had kissed her! I think he maybe overreacted by 95%. I'm glad that as soon as he started screaming at her she was up and outta there after telling him that it was over. Now all she needs is some Jim to cheer her up and everything will be OK. Does anyone else find Toby's crush on Pam just a tad creepy? I can totally see Creed knowing all those younger kids in the bar because he sold them fake ID's.
  • Don't call me Pammy.

    What a spectacular episode. I had to watch this again and completely redo my review. It just goes to prove how crucial the tiny details and moments in the show are. So be sure you make it a point to see each episode at least twice! Now to the show.

    This episode was layered with so many sub-plots and I love it. Layering plots is something that The Office is great at doing.

    Funny ain't it how Roy reverts back to his old toolish self once he got Pam back... but i mean seriously... I think we were all expecting that one. His whiny 'I'm gonna clean up...and be interested in things that interest Pam to win her back' crap proved to be what we all knew it was from the beginning. But good job Pam in deciding to me more assertive and sticking up for yourself. Obviously Roy is hiding something. As soon as Pam was talking to him about starting over fresh and not keeping anything from one another he got skiddish... and weird... claiming he had nothing to hide. What's that all about?? I'm sure we will find out in future episodes. And also, I'm willing to bet that next episode Roy come crawling back to Pam and blah blah blah.

    Hey Toby... I'm hoping for something big from him. I want him to make a move but my question is...will he ever?? and what happened to the gym chick from Phylis's wedding??? hmmm? Dwight-- awesome as usual. Loved every minute of him. Karen was playing weird games with Jim... seemed like she wanted to give him a taste of what she had to go through?

    Jan is so hott for Michael...or...something like that?

    And someone have any idea about the whole jet ski deal? cause I can't make anything of it. If you watch the episode again as Roy and his brother are trashing the bar (and btw... why does his brother just jump in and start trashing stuff???) his brother mumbles something about 'jet ski'. I can't really hear it but and interested in knowing what was said.

    Great episode. Early worm gets the worm.
  • Another funny episode; I'm glad I tuned in.

    I don't watch The Office on a consistent basis, but whenever I do, even if I come in well after the episode has already started, I find myself laughing out loud within 60 seconds.

    This show always depicts the most inappropriate behavior, discussions, and situations, but the writers uncannily hit on and extract the hilarity within. I am fond of Steve Carell, simply adore Melora Hardin (from this and other series work: 'Monk' and the late 'Cover Me', as well as her turn in 'Seven Girlfriends' with Tim Daly), and I think Rainn Wilson has found his niche -- he plays 'weird' extremely well. Well, this episode let them shine: the socially inept Dwight hammers his way through the cocktail party, asking questions that he probably considers apt for the situation: he's asking about the house, it's a party at someone's house: appropriate! Poor Jan and Michael might be losing their relationship's mojo, though…

    It's nice to sometimes watch a show that doesn't make your heart or head hurt!